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Below are screenshots released prior to December '99, in no real order. Clicking on the thumbnail will give you a maximum resolution image. Most of the images were gotten from Computer Games Online.

Click to Enlarge! - 124K 800x600
This is a battle scene that, unlike a FPS, does not feature you as the main element.

800x600 - 124K
Click to Enlarge! - 111K 800x600
Previous descriptions of this image have let us to belive that it represets some gang warfare.

800x600 - 111K
Click to Enlarge! - 117K 800x600
Of course, every once and a while you get to do a little damage yourself.

800x600 - 117K
Click to Enlarge! - 128K 800x600
A scene of a waterway in Tokyo. If it just me, or is that guy over there worshiping Alla?

800x600 - 117K
Click to Enlarge! - 40K 800x600
Though this scene does not look finished, the lighting on that chuch is very nice.

800x600 - 40K
Click to Enlarge! - 48K 800x600
Dialogue is done in 3rd person, with traditional RGP branching conversations, ala Underworld or Baldur's Gate.

800x600 - 48K
Click to Enlarge! - 689K 800x600
Hey, I wonder what's keeping those guard dogs from just running off to play!

1600x1200 - 689K
800x600 - 56K
Click to Enlarge! - 144K 800x600
Nightfall (no, not me, the time of day, silly) on the streets of Paris, France. Why is it all so green, and so clean?

800x600 - 144K
Click to Enlarge! - 36K 1600x1200
Another rather uninteresting screenshot of Paris. Note that if you view the high-res version of this, you can almost read the signs on that booth in the center.

1600x1200 - 415K
800x600 - 36K
Click to Enlarge! - 36K 800x600
A guarded area in a rather yellow section of Paris. Even with the high-tech gear, this frenchie guard still needs his frenchie cap!

800x600 - 36K
Click to Enlarge! - 779K 1600x1200
Either Griffon is a name-brand sweat-shirt, or this man works for them. Dig the cool green weather holo-map!

1600x1200 - 779K
800x600 - 87K
Click to Enlarge! - 97K 800x600
This soldier looks very System Shock 1 to me. I like it. I like it very much.

800x600 - 97K
Click to Enlarge! - 980K 1600x1200
Wel-come tothe Hotel Callll-ifornia! Sorry, I couldn't help it. Uh, nice ivy, and stuff... :)

1600x1200 - 980K
800x600 - 98K
Click to Enlarge! - 116K 800x600
I'm sure that many players will now be dilligantly searching for 5th Street on Broadway.

800x600 - 116K
Click to Enlarge! - 116K 640x480
Hey! They stole my website design for the inventory graphics! Err.. yeah! ;)

640x480 - 116K
Click to Enlarge! - 680K 1600x1200
Big ol' jet air-liner! Don't carry me too far away! Big ol' jet air-liner! Cuz it's here that I've got to stay!

1600x1200 - 680K
800x600 - 67K
Click to Enlarge! - 680K 800x600
A fine example of the latest fassions in the 21st century. Ah, the future doesn't seem to bad anymore!

800x600 - 120K
Click to Enlarge! - 490K 1600x1200
When I play, I want to personally find out who blew up Lady Liberty so I can kick his ass.

1600x1200 - 490K
800x600 - 37K
Click to Enlarge! - 837K 1600x1200
Mr Griffon walks in on the MiB about to use the urinal, and Mr Orange poking around in his locker. Or is that even his locker?!

1600x1200 - 837K
800x600 - 92K

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