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Monday, October 27, 2003

Partyzone Revived!
11:48:55 PM EST - Eberon
The Deus Ex PartyZone mod has come out of a coma and is now producing some more fun maps and goodies. Word from its host, PDX, is that there's a few new models and a couple of new maps already up and ready for the funning.

PartyZone, for some reason, presents an original and intriguing concept, and it's definitely not something that should go unexperienced by any DX fanatic. I have fond memories of some very screwball PartyZoning. Be sure to download their very small mod and give it a whirl with some friends!

Yargh! Devs say no SDK for DX2: IW
9:41:18 PM EST - Eberon
This thread on the Ion Storm forums shines some light on Ion's support for modders.

Chris Carollo chimes in early in the thread with the following:
The fact of the matter is that publicly releasing all of our development tools is going to be difficult, and take real time away from development of current or future games. Older OS support, releasing source to all our perl tools, making sure they work correctly without our VSS backends, making sure they're minimally usable without expensive third-party tools or third-party tools that aren't publicly available, licensing issues, piracy concerns, etc. All of these things make releasing an SDK very difficult.
This is surely going to create some upset in the community... though I'm sure we can all agree that the offering of Deus Ex 1 was much more interesting and infinitely enjoyable than the missions and mod packs that were released since the SDK was loosed, right? The integity of the single player game is infinitely more important than catering to the community of players who would like to try their hand at modifying the game.

So put on your happy face.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Superb! Invisible War has a new portal!
12:10:24 AM EST - Eberon
Invisible War has a new website for perusal that'll knock your techno socks off. A streaming version of the intro video of the game is now offered, among other interesting content. Be sure to be the first on your block with the lowdown!

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