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Thursday, January 31, 2002

Target Sighted Weapons Day #5!
10:33:36 PM EST - Eberon
Target Sighted has their 5th weapon online today. You can find it here!

A new forum and medium for discussion.
1:01:33 PM EST - Eberon
Kurgan contacted us with the following information about something he has recently started up:

The First Person Shooter Society (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/1ps) now has a sister list exclusively for the DXMP community. The mailing list can be located at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dxmp. Topics of interest could be new mods, maps, current trends in the mp community, how to deal with cheaters & TKs, COOP functionality, etc. Also can be used to recruit teams and set up private games. (FM design/discussion should still refer back to the 1PS list.) My first point of curiosity I would like to kick off the list with is, why the heck is SOF getting all the CTF games instead of our much cooler and beloved DX?!

Inquiries and information can be gathered here.

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Target Sighted Weapon Day 4.
8:17:52 AM EST - Eberon
Target Sighted is on day four of their Weapons Week. Today is the M16-SA! Head on over and give it a looksee.

Redsun says 'Hello'
12:12:51 AM EST - Eberon
After an update hiatus, Scopa from the Redsun 2020 project welcomes everyone back to the project's site to see some hearty progress updates to be coming within the next week or so. Stay tuned for more information!

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Mod news (again)
10:30:13 PM EST - Eberon
Sorry to all of you who miss my characteristically wonderful and cheery news items. I just haven't had the time to maintain my life and keep it all happy too. But hey, boringly-reported news is better than no news, right?

--Target Sighted hits us again with their third day of Weapon Week. This week we have the Hand SMG. Give it a looksee!

--Invisible Online has released a star wars mod, or so I heard anyway. Information from their website indicates that there's a full schedule of mod releases coming up. Be sure to check it out and see if there's anything of interest to you.

Monday, January 28, 2002

Mod news.
9:56:12 PM EST - Eberon
-Ordinance has received a web overhaul, and there is a little new content in most all of the sections (music, screenshots, etc.)

-DeusExWorld has released a good portion of their story today. You can check it out by visiting them!

-Skyward Fires has a new team member, Helios13, who will be doing skinning/texturing work. Boogie has produced a SunTech Trooper model that can be seen here.

Target Sighted Weapon #2
8:05:14 AM EST - Eberon
Target Sighted is on day two of their Weapons Week. Today brings us the Auto Mag. Check it out!

Sunday, January 27, 2002

Target Sighted update: Day 1 of "Weapon Week"
9:38:42 AM EST - Eberon
The Target Sighted project has begun what they call "Weapon Week" with the first total re-make of one of their weapons. This week, it's the pistol!

See the full details (which have also been rewritten) here.

Saturday, January 26, 2002

New desktop from Klystron!
4:30:39 PM EST - Eberon
The Klystron project has a new desktop wallpaper and the assurance that they, too, are not dead. The Smike asks us all to have faith in the fact that work is still progressing behind the scenes. Enjoy the desktop wallpaper, and keep your patient person hat on!

Houston: We don't have a problem.
2:30:21 AM EST - Eberon
There's a small update on the Dune site posted yesterday from P-Bot informing us that, in fact, Dune is not dead and that many things are going on behind the scenes. Stay tuned for these "things" to surface!

Thursday, January 24, 2002

New Preachers Interview!
8:30:10 AM EST - Eberon
We've got a new project interview for you today; this time the featured project is Preachers! A little piece of the interview follows:

How did Preachers get started?

It all started as a Max Payne mod. I wanted to do an anime thang about these hackers infiltrating the government and you were a special agent with a cyborg body like The Major in GITS. After pottering about for a bit and getting Matt on board I started to develop the idea bouncing ideas off him. Eventually I came to the decision that Max Payne wasn't going to meet our needs and it would be best to switch to Deus Ex.

Read the rest!

Target Sighted revival.
8:27:04 AM EST - Eberon
Target Sighted is back, according to its team leader, and we all hope this statement sticks!

The teams, classes, and augmentation pages have all been updated, as well as some minor web updates that include a method of distinguishing between older news and current news. Horay!

Semi-regular updates are promised from the team leader, so stay tuned for more info!

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Updates in Deus Ex World.
8:27:59 AM EST - Eberon
Deus Ex World has updated with some information regarding their team: There are three new beta testers; The Sollomon, The Hitman, and Soro. The skills have been set; 19 skills with 20 stages. Venom087 has joined up and will be writing the story for the project, which will appear in 1-2 weeks. There's a revamped join section, too.

Monday, January 21, 2002

New PS2 Screens @ GamespyDaily
11:58:12 PM EST - Eberon
Gamespy Daily has a few new Deus Ex : The Conspiracy screenshots for those interested. These are what we in the business call thumbnails; you can click on them to see a larger hi-res image. Neat, eh? Thanks to Chris Struven for pointing these out to us.

I like the spider bot myself!

More word from Face -- screenshots and progress updates.
8:35:20 PM EST - Eberon
One more little peep from Face trickles down today after yesterday's announcement of needed mac conversionists:

Just a quick note to let you know that there's been another update at the Disclosure site(www.facedesigns.co.uk). Production work for mission 9 has begun and to show this I've put up a screenshot of the current work in the Files section.


And with that..
4:54:51 PM EST - Eberon
Comes news regarding the DX Vampire project. According to an anonymous contributor of information (not really -- it's someone on the team), "We're mostly looking to fill two positions; Character skinner and Musician. Although we are on the prowl for additional staff to complement the existing team (modellers and SFX engineers)."

So get moving! Previous work and application should be sent here. Not sure if you fit the bill? Check out the short job descriptions here.

Modpages.com opens the door to DX!
4:52:55 PM EST - Eberon
Modpages.com has opened their site to Deus Ex mods! Information regarding them should start popping up any time now. A news agent, some reviewers, and an interviewer are needed to operate this new section. If you've got the passion and dedication, apply here! I look forward to seeing this site flourish!

Sunday, January 20, 2002

New mod: UNATCO Born
9:16:23 PM EST - Eberon
A new mod project just opened its doors at D-X.org: UNATCO Born, next in the long line of "let's improve the original game projects. A description of the project follows:

"...After killing Juan Lebedev on the 747 airliner you J.C Denton find out that Lebedev was a decoy. UNATCO is pissed cause they lost their best agent Paul Denton, that went over to the resistance side, and because they know now that they will never get to sleep for weeks to come. You have been assigned a special operation with an unbeleivable prize, you were assigned to infiltrate the NSF base during a confrence meeting on a friday night. The NSF leader will be their... the real one... no decoy... Meanwhile plague outburst are happening everywhere it seems as though half of the New York City's population is infected. Rich people infected, poor people infected. Poor people are starting their own militias and revoling against the government. Turns out the cure was not even a cure after all...

Our objective for this mod is to make it so you arent forced to fail. You can play as a good guy instead of turning on everyone in your company. You can also see how UNATCO was after you left before. Our objective is to make is seem like there wasn't a forced failure. Our objective is to make a mod that people enjoy playing and not a mod that when they see it they go "Aww man this is gonna be crap"

A new poll goes online late tonight.
8:33:54 PM EST - Eberon
Late tonight, when the humming TTLG server's clock hits 12:00AM, the poll will change. Oh yes, it's about time.

There were some issues with the script that needed to be ironed out, but now that that's over, we have a new poll courtesy of Julian Mehnle. It follows along the same theme as the last poll. Even though the "official" word is that there will be no multiplayer element whatsoever in DX2, it's always nice to voice your opionion anyway, isn't it?

Get pumped! It's coming in a short four hours!

Sunday mod news.
3:09:54 PM EST - Eberon
-Prey has a couple of new additions to the team: Paul Nortness, Lucijan Blagonic, and The Fifth Geek, who will be mapping, modeling, texturing, and modeling, respectively. Be sure to visit their website regularly for updates.

-The Co-Op project has its first of many developer diaries online today. Be sure to give it a looksee if you've the time!

Saturday, January 19, 2002

Disclosure needs Macintosh experts.
6:24:59 PM EST - Eberon
Face, team leader of the Disclosure project is in need of one or two people who will be able to take the project's maps and other content and convert it over to Mac format for all to enjoy.

Any interested parties are asked to contact Face himself with offers of assitance. Heck -- this even makes me wish I had the skills. From what I've seen so far, Disclosure is top quality!

Just a couple of afternoon tidbits.
6:01:48 PM EST - Eberon
The Ordinance project has a new wallpaper in various resolutions for your viewing pleasure.

The Vampire Project has a recent addition to their site: a vacancies section with information regarding open positions in the project. Interested parties can send their offers of help here.

Warzone's APC in-game!
1:57:23 PM EST - Eberon
The Warzone project has something new for us all today; a picture of their APC model in the Deus Ex world! I won't rip off their image; instead, you can go to their website and see for yourself. I can't wait to play around with it!

Friday, January 18, 2002

Deus Ex - Operation: Machina opens.
12:07:39 AM EST - Eberon
The aforementioned modification project whose goal is to add on to the storyline of Deus Ex using most of the original content has opened the doors of its website. You can find the website here. Information is scarce at the moment, but so far the design is looking very slick.

As a small reminder, applicants can send their offers of assitance and help here (coders needed).

Thursday, January 17, 2002

A coupla new mods.
9:37:38 PM EST - Eberon
A couple of new mod projects have come out of the works in the past day or so...

The first one is as-yet untitled, but is unique in its approach to creating a new and interesting experience. I'll allow the project leader to explain:

"My name is SciFiTechGuy. Currently I am working on a story for a new Deus Ex mod. I am in great need of experienced programmers who are willing to work with me. The task I require of you is unique, but easy (in your case). I have no experience working with the Unreal Engine or it's development kits. I am attempting to create a continuation of Deus Ex through the form of a mod. But I need developers to help me. The plan for the game is fairly simple: The game will be using the same maps from the original Deus Ex. All that is needed are modifications to the maps to upgrade them with the concurrent storyline. I do not require any assistance in the story. I need only experienced programmers to work with on maps."

All applicants can send their offers of assistance here.

The second project is called Deus Ex World. According to the author, it will be "something between Deus Ex and GTA3". Currently, members are needed (as it always is with new projects!) and applicants can send their letters of interest here. Be sure to visit the website for this one. It's quite interesting!

Penumbra Update
9:30:25 PM EST - Eberon
The Penumbra project has received a good update with some weapons from the recent addition, Flyboy. There's an assault rifle with a rocket launcher attachment and word that the socom will have a laser sight soon. Not much else is said, though there is a little information about plans for implementing laser sights, silencers, and clips visible in the game.

And of course, where'd you hear about it first? Here! ;)

Havoc 1.6 is out!
9:23:30 PM EST - Eberon
No, sorry, this isn't some very interestingly named mod or map package. Instead, I'll allow my.. self to explain (from TTLG)

Those of you who have been following the Thief 3 and/or Deus Ex 2 projects will have heard by now of Havok, the incredible physics engine that will be featured in both titles. Today, version 1.6 was released to the public, featuring a new technology called MOPP. While the details on this technology are for the most part in geek language only, but there is one (count it, one) sentence that we can all understand:
"MOPP technology enables game developers to create worlds of a greater size and scope than was previously possible."
Sounds good to me! Credit for giving us the heads-up goes to Voodoo Extreme.

New PS2DX preview at IGN.
8:34:04 PM EST - Eberon
The PS2 division of IGN has a new preview of the upcoming Playstation 2 version of Deus Ex, titled Deus Ex : The Conspiracy. There isn't much new to see here, but I always recommend that you read up every bit you can, so be sure to give it a look over.

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

New, new, new! All at D-X.org.
11:35:08 PM EST - Eberon
Our talented and now booming friends at D-X.org have a bunch of new things going on.

The first is one of two new hosted sites, Deus Ex Viscera, a site for the DXMP Clan DEV. Information about the clan can be seen either at D-X.org or at the clan's aforementioned website. Welcome!

Hittman and Tazard have opened up their own sort of mini-mod site for the showcase and sharing of their own little ideas for modifications to Deus Ex. The site can be found here. According to the men themselves, "Hittman and Tazard's Mod World combine satirical points of view with serious unreal scripting to make the ultimate deus ex mods." Sounds like a wonderful creative project! :)

Lastly is a thought-provoking article on whether or not the dramatic increase in computing power and graphics ruined gaming. It's an interesting piece from CiaranPLH. Original features are difficult to come up with more often than not; give the guy your support and see what he has to say, why don't ya?

Deus Ex 2 Interview w/ Warren at Gamespot.
8:41:51 PM EST - Eberon
Originally posted by Dan earlier this evening...:

Starting off on the wrong foot once again, improperly crediting Warren with Ultima Underworld and Thief: TDP when it should be crediting him with games such as Ultima: Martian Dreams and Wings of Glory (I think by now Warren wishes people would credit him with games he actually DID develop, rather then big-name ones with which he is simply associated with), Gamespot has done a lengthy interview with the man about Deus Ex 2. Wisely, Warren sets the record straight about who's working on what with Deus Ex 2, saying,

"As for my role, I'm functioning primarily as studio director around here these days, meaning I set the high-level goals for all of our games without actually being in the trenches on any one of them. Harvey Smith's taken the reins as project director on Deus Ex 2, stepping up from the lead designer role he played on Deus Ex. And Bill Money's handling the producer job. I'm keeping an eye on things, creatively and schedulingwise, but the team management and the bulk of the design decisions are coming from them. I'm an advisor, a kibitzer, and a nudger this time around. Frankly, Harvey and I have been working together for a long time now and we know each other really well. He understands Deus Ex as well as I do--maybe better--and he's certainly earned a shot at running his own project. As for myself, I'm enjoying building and heading up a studio that pushes the boundaries of immersive simulation on several projects rather than focusing exclusively on one."

Sadly, no-one in the press will listen (except us) and will continue suggest that DX2 was made by Warren Spector all by himself, for the rest of his life, and beyond. Okay, I will stop babbling nonsense and give you the URL so you can read about the frikkin game already. ;)

Deus Ex 2 First Look at Actiontrip.
8:36:28 PM EST - Eberon
There's a new Deus Ex 2 "First Look" at Actiontrip today. There are a few interesting commentaries and tidbits, and it's definitely worth a read in case you may have missed something interesting in the other articles popping up all over, but there's one catch; in it there is a listed release date. Being the wonderfully nice guy that I am, I didn't feel like posting news about this until I had a real official say on the matter. It turns out that even though contacts at Ion Storm are not currently allowed to utter one peep about the projected ship date, they were able to tell me that the official release date has not yet been announced by either Eidos or Ion Storm. So, don't worry about what other news sites say; we have you covered ;)

Anyway, the article, though maybe slightly brief, is a good read anyway. Be sure to check into it.

Monday, January 14, 2002

Skyward Fires update; interview at D-X.org.
7:48:46 PM EST - Eberon
D-X.org has a few notes on Skyward Fires today. Of note are a few more screenshots at their website. Additionally, Ghandaiah from PDX and a talented person named Darth have joined the team. They will be working on concept art and coding, respectively.

If that weren't enough, D-X.org has been vamping up their articles machine and have produced an interview by staffer Falo with Skyward Fires team leader Kamikaze. Be sure to give that a read.

New tutorial site coming.
7:43:12 PM EST - Eberon
A new tutorial site will be coming to PDX very soon. Not much is known about it at this time, but it will hopefully outlast (and succeed) some of the older and now seemingly defunct tutorial/editing sites. Tutorial writers in most every area are needed and can apply here. As can be expected, you will need good writing skills to convey your skills and talents to hopeful readers!

Get those submissions in!

Congratulations to The Co-Op project!
7:36:57 PM EST - Eberon
The Co-Op Project headed up by DJPaul got some press coverage in this month's PCGamer UK. The good DJPaul has taken some scans and put them on the status page. Just don't tell Cassandra's Kieron Gillen ;)

Mod news.
1:23:04 AM EST - Eberon
There are just a couple recent mod updates that we haven't covered yet:

--Penumbra's Flyboy is working on some weapons, and PsyKomanEva is working on a skin for a modified/spinoff M16 model.

--Vampire has a new site design, but for some reason it isn't loading in my copy of IE6 -- only Netscape. The graphics are of wonderful quality, though, so you should visit and see the full storyline of Vampire as well as the recently released screenshots of a Paris City map.

That's it. Not much to report all at once when we've been on top of the news. Something interesting will be coming your way later this week..

Saturday, January 12, 2002

New goodies at PDX
2:35:46 PM EST - Eberon
Our friends at PDX have been whipping up some new things for the community to spend its time on. First is another installment in the neverending whackiness that is Got Ghand. Ghandaiah has also updated his staff biography with a recent picture of himself you can see here (just kidding!)

There's also a brand new article on loading up mods in Deus Ex. It's a very nice overview with multiple solutions to getting things working properly. If only things like TeamUC's mod loader would have stuck. We need a standard! See the article here.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

New screenies going up at Paladin X
11:33:42 PM EST - Eberon
Paladin X is updating its screenshots section to reflect the team's newest and updated work. Check out their site today and within the next few days to see what's new!

DX Mod Shop update.
7:40:46 PM EST - Eberon
Thanks goes to Despot of PDX for this one, since I missed it:

The DX Mod Shop has updated with a few words from the owner, Diablo. Sadly, the obituaries page has undergone a significant increase in size, much to the chagrin of both Diablo and myself. As for now, all preview releases will be suspended until further notice- it doesn't seem that mod projects are sticking around that long these days.

Wednesday, January 09, 2002

DX Prequel Screenshots.
9:33:51 PM EST - Eberon
Don't let your eyes glaze over. This is not something you want to miss. The DX Prequel project has released the screenshots it promised for today. There are two pages set up for the shots, both here and here. I must say that the map shots are absolutely gorgeous! Be sure to check them out -- the "lobby" looks awesome.

Tuesday, January 08, 2002

Deus Ex : The Conspiracy Delayed!
6:35:28 PM EST - Eberon
The PS2 component of gaming news network IGN reported yesterday that the Playstation 2 version of Deus Ex will be delayed one month, making the projected release date some time in February.

Ah well. Complex games take lots of time to test and refine for quality (or at least that's my excuse)!

DXCBP Update!
6:26:35 PM EST - Eberon
The Deus Ex Community Based Patch project has updated their site. Not much is terribly new, but there have been some good fixes here and there. The even better news is that the Deus Ex League has graciously donated a server to the DXCBP team for use! Cheers!

Oh, and don't forget the new server configuration menu that will allow administrators or would-be admins to configure their servers via a GUI rather than manually editing the config (ini) files. Looks like the DXCBP is off to a great start!

Sunday, January 06, 2002

Top of the Underworld update.
8:41:12 PM EST - Eberon
The Top of the Underworld project has acquired a new graphics designer, Teekay, who will be creating the team logo and voicing one of the main characters of the project. Screenshots of the project's current and past work can be found here.

DX : Special Forces update.
8:19:44 PM EST - Eberon
Special Forces says hello to a new team member today; Robert Goss, a voice actor. To celebrate, the people at Special Forces have decided to share some new screenshots with us! Be sure to check them out!

A huge Cassandra update.
8:14:16 PM EST - Eberon
The Cassandra Project updated this evening with a LOT of news. Firstly, there's an entirely new desktop image for your consumption (visit their site for your desired resolution). Some team changes and additions have also been effected, but I can't say it any better than the Narcissus entity itself:

"Firstly, JD - partial conceptual subroutine - moved over to take a full time position assisting Red Avatar with skins. Almost Black, a regular investigator of our forums, was lured by promise of infinite knowledge into our hyper-cluster, and set to attempting to turn two dimensional images into "textures" for our levels. Charybdis was integrated as a secondary fiction-weaver, to concentrate his work on the latter stages of the mission, allowing BremXJones to concentrate on earlier matters. Finally, Graeme joins Gandhi and Col-Cobb as mapping, paying special attention to scripting and population matters."

Also of interesting note is that the script for the first section of Cassandra has reached over 15,000 words!

Further on is a bit of explanation on the "leak" of some random information from the Cassandra Project that we covered a number of weeks ago. It seems that everyone is now welcome to give it a go and check out some of the goods. Just don't forget your handy dandy copy of tools.

Vampire Progress
6:19:21 AM EST - Elenkis
The Vampire site has been updated with a new progress indicator to display a general idea of how close the mod currently is to completion. Personally I think it's nice to see that work is indeed progressing on the mod and to have some idea of what the guys have been up to :-)

Ordinance Update
6:07:36 AM EST - Elenkis
The guys at Ordinance have been busy. They've released both a concept drawing of Takashi Yoshimi (the mod's main character) and the current version of the title music created by new composer KaMiKaZe. He is joined by new modeller Devin Earthman and concept designer Joakim Hällström. Sounds like the mod is off to an active start, good luck guys! :-)

Saturday, January 05, 2002

New Project Announced - Prey.
12:51:37 PM EST - Eberon
Prey - The Invisible has been announced today. Shamelessly ripped from the front page of their website is a small bit of what the project is all about:

Welcome to a universe where everything matters, in a fully ffleged city complete with gunshops, supermarkets, temples, government buildings, towering apartments, airports, researchlabs, a NASA space launch facility, slums, gladiatorial arenas, bookstores and even a red light district, welcome to the city of ANKH, and the world of Prey.

Something is in this world, a threat you can't see. It may be staring you in the face, you just don't know.

Most games require you to think fast, shoot fast, and live. This time, just living will be a challenge.

More or less, team members of any sort are needed. Mappers, modellers, a webmaster, scripting talents, and texture artists are all asked to apply here.

Friday, January 04, 2002

Site updates to come.
9:49:22 PM EST - Eberon
Hi there! Just a little update to inform you all that things are going nicely on the back end here. Some new sections and some new treats will be going up throughout the next few months. Yeah, months. These things take time. Want to help out? You're certainly welcome to do so by letting us know.

And, of course, your feedback is always welcome.

Planète Mods Picks the Top Five.
9:45:01 PM EST - Eberon
I can't believe I didn't post about this. I thought I did!

Planète Mods has awarded its Mod of the Year awards for Deus Ex. The standings were as follows, in descending order:
Edge of Dark
The Co-Op Project
The Cassandra Project
The Stealth Project
and finally, Warzone.

Congratulations to all parties who won awards!

Warzone gains a mapper.
5:52:53 PM EST - Eberon
The Warzone team has gained a new mapper, Fuzion. Progress is reportedly going well, but offers for help are always welcome.

Hell's Gate screenshots now online.
5:49:55 PM EST - Eberon
The newly designed Hell's Gate map has some new screenshots online at Face's website. More will be uploaded throughout or during the month, so stay tuned to the Disclosure website for that information.

Got voice talent? The Disclosure project is currently looking for voice actors. Interested parties should visit the staff page of Disclosure's website for information on qualifications. While you're there, admire the new banner image at the top of the page!

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