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Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Redsun troubles.
8:05:53 AM EST - Eberon
The team of the Redsun2020 project have been having some domain name troubles lately. Currently the only way to reach their site is through the aforementioned link.

News on the site today includes a big BOO as well as word of an article over at Gamespy that covers up-and-coming modification projects for various games (including Deus Ex). High praise comes from the author of the article:
Currently in development, RedSun2020 promises new characters, story changes and will be set in Japan. Take a look at those screenshots. I have no idea when we can expect to see this released, but I'm ready to download it now.
Other projects mentioned include the DX Prequel and Counterfeit. Don't forget to update your Redsun bookmarks!

Wrath of Halo Needs You!
12:24:40 AM EST - Elenkis
Having lost their modeller The Wrath of Halo are looking for a replacement. If you want to help out then send an email to Gluestick!

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

New Member at Vampire
11:59:09 PM EST - Elenkis
Good news over at the Vampire site is that the talents of Chris 'DarkStalker' Hopkins will be aiding the mod and will mostly be working on the MP code.

Congrats to both Chris and the team!

The X Strain update
11:54:42 PM EST - Elenkis
Despite losing their model designer the update over on the X Strain site assures everyone that it will not stop progress on the mod and promises to keep going. Lexxon has been searching outside sources for models and hopes to have screenshots in a few weeks time.

Good luck to them, the mod looks very promising!

Klystron Project update
11:42:53 PM EST - Elenkis
A new feature over on the Klystron Project site demonstrates through pics and text how they are changing some of the original Deus Ex weapons and items for the mod. The site design has also has also been modified a bit to help slower connections load it quicker.

New Warzone Models
11:30:25 PM EST - Elenkis
Raptor sent us an email to say that the Warzone page has been updated with two new unskinned models; the powerful HK G3A3 and the SIG 551. Looking good guys, keep them coming!

An editorial sparks .. sparks!
7:09:56 PM EST - Eberon
A recent editorial that appeared on PlanetDeusEx a few days ago has sparked some heated debate between a Vampire team member and Despot, writer of the original editorial.

A snippet from this Editorial is now taken in hopes that you will be baited to take a side in the great community debate:
"But the excitement is only a passing thing. That intangible Idea must be actualized and made palpable: levels, weapons, fiction, et cetera all must be conceptualized and implemented. Dear me, this is more than we had bargained for! Progress slows down as the team loses motivation, which leads to discouragement, and even less progress, more discouragement, and less motivation. Eventually, progress is at a standstill, and there is an indefinite period of stagnation, until someone is merciful enough to quietly kill the project."
After this came a response to the Editorial from a member of the Vampire team, Damocles:
A traditional computer game can take anything up to four years to create and that's with a large team who are being paid to work day in, day out on the project. Most mod teams are handful of people who are devoting what little spare time they have to creating something for everyone to enjoy. We here at Vampire could quite easily pump out a half-assed mod as others have done before (no names) but that would defeat the purpose. What we want to create a piece of excellent, high quality work that people will enjoy playing...

Despot, perhaps next time you should conduct a little more research before writing editorials that could easily damage an already endangered community. You can't possibly understand the time and effort it takes to create a professional quality mod unless you head up/co-lead a large mod yourself... you should know better than to slander the community on the way you have. As the webbie for PDX we except a little more decorum from you.
Ouch. Harsh words. I won't editorialize more than that. Finally, there is a response to Damocles' words on the PDX forums:
Actually, the intent was more along the lines of a kick in the a$$. In addition, I fail to see how what I said would cause discouragement...what is there to indicate that I consider what effort has been put forth to be meaningless? Did I not praise several Mods for their talent and/or ingenuity?
Time to enter neutral mode. What do you think? Me, myself, I've been thinking about this, but I've decided to do a much different project. Stay tuned ;)

p.s. - we're better than PDX!

Sunday, October 28, 2001

Goodbye, DX Tempus.
9:24:03 PM EST - Eberon
I'm going to dry up and shrivel if I have to shed a tear for every mod team that's closing down these days.

Sad news from DX Tempus is that they have officially shut down. This is so very distressing. The staff of De-M hope that the team of DX Tempus will move on to bigger and better things. The following is the goodbye post from the site itself:
I have hereby executed the mod. Due to lack of members, time and (on my part) enthusiasm, DX Tempus is hereby dead. I don't regret beginning the mod, 'cause I learned a lot on the way, and made a few friends. It was going quite well, but I realised that I was not ready to spend all my time on the mod, and that was needed. The four of us cannot make a mod alone! Goodbye, it's been fun and useful. Jonas
Bummer. This (somewhat) is related to the latest PDX editorial by Despot about the state of the modification community. Read that here.

New Recruits at Delusive
12:25:37 AM EST - Elenkis
The Delusive site has been updated with news of two recruitments. James McWilliams joins the team as a concept artist and COLE will be working on textures.

Congrats guys and good luck!

Friday, October 26, 2001

Indecision Update
4:31:17 PM EST - Elenkis
The Indecision site has been updated with the unfortunate news of several team departures, seems to be a sad trend in the community as of late.

On the plus side the guys have a new music man and a new skinner on board, they also have a whole bunch of new content ready to be released in the future and say that work is still progressing well. There wont be much news just yet though and KGB finishes the update with: "We will take our work back underground to stop it from falling into the wrong hands."

Warren Spector Interview
4:06:50 PM EST - Elenkis
RPGVault have done a nice interview with the man himself that focuses on the development of Deus Ex and the formation of Ion Storm. As always Warren has a lot to share and it makes an interesting read. Here's a snippet:
Jonric: In terms of what's actually in the game, is there anything with which you're not completely satisfied? And conversely, are there parts of the game that actually turned out better than you had expected?

Warren Spector: I personally was disappointed that, for all the work we did to offer alternatives to combat, the game ended up being very, very combat-intensive for most people - I wish our stealth model had been a bit more robust, for one thing and for all our character interaction, most people seem to have played the game like a straightforward shooter. That was not our intent! But, I'll tell you, one of the biggest challenges for the future is to find ways to make non-combat interactions as compelling as combat ones - that's way easier said than done in a real-time 3D environment!

Did anything go better than expected? I'd have to say the conversations were far richer and more compelling than I expected them to be - Sheldon Pacotti and the other writers, Austin Grossman and Chris Todd, just did an excellent, excellent job.

Klystron Project update
3:54:50 PM EST - Elenkis
More updates over at the Klystron Project. Smike has added the Beretta's design history to the concept archive and the guys have put up their very own forums for you to communicate your questions and ideas.

Show them your support and add your thoughts about the mod's story so far.

DX: Prequel mod screens
3:46:14 PM EST - Elenkis
The Deus Ex: Prequel site has been updated with 4 new screenshots in the media section. The guys are aiming to include 20 original maps in the mod (10 large and 10 small), plus some maps from the game that will be modified to play from Paul's perspective.

Looks good, keep it up guys!

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Wrath of Halo Update
10:39:41 PM EST - Elenkis
Gluestick has been busy and redesigned the Wrath of Halo website. He also posts a small update to let us know that work on the mod is still progressing slowly due to school and that there is a new poll to vote on.

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Preachers Update
7:39:45 AM EST - Elenkis
Rob Hale sends us word of a couple of updates over at Preachers, his impressive looking mod in development.

First they put up some nice concept material (both artwork and fiction) for The Police in the world of Preachers. Then there is also an update to their Making of a Map feature which contains a screenshot of a very impressive looking building from the mod! Check it out and see for yourself!

The X Strain Needs You!
7:27:25 AM EST - Elenkis
The X Strain site has been updated with unfortunate news of viruses, crashes and file loses that has held up work on the mod. However they assure us that development is continuing and they're working hard to get the first episode finished. If you want to help the mod out then they ask that anyone with modelling experience contact them!

Warzone Update
7:18:17 AM EST - Elenkis
With the recent mod closures it is nice to report a piece of good news. The Warzone team continues to expand with the addition of TheRenegadeMaster as coder and music guys Bmmello and Parsifal. Congratulations guys and we all look forward to seeing your work!

In addition the team now has their own IRC channel. So if you want to chat with the team and have any questions or suggestions related to the mod, you can find them in #Warzone on the server.

Monday, October 22, 2001

The Klystron Project churns out the goodies.
8:37:47 PM EST - Eberon
Our friends at the Klystron Project are at it again with full 360 animations of each of their vehicles! These can be found on their features page. Soon, perhaps, the weapons will be given this new treatment as well.

Additionally, their Beretta 9mm is now a Beretta Variable MMI. These guys work magic! I wonder if they can turn my crossbow into a GEP gun..

Delusive changes focus.
8:34:31 PM EST - Eberon
The Delusive project has come back with news after a little more than a month of dormancy. Great news, this time, too:
But wait, theres more. The story and gameplay mechanics have been scrapped and in its place we are developing an advanced RPG in the vein of Deus Ex and System Shock. Your actions actually affect you and the world around you. You can be a force for good or you can be a force for evil. It is your hands as you play on in the game.
There's much more to the newspost, but this is definitely the beef of it! This sounds very very exciting. Stay tuned to their site (and ours) for updates.

Weekend files (a day late)
8:32:51 PM EST - Eberon
With the code issues we experienced over the weekend that kept us mostly down, we weren't able to track this weekend's files and tutorials, but here they are today!

*-Alan Amoroso sent word in to PDX of his latest (and first!) public release, a multiplayer map called DXMP_Estate.

*--Illuminati-IIS from the now desceased .. well then, it stinks to not be able to remember names, doesn't it? Anyway, Illuminati-IIS has finished up what work he did for a now-desceased modification project and has posted it up online at his own website. The map's name is DXMP_Frequency.

Stay tuned for more maps and whatnot. We'll usually do file updates on the weekends, since submissions tend to show up most around that time!

Yikes! Two mod closures. The community weeps.
8:24:48 PM EST - Eberon
Two modification projects have closed their doors and halted production this week. What a sad time for DX modding. Perhaps maybe it's time to move more toward a Thief-ish mod scene, though. A look at the sheer number of fan missions for Thief shows definitely how the close-knit two-project community works well. Neither CoSaS nor T2X will be shutting down anytime soon, that's for sure.

Enough editorialization, though. Both Convergence and Deus Fortress have closed their doors. I personally find this a bit tragic because both of these projects received print media coverage while others who (seemingly, at least) chug along got little or no mention.

Such is the world I guess. There isn't enough time or space to plug every project out there and I'm sure the editors of aforementioned columns were hard-pressed to choose which ones to cover.

The staff of would like to offer their thanks to these people who braved the difficult and testing world of Deus Ex modding. I can't say that I made the full journey myself (couldn't stand UnrealED nuances!).

Saturday, October 20, 2001

A very noble cause.
10:49:52 AM EST - Eberon
Hats off to The Renegade Master and company who have formed the DXCBP, a group dedicated to making the greatest game of our time even better by seeking out and squashing bugs and cheaters!

Be assured that De-M will be tracking this group's progress. Horay!

News overload.
10:48:08 AM EST - Eberon
I'm not really sure where to even start on the news we've gotta catch up with, but I guess I'll cover some mod news this post:

--Warzone has a progress update informing fans that coders are definitely still in need. Music is reportedly coming along nicely as is refitting of the website to attune it to the project's new goals and focus.

--Swateam has a couple of new screenshots in their shots section: a knife and a Swat Element Member (whatver that is).

--Paladin X, a project I've just recently even heard of (thanks PDX) can be found at the aforementioned link. Nothing is necessarily new, as far as I can tell, but you'll want to go visit them and see what they're about. Seems like an excursion to the Illuminati HQ is in order :)

--The Klystron Project has been as busy as ever, always keeping us on our toes :) Great news from them is in abundance: The KP has won the Gold Award! Congratulations to them for their excellent webmastery skills. Things to look at include a baseball bat, information on how the project will handle the original weapons of Deus Ex as well as its own made-from-scratch ones, and a pretty damned good looking new weapon! More news to follow.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Ask the Thief 3 AI Guy
8:51:56 AM EST - Dan
He's being called the Thief 3 AI guy - but we all know that Deus Ex 2 will be using the same system.

Voodoo Extreme's ASK column is now ready to go for Thief 3 AI programmer Paul Tozour. You can ask him any kind of tech question you want, just no Thief 3 or UW Engine specifics. Gotcha? Right. ;) So get over to that news post and make yourself busy. Ask some good ones for us!

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Deus Ex Ed update
2:07:57 AM EST - Elenkis
The DXEd site has received a new file submission, this time a Deus Ex Text Editor.

Musician also gives word of a new forum he will be putting up on the site sometime in the next few days.

Klystron Project update
1:57:30 AM EST - Elenkis
First up it looks like congratulations are in order. The boys over at the Klystron Project have won themselves an award for the site design! The award received is the Gold Award and is well deserved by the guys, good work!

In more regular news the guys have released a new concept model of a Baseball Bat and announced that updates will be a little slower as they concentrate on the mapping in Unreal ED.

Delusive Changes
1:45:37 AM EST - Elenkis
Sym has updated the Delusive site to announce some major changes to the project. I'll let you read it all directly from the man himself:
Many things are changing around here. First of all we may be getting another concept artist. And secondly, more relevant to the Deus Ex Community, we are moving on to another engine. This may be Deus Ex 2 but most likely it won't. There is even a chance that we might license technology.

But wait, theres more. The story and gameplay mechanics have been scrapped and in its place we are developing an advanced RPG in the vein of Deus Ex and System Shock. Your actions actually affect you and the world around you. You can be a force for good or you can be a force for evil. It is your hands as you play on in the game.

Many concepts and features are being developed even as you read this. When we are done, Delusive will be almost an entirely different mod... a much deeper mod.

Frequency Released
1:39:38 AM EST - Elenkis
Illuminati-IIS has updated IISNet with the good news that his map DXMP_Frequency is now officially released and ready for your multiplayer enjoyment!

You can find the map in the files section of his site.

Monday, October 15, 2001

Two submissions from Liquiddark at Deus Ex Ed
10:10:56 PM EST - Eberon
There are two new submissions over at Deus Ex Ed from liqduiddark. The first is a Extension which apparently is:

"A mod to allow .int-configurable start windows for mods using TeamUC's Mod Loader."

And the second item is a file for use with the mod loader extension that allows the player to walk up walls where ladders are not present! This could provide a bit of fun in the single player levels, especially in the Hong Kong area *hint hint nudge nudge*. Find that one here.

Screenshots from Face's Disclosure.
6:27:55 PM EST - Eberon
The Disclosure modification project site has some more information regarding Disclosure -- in the form of screenshots. The series starts here and continues on through a few shots. Some of the architecture is very excellent in this map: I believe it is modeled after sections of San Francisco. Be sure to look the screenshots over!

Sunday, October 14, 2001

Interview (of sorts) with Chris Carollo
10:03:22 AM EST - Dan
The 'Ask Chris Carollo' Column on VoodooExtreme ( has launched its first session. Chris answers a handfull of questions with hinteresting and thoughtfull answers. (Would I say that if he hadn't?) Here's his intro:
I started work at Looking Glass after graduating from college, and was primarily responsible for the physics and sound propagation systems for the Dark Engine, used in Thief, Thief 2, and System Shock 2. I then did a particle system for Jane's Attack Squadron and worked on the multiplayer patch for Shock 2. During the last year of LG, I was on the team working on the engine for our next-gen games, mostly doing editor and physics work.

After LG closed, I moved to Austin and began work as Lead Programmer for Deus Ex 2. I'm mostly responsible for architechtural issues and knowing a little about everything and how it fits together.

Questions in virtually all areas are welcome, including technical questions and questions on design (particularly immersive sim design), as well as questions on how to build software for good game development.

As Chris worked on Thiefs 1 & 2, Shock 2, and is working on Deus Ex 2, this article should be of interest to fan's across the board. :) Read it here, enjoy, and don't forget to send in more questions for next month.

Friday, October 12, 2001

Witchboy the Wise
11:34:45 AM EST - Elenkis
(Originally posted by Dan on the main TTLG site)

This is the location of Harvey Smith's lecture on the Future of Game Design: Moving Beyond Deus Ex and Other Dated Paradigms. I read the whole thing. it's a real page turner. :) While it doesn't say anything specific about T3 or DX2, it does give you a pretty good idea of what's on the mind of DX2's lead, and what his idea of good game design is. I think it's a good indication that we're in great hands - but then, we already knew that, didn't we? :)


Deus Ex PS2 Website
11:25:40 AM EST - Elenkis
The spiffy looking official website for the PS2 version of Deus Ex is now open and can be found at The site has a letter from Warren Spector himself and of course the usual screenshot goodness.

Speaking of screenshots; More Deus Ex PS2 shots can be found over on Games Radar. Enjoy!

Mod News
11:05:08 AM EST - Elenkis
Looks like we're back up and running! Now that the server is no longer acting up we can return to bringing you your regular news updates - Starting with the bits of mod news we have missed ;-)
- First up is a bit of bad news over at Counterfeit. Mappers KaMiKaZe and BiV have both quit the team for reasons not stated. While this is bound to slow down work on the mod quite dramatically, KGB assures us that this is definitely not an end to the project.

- As usual the Klystron Project site has had several updates. The information section was updated with more of the mod's background story, while a new animation for the 2000 Glock 20C joins the preview section and last but not least a new poll asks you what you think of the mod's story so far - So let the guys know your opinion!

- Redsun 2020 is now being hosted over on PDX. To celebrate this move the team have updated their site with 20 great looking screenshots. Check them out!

- SchizoSlayer over at the Preachers mod has put up concept artwork for the map he is currently working on, along with some progress shots to compare with the art. Find the goodness here!

- Jonas has updated the Tempus site with an apology for lack of recent updates. Having lost their concept artist, Jonas will now be working on the art himself. The good news is that their medieval map is now about 57% complete and pictures will be coming soon.

Thursday, October 11, 2001

TTLG isn't the only system having problems.
7:36:50 PM EST - Eberon
No, there's no new virus going around. Well, maybe a bad case of the stupidity bug. Since you don't want to hear about my personal problems, I won't go too deeply into them, but I will offer this short explanation: I received my computer back from CompUSA after some warranty service that was done (shoddy hard drive). When I got home, I booted up to find Windows 98 starting up instead of Windows ME, and all sorts of software for hardware (like a Diamond Rio Mp3 player??) I don't and did not have. How a CompUSA technician could install the wrong OS on my machine and not know it is totally beyond me.

Long story short, someone screwed up again and I'm pissed off. I should be able to handle news, but for the meantime until I can finally settle down and rest assured that I won't be packing up my computer again and again, I'm not going to be working on any features or site changes. Sorry :(

Friday, October 05, 2001

Frequency Screenshots
3:29:33 AM EST - Elenkis
IISNet has been updated with some new screenshots of the upcomming DXMP_Frequency map. Looking good!

Sub-Zero mod leaves Deus Ex
3:11:58 AM EST - Elenkis
Unfortunately it seems the Sub-Zero mod is no longer being created for Deus Ex. XenHyBrId announces that the project will instead be moved over to Red Faction and will have an additional single player mode.

Good luck to them.

Klystron Project update
2:56:26 AM EST - Elenkis
The Klystron Project site has had another update. This time some background story for the mod has been added to the information section. Here's how it starts:
The man walked. The man walked through rain, snow, sleet, and hail. He walked through temperatures upwards of one hundred and forty degrees, and below negative ninety degrees. He walked through plague, corruption, suffering, and apathy. He walked through all of this, but he walked through with honor. He walked with courage, bravery, righteousness, conscience, clarity, justice, and wisdom. The man walked into his fate without fear.

Redsun 2020 Progress
2:49:19 AM EST - Elenkis
The guys behind the Redsun 2020 mod have updated their progress ticker. Plenty of levels are nearing 100% completion and it seems the team are making great progress. The update also notes that some levels have been added while other have been removed since the last update.

Wednesday, October 03, 2001

More Klystron Updates!
7:55:12 PM EST - Eberon
The Klystron Project is at it again with another model in of a 2000 Glock 20C. Also noted is word that there will be minimal updates while the Star Trek : The Next Generation marathon is being televised on TNN. I'm with ya, buddy.

One to beam up.

Tuesday, October 02, 2001

He Knows His Gig
12:07:38 AM EST - Dan
It's always nice to read something written by someone who really knows what he or she is talking about. Yes, I know you folks who read this site get that all the time. (Mad props to Eb and crew. ;)

You'll get the same feeling from this info bit written by Warren Spector about Thief 3 (er, I mean Deus Ex PS2 ... hehe). Games are games, console or PC, and Deus Ex is a game either way. :) Thanks Warren, and Godspeed!

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