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Below are screenshots released prior to December '99, in no real order. Clicking on the thumbnail will give you a maximum resolution image. Most of the images were gotten from Computer Games Online.

Click to Enlarge! - 573K 1600x1200
Somone's dead on the floor, there's a man over there with a gun, and you're freezing in here. This just isn't your day.

1600x1200 - 573K
800x600 - 18K
Click to Enlarge! - 195K 800x600
That mech makes this my favorite screenshot! Eat your heart out, Mechwarriror-headz!

800x600 - 195K
Click to Enlarge! - 94K 800x600
Hey, It's Mr. Cool again! I'd like to personally introduce Mr. Cool to some friends of mine. I think they would *cough* get along great! Hey, Drink MG, Think Less!

800x600 - 94K
Click to Enlarge! - 768K 1600x1200
Very nice level design work! I can just see the Hammerite Priests turn green with envey!

1600x1200 - 768K
800x600 - 75K
Click to Enlarge! - 117K 800x600
Akk! Oh No! Not Pepper spray! I'm Melting! MELTING!! Ohh... whataworld whataworld!!!

800x600 - 117K
Click to Enlarge! - 183K 800x600
Stray kid, pigeons, a trashcan fire, and spraypaint that says PimpDaddy. Ahhh.. the Big Apple!

800x600 - 183K
Click to Enlarge! - 64K 1600x1200
I hope that Mr. Griffon doen't trip and fall though that dangerous looking bridge and squash one of the two orange dudes. Actually that would be kinda funny... :)

1600x1200 - 721K
800x600 - 64K
Click to Enlarge! - 64K 640x480
We were going to shoot Mr. Cool in the head, but it looks like he just saw us. Um, better fire NOW.

640x480 - 68K
Click to Enlarge! - 53K 640x480
Mr. Cool thinks he's all big and bad. Yeah, that's right, just go on thinking that. How would you like an air hole in your helmet, sir?

640x480 - 53K
Click to Enlarge! - 640K 1600x1200
I've got raggy jeans, I've got a burning trash. I've got a nice hair, who could ask for anything more?

1600x1200 - 640K
800x600 - 52K
Click to Enlarge! - 924K 1600x1200
Let us not question the contents of Mr. Orange's breakfast, rather the business of that man up on the crane. I bet he has a bannana. I like bannanas.

1600x1200 - 924K
800x600 - 95K
Click to Enlarge! - 924K 1600x1200
Everyone knows that the rats in New York City love to eat chalk. They are not there for the body, just the chalk!

800x600 - 95K
Click to Enlarge! - 708K 1600x1200
Wait a second, that's Gordon Freeman! No, wait, it can't be. Half Life had ugly graphics, and Deus Ex's graphics rock the house.

1600x1200 - 708K
800x600 - 67K
Click to Enlarge! - 679K 1600x1200
This is one of the earliest shots, and it STILL looks pretty good. Tokyo girl, Tokyo girl, you've got the moves to rule the world! heh.

1600x1200 - 679K
800x600 - 79K
Click to Enlarge! - 679K 1600x1200
"Master, how is that Golden Buddha floating?" "It's not floating, my son, they have just not implimented the shadows yet."

1600x1200 - 679K
800x600 - 79K
Click to Enlarge! - 116K 800x600
Even Mr. Cool has to stand in awe when in the presence of the Great Torch. I'm still mad about the rest of the statue being blown up though. :(

800x600 - 116K
Click to Enlarge! - 797K 1600x1200
If this were a Thief mission, we would take away points for the ambient light level being too low. Who knows what could be hiding in those shadows.

1600x1200 - 797K
800x600 - 77K
Click to Enlarge! - 763K 1600x1200
Actually this is a photo, and that's me. Well, okay, it's a CG rendering, but that's still me. Well, at least I hope it's the player....

1600x1200 - 763K
800x600 - 61K
Click to Enlarge! - 117K 800x600
This has got to be THE MOST uninteresting screenshot in the archive. Um, take a look! yeah! It's.. err... cool.

800x600 - 117K

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