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Saturday, January 11, 2003

Harvey Smith Interviewed at DeusExZone.
5:31:52 PM EST - Eberon
DeusExZone, a primarily german fansite, has interviewed Ion Storm's Harvey Smith regarding Deus Ex 2 and some other general topics that surround the game. Be sure to read it here. It's well worth the read!

Saturday, January 04, 2003

Ghost in the Machine moves
2:51:32 PM EST - Eberon
Word from the project manager of Ghost in the Machine comes in -- They've moved their site to this address and are sporting a much cooler design. Give 'em a look!

DX2 Screenage
2:50:18 PM EST - Eberon
New DX2 shots, in short, can be found here. There's a load of character models and wider-angle environment shots. It brings tears to my eyes -- I fear that my machine won't run the game! Be sure to check them out.

Some New Screenshots
9:03:55 AM EST - Dan
RPGDot has discovered some new Deus Ex 2 screenshots at Gamer.nil which shows off some of the charater models, and lots of shadow effects. :)

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