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Friday, November 28, 2003

New gameplay videos @ Fileplanet.
5:03:29 PM EST - Eberon
Fileplanet has a slew of videos (looks like eight) that they've just put online. I was checking the "newest files" box at the bottom right and I spotted 'em.

Undoubtedly, that list will scroll out soon, so here is the DX2 movies section. There looks to be a pretty good sampling of different scenes and scenarios from the game. I'm going to scope out the Rei Toi.. err, NG Resonance video.

Gamespy hosts "Magic Moments"
3:23:37 PM EST - Eberon
Today, Gamespy has a feature called "Magic Moments of Deus Ex 2." It runs down to pretty much a recollection of interesting play experiences that the team has decided to share with the public. I guess some of them are interesting, but being that most everyone hasn't actually played the game yet, it's probably going to heavily miss the mark given that no one will be able to empathize or sit back and laugh. The timing of the article is a little off, but I still applaud the effort. Be careful of reading -- Gamespy decided that it wasn't worth their time to put up a spoilers warning (at least that I can see).

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Warren interviewed by UGO
6:47:03 PM EST - Eberon
UGO published an interview with the good man Warren Spector about the now-officially-finished game Deus Ex 2. Warren answers a very broad range of questions in this interview. He even leaves some interesting commentary that he believes that nanotechnology will definitely change the world within his lifetime. Whether it changes the world into a sparkling paradise or a violent technofuturisitic Deus Ex world is of course left out of his comments.

If you miss this interview, shame on you! The background information on the development process is really invaluable, so be sure to read up!

Gamespy Review Invisible War...
3:14:44 AM EST - Dave
... and here is the link.
They give both the XBox and PC versions a good score of 4/5.
I will leave this little quote from their review
Deus Ex: Invisible War is far from a conventional sequel. Ion Storm has sought to refine and consolidate many of the features of the first game to create a more accessible experience, and in this it's definitely succeeded.

Chat about this review in our forums!

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Some reassurance and help from the team
5:07:29 PM EST - Eberon
Chris posted up a little news, complete with reassurance, confidence, and information regarding the whys of design decisions and performance issues that will help some of you who have been scoffing since the demo has come out. If you've been too lazy to try to tweak out the demo or been too pessimistic to even think about the game again, this is another chance for the team and the game to regain same favor with you. Read on, and take the comments objectively without the fire and passion that has been burning in you. Er... at any rate it's definitely worth a read.

I for one and beginning to be more glad that the style of the game has changed. Technical details, on the other hand, remain to be seen. Exactly one week remains. PDX scoops that Gamespot's news report gives us a shelf date of December 2nd! Even better! Hurrah.

Gamers Depot Previews DX2:IW
12:26:48 AM EST - Eberon
Gamers Depot has put up a hands-on preview of Deus Ex 2 that includes quite a few of what I am pretty sure are original screenshots, with some interesting goal text. The preview is pretty well-written and informative (of course if it wasn't, you probably wouldn't be reading this).

Read the preview and then discuss in our forums.

Deus Ex Gone Gold!
12:19:56 AM EST - Eberon
News from Blues is saying that Eidos has officially announced the golding of Deus Ex : Invisible War.

The source of this news is unknown, as Blues didn't link to any online report, but nonetheless I'm sure it can be trusted. Get ready for some hot Deus Exing!

Monday, November 24, 2003

News on Disclosure!
6:40:59 PM EST - Eberon
Those of you who have been following the community (especially the mod community) over the past year or so have no doubt heard about the Disclosure project, headed up by famed mapper (and now designer) "Face," famous back in the day for producing some excellent multiplayer maps, including DXMP_Towers.

Well at any rate and to get to the point, the site has been updated in a manner of speaking to include a little tip that part two of the ten part project will be coming to us in December! December will certainly be a great dose of new and retro Deus Ex action, so be sure to keep refreshing DX-M every ten minutes until the release! Actually, please don't, but do come back regularly.

Demo miscellany
1:37:41 PM EST - Eberon
First and foremost, as reported on forums everywhere, there is a demo tweaking utility out (written mostly in german) practically automagically sets the demo up to be much more playable on the PC platform. Be sure not to miss it, find the link at our german fansite friends Deus Ex Zone.

Word has been spreading around about this petition which we all saw coming a mile away that begs Ion Storm to somehow delay the imminent release of the title to fix some problems that the author feels are evident in the demo. Choose for yourself what you'd like to do with this one.

Lastly, the super-keen Absynthe who regularly visits our forums has been at it again with the demo this time! There's a lot of good (and entertaining) information within, including a blip about extracting the excellent KT soundtrack that plays on the holoprojectors in the game. Be sure not to miss it on Denton's Databank.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Smoothing out your PC experience.
11:52:32 AM EST - Eberon
I'd like to call to attention this thread on the Ion Storm board that describes a lot of tweaks that can be used to improve slightly the experience you'll have with the demo.

It still, unfortunately, probably won't make up for this microcosm of what we expect to be a large and expansive world. Ion probably hurt their sales by releasing this demo before retail availability, but at least they had the guts to do it and show people what they have to offer for the sequel. Hats off to them for thinking first about the gamer and not about making money off of the hype wave they have going for them. I must say that if you've been playing the demo and have been finding yourself disappointed, the many tweak guides now rushing out all over forum boards will most definitely help your view! Don't pass them up.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Actiontrip and Telefragged previews!
5:01:56 PM EST - Eberon
Thanks to for pointing out two new previews from Actiontrip and Telefragged. If you just can't get enough... well... get some more!

Freak out! DX2 demo has arrived!
12:50:22 PM EST - Eberon
Fileplanet has put up a slew of servers to host the Deus Ex 2 demo. There are at least 2 servers dedicated (theoretically) entirely to the file alone, so there shouldn't be too much of the waiting we all abhor. I am going to be too busy playing this thing, so for all of you looking for more information, go elsewhere! (just kidding).

More mirror updates to follow throughout the evening.

Alternate Mirrors: (GERMANY) (registration required)
-3DGamers (World)

DX2 SNAFU - Chat Rescheduled
11:20:15 AM EST - Eberon
After poking around this morning, it seems like the chat that I "missed" last night with some of the rest of you was canceled along with the possible demo release. It turns out that the chat is rescheduled for tonight. Without any time details given, I suppose it can be assumed that the chat will occur at the same time tonight.(UPDATE: Thanks to our watchful fan Da_Terminator for a link that provides some written proof)

Perhaps this gives hope for an evening release of the DX2 demo, but let's not hold our breath.

Gamehelper PC previews Deus Ex 2
11:02:47 AM EST - Eberon
Ion Storm's web portal tells us (a few days ago, shame on me for being lax in checking it) that Gamehelper has posted a 5-page preview of Invisible War. I'm not quite sure that it should have me quivering as the editorialist on Ion suggests, but it's definitely a good read. Assimilate opinions and information while you can -- the war is coming!

Deus Ex in Wired Magazine
10:56:30 AM EST - Eberon
While not a substantial addition to our databanks, it IS of important note to point out that DX2 IW appears in Wired magazine today! Wired is a fairly popular online news site that will no doubt bring some uninitiated into the fold. The information presented isn't startling, but it's good to read a not-specifically game site preview/commentary.

Deus Ex 2 Demo - More Than Rumor
8:59:38 AM EST - Eberon
Now there is some official mention of the demo that we all were holding our breath for last night. Apparently a last-minute "problem" found with the demo (according to Eidos, by way of ComputerandVideoGames) has pushed it to between today or Monday-Tuesday. This seems rather bizarre, as Eidos historically has had a rather stringent QA/Testing department. Hmmm... does anyone smell an excuse?

In either event, Deus Ex 2's release draws closer and closer. If indications that the game is 100% complete lead to the correct assumption, it seems highly unlikely that an error in the demo would have been possible. Sadly, I'm sure we will never find out the specific reason for the delay.

UPDATE: In terms of availabilty, the demo will according to An Eidos Spokesperson "be available on GameSpy, FilePlanet and the Eidos web sites (probably U.S. first)." (gee what a selection!), but at least much to my pleasure "not be 'subscriber only'." Thumbs up to Eidos/Ion for deciding not to attempt a cheap move like that.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

New DX2 Goodies from Gamespy.
1:54:17 PM EST - Eberon
Gamespy, in addition to a new Deus Ex 2 Preview article, is hosting a developer chat this evening with some of the good guys from Ion! Of course, you'll have to download and log in to Gamespy Banner Show Arcade to participate. The event begins at 7pm EDT (that's 12am midnight GMT for you English blokes out there). Further details can be found within.

Thanks to Tin "Da_Terminator" Nguyen for the news tips! It's rumored that some "other" big stuff is happening tonight. If it does, sadly, I won't be around to enjoy it with you all, but hopefully a fellow TTLG watchman will try to keep his ear to the ground for us.

Monday, November 17, 2003

DX2 Team Interview @ RPGVault
12:37:00 PM EST - Eberon
IGN's RPGVault published a really juicy interview with Harvey, Spector, and team this morning. You can read all about it here, and just because it's so more comprehensive than the others, I'll break the trend and quote it:
Jonric: What are the primary tools and design elements you're using to implement this increased emphasis on self-expression and emergent personal narrative?

Harvey Smith: We allow you to build a character by choosing gender, skin tone, weapons (filling a finite number of equipment / inventory slots), weapon modifications (that change the basic functionality of the weapons) and - most importantly - by choosing biomods. The player can only have a third of the biomods at any given time. Some of them are standard tech / military tools (but within the game's simulation, they work globally, in a very consistent manner). Others are very dark in nature.

Read on and hear from some of the more quiet voices on the team.

Saturday, November 15, 2003

DX2: IW Interview w Spector
10:32:19 AM EST - Eberon
Kieron Gillen, our good friend at the Cassandra Project and former employee of PC Gamer UK, was spotted on the radar at Eurogamer this month. This one is a huge blip, folks. It's an interview with Warren Spector that trumps any of the others I've seen with the possible exception of (for lack of sleep and better memory) "that last big one," but I think that it still comes in as a close second to the Eurogamer interview.

If you're into the juicy bits of information about the development process, and development decisions, then the interview with Spector is a must-read for you. Definitely do yourself a favor and make sure that you see it.

Deus Ex 2: IW Items Inventory
10:27:38 AM EST - Eberon
Shortly following the weapons guide that we saw in our last news item, we've got a tools and items guide on Gamespy this month. I am personally going to avoid the thing because I'd like to somewhat have a small shred of surprise element in the game, but if you're into grabbing as much information as possible, head on over and assimilate at will.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Deus Ex 2: IW Weapons Guide
1:57:08 PM EST - Eberon
Gamespy has a pretty good feature up this week that covers the weapons of Invisible War. Ion's foyer is pushing it, so it must be worthwhile at least.

Don't miss it! You can begin developing your strategies early. :)

Deus Ex IW Trailer
1:49:57 PM EST - Eberon
A trailer with about 1.5 minutes of gameplay video is available around the internet now. It features a soundtrack from the band kidneythieves, who have put a few of their tracks on the game.

GamersHell mirrors this file along with many other popular game news sites.

Deus Ex 3 in the Works!
1:22:56 PM EST - Dave
Computer and Video Games is reporting that Ion Storm director Warren Spector has confirmed that the second sequel to Deus Ex is in the preliminary stages!
Earlier today, during a discussion about Deus Ex: Invisible War and the future of the Deus Ex universe at a press event in south London, Ion Storm chief Warren Spector confirmed with us that preliminary work on Deus Ex 3 has already begun
Wow, that's pretty amazing, they must be expecting Invisble War to shift in serious numbers, which I'm sure it will!
Discuss in our forums!

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