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Wednesday, January 12, 2000

More Deus Ex Designer's Reports
11:30:40 PM EST - James
The Unreal Universe section of Designer's updates on the status of Deus Ex has been updated again. Thanks for this tip goes to our most productive agent, Shane McAllen.

Deus Ex Interview at FGN
11:30:36 PM EST - James
FGN, a network to which we are related in ways I do not quite fathom (grin), has up an interview with Warren Spector and Scott Martin. Info on this large interview courtesy of Shane McAllen's "A Mouse Forever Voyaging".

Designer Diary Updates on Deus Ex
11:30:31 PM EST - James
Unreal Universe has a page of short designer updates on the status of Deux Ex - and this is yet another tip courtesy of the indefatigable Shane McAllen.

Deus Ex Chat at 9pm EST
11:30:22 PM EST - Saam
I just received word from Harvey "witchboy" Smith that there is a Deus Ex chat tonight, at 9pm EST. Here are the details:

IRC Server:
Chatroom: #ion

Go there now!

Interview with Warren Spector at Daily Radar
11:29:55 PM EST - James
Shane McAllen, snooper extraordinaire, posted news of an interview with Warren Spector at Daily Radar. This is a nifty interview and well worth reading! Your teaser quote: "The AI isn't supposed to be realistic and its purpose isn't to beat the player. " 8)

Shane McAllen Strikes Again!
11:29:31 PM EST - James
With more Deux Ex preview info. First, Incite Games has a page where you can download a movie. There's a 3 meg version and a 10 meg version. Second, GameSurge has a small preview up. It doesn't have much that's new, but if you've missed seeing the screenshots before, these guys have collected them.

Deus Ex Preview
11:29:27 PM EST - James
Shane McAllen pointed out that Daily Radar has up a preview of Deux Ex, the current baby of Warren Spector. The preview calls Deux Ex "Moody, smart, and ambitious".

Deus Ex Interview Questions
11:29:20 PM EST - Jazar
As our Deus-Ex site approaches completion, TTLG is preparing a special interview where you the fans get to ask the Dev team questions you'd like answered. Send the questions my way or head over to our discussion boards and let us know what's on your mind!

Cauldron Update
4:26:05 PM EST - Saam
Another massive update has hit Harvey "witchboy" Smith's site, Witchboy's Cauldron. Being the Design Team Lead on Deus Ex, Harvey has posted some tasty info regarding the current progress on Deus Ex. Here's a piece:

the programmers are:

1) writing some really innovative user features (some of which are secret). 2) tweaking the ai. (it's already doing some amazing things.) 3) working to help balance and smooth the game-play through weapon and unit behavior. 4) adding more NPC conversation/behavior functionality. 5) plugging our exotic (dynamically changing) dx music into place. 6) fixing bugs.

Be sure to read the rest.

System Post
2:26:34 PM EST - Dan
This is a system post. Please ignore. Processing.... processing.... data compilation complete.

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