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Monday, December 31, 2001

Mod News
3:13:52 PM EST - Elenkis
Ta da! All the latest mod news on this New Years Eve (have a good one!):
- Vampire have released some great new screenshots of their Paris International Airport level, well worth taking a look at. Unfortunately they also suffer the loss of mapper Phoenix and modeller Titi due to real life commitments. The good news is that Titi finished many models before leaving and Damocles assures us the mod is still going strong. If you want to help out though, send him an email!

- Following the release of their demo map, the guys over at DXDune are working hard. They are currently working on four new models (two nearly complete) and some new coding.

- Ordinance has officially begun development. Ross Hvidsten has joined the team to do concept art, storyboards and music while Louis Roskosch will be doing concept art, texturing and charecter skinning. The first set of storyboards are almost finished and they'll put them up soon. Welcome to the scene guys and good luck!

- DXCoop would like everyone who has released a Deus Ex Single Player map to email them so that they can build up a database, and work together to make sure that EVERY DX Single Player map works multiplayer in the next release of the Coop Project.

Saturday, December 29, 2001

Geist's project website opens.
10:18:28 AM EST - Eberon
Just a quick note before I leave for the weekend -- Geist's project, announced a few days ago, now has a website online here. Team members, if you recall, are needed, so please apply here! A bit of goodness from the exceptional backstory:

Even from the viewpoint of world history, there are few cities as prone to disaster as Tokyo. The city was completely destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, and the carpet-bombing of Tokyo at the end of World War II, as its name suggests, reduced the city to a smoking pile of rubble. But each time, Tokyo rose again from the ashes.

And it is MegaTokyo of the future which is the setting for this story. The time is the year 2032. Tokyo is the world's most overcrowded city - the heart of industry, culture, information, and conflict.

Thursday, December 27, 2001

Edge of Dark in dire straits.
6:16:08 PM EST - Eberon
The Edge of Dark project is in dire straits, according to its project leader, Shade01. Being one of the older projects around, I would be inclined to suggest that those of you thinking about starting a modification project look at this one and see the obvious: there is a severe shortage of talent in the community. So, instead, take your talents to EOD. A little word from the news page (visit to see the rest) follows:

You guys want to play something new and I want to release something new for you to play so lets help each other out.

Need you any more encouragement? Please, help to keep our modding community strong!

Wednesday, December 26, 2001

New project announcements.
1:45:53 PM EST - Eberon
Three new modification projects have opened up in the past three days. Rather than give a lot of coverage about each of them right now, I'll give just a little information about each.

-Skyward Fires: Hosted at, is a project that takes place in a futuristic world where conspiracy runs rampant through a defense company called "SunTech". You (the player) find yourself in the middle of it all. Modelers and animators are needed and can apply here.

-Geist's Total Conversion: A total conversion of Deus Ex that will, according to the project leader, only include the original base code and system structure from the original Deus Ex. The project will even feature a third-person view! Interested parties (coders, modellers, texture artists, and sound editors) can apply here.

-The "TANK" Mod: More of a mini-mod than a full scale project, the Tank mod aims to get experienced Deus Ex veteran modders together to create a working Tank for DXMP. Interested parties (of any talent) can send offers of help here.

That's it! Good luck to all of these projects. If you have the skill in any of these areas and have dedication, don't hestitate to at least contact the project leads and see if there's anything you can do for them!

Interview with Spector and Paul Tozour.
11:48:14 AM EST - Eberon
A new interview at PC Zone covers the topic of AI (no, not the movie!). Warren gives a tip to the Thief 1 and 2 crew in the following tidbit:

What are your favourite in-game examples of use of AI?

Warren Spector: I don't know that I could single out one example as the "best" but, certainly, some of the stuff going on in games like
Black & White and Creatures was pretty compelling. And the work done in the Thief games, from LookingGlass was pretty ground-breaking.

See the rest of the interview here.

Here we go again.
11:43:35 AM EST - Eberon
I hate to sound cynical, but the recent downfall of many modification projects hasn't seemed to send the proper message to would-be modders. There still are many modification projects starting up left and right. Seemingly, any efforts by previously running projects have been entirely wasted and lost in the ether.

Look for a wonderfully insightful and cheery editorial on this very subject soon.

Tuesday, December 25, 2001

The pressure is on. Will they deliver?
8:40:46 AM EST - Eberon
Watch the DX Dune page today -- supposedly they'll be releasing a demo map for Christmas! Maybe there'll be one, maybe there won't, but I won't be home for a little while to report on it!

Update: Aha! The file showed up on Fileplanet a few hours ago. You can snag it here. Merry Christmas, to those of you who will be celebrating! Drive SAFELY.

Monday, December 24, 2001

Merry Christmas from the staff of De-M!
5:24:05 PM EST - Eberon
The staff of would like to wish everyone a very merry and safe Christmas. Be sure to drive slowly in areas of bad weather, take plenty of blankets just in case, and go a little light on your aunt's special recipe of eggnog!

We'll see you all again after the holiday :)

Monday, December 17, 2001

Congratulations to!
12:25:00 AM EST - Eberon
I just noticed that our friends at now have a new design that I must say is quite a bit more functional than their previous one. Be sure to head over and give it a looksee.

New member in the Klystron Project!
12:20:06 AM EST - Eberon
Our friends at the Klystron Project have had their numbers increased by one.. a very large one, at that! Welcome to Furious Monkey, AKA Richard Bull, a professional coder for Software Creations.

It's really excellent to see some professional talent enter the Deus Ex modding arena lately. Let's hope that it will make every project all the better!

Saturday, December 15, 2001

7:24:17 PM EST - Eberon
Seems that Slicer enjoys talking to himself, from the latest newsitem at PDX. Self references abound as Slicer talks about his conversation with himself:

Slicer has informed me that the DEA site has been reopened. It's now redone, but lots of dead links. After huge requests via e-mail from many peeps out there, he has re-established the links for map and mod downloads with the codes on site being a bit messy.

What a nutcase! (Just kidding!)

Time for a new poll.
10:32:07 AM EST - Eberon
I figured it was time for a new poll. High time, in fact. This one covers your opinion on the latest announcement (whether official or unofficial, it was still made by the project's own Harvey Smith, see previous newspost) that DX2 will not include a multiplayer element.

Cast your vote now! If you are in support of the petition to include MP in DX2, be sure to sign it as well.

Friday, December 14, 2001

Fun, wild, amazing stuff. Or just a petition.
8:15:38 AM EST - Eberon
There's a new petition in the online world following the announcement by Harvey Smith that Deus Ex 2 still be strictly a single player game.

This petition is designed to collect names of people who believe that there most definitely should be a multiplayer element to Deus Ex 2. The petition can be found and signed here. Thanks to Shizoslayer (Mr. Hale) for pointing this out to us!

Tuesday, December 11, 2001 Interviews Harvey Smith on DX2
8:20:24 AM EST - Eberon" has a new interview this morning with Harvey Smith aka "Witchboy". The interview covers a little information about DX2, but for the most part Harvey is still pretty tight-lipped about it. Here's one of the particularly interesting questions:

The voice technology and dialogue of the original was particularly impressive, what can you give away about this in the sequel?

We're handling dialogue and conversation in basically the same way. Lead writer Sheldon Pacotti is back, plus we've got a new writer, Sarah Paetsch. This time, all characters will have facial expressions.

Be sure to check the interview out here. Many thanks to Luke Guttridge, the talented interviewer, for pointing the item out to us.

Monday, December 10, 2001

Do me a favor... (redux)
10:20:10 PM EST - Eberon
Start sending me e-mail again. Our wonderful and kind server admin MsLedd has waved her magic wand over De-M and fixed everything. Be sure to just use the address if you need to get in touch with myself or Elenkis!

Sunday, December 09, 2001

Couple o files for your weekend pleasure.
10:18:41 AM EST - Eberon
Three major files were released this weekend for you to tinker around with.

The first is a new version of the "Milkshape to Deus Ex Exporter", which has with this release entered version 1.0. You can find the file hosted by our friends at Deus Ex Center here.

A new single player modification called Presidential Emergency has also been released. In this smallish game experience, you play JC Denton.. the secret service agent. Be absolutely positively sure to download this one. Map authors deserve our support! (thanks:

A zipped version of the Co-Op Project's beta 1 release has been uploaded. Grab it from their site at your leisure. Also, if you didn't read their interview, you should right now.

Target Sighted Update
2:27:27 AM EST - Elenkis
After three months of no internet hell Aesthesia has updated the weapon page over at Target Sighted with the Plasma Cannon Prototype 9.

Good to see that the mod is still alive after all this time. Go visit their forums and leave the guys some feedback! :-)

Target Sighted: Advanced Tactical Action is a Total Conversion for Deus Ex based mainly on Assault, and teams must use tactics in order to defeat the enemy. For more info visit their site.

Counterfeit: It's not over...
1:56:25 AM EST - Elenkis
...'till the fat monkey sings. The Counterfeit site is currently closed with an interesting message from the creators in its place. I'll let you all check it out for yourselves.

Deus Ex Co-op Interview
1:47:30 AM EST - Elenkis
The guys over at HomeLAN Fed have done a new interview with Co-op Project main man Geordie that covers the project itself to thoughts on the game. Here's a snippet:
HomeLAN - The folks at Ion Storm Austin later released a multiplayer patch for Deus Ex. What did you think of that modification?

Mark Welch - It was a smart move - the gaming press slated it because they say the standard DXMP is not very good, and was just Ion Storm Austin jumping on the multiplayer bandwagon. As someone who was in the DX mod community before the patch, I can say the reason they released it was because the mod teams wanted MP, and we were willing to do it by ourselves if we had to. Ion Storm were kind enough (or hassled enough ;) ) to do the basics for the community so we all had a common starting point for our MP ideas. The actual Deathmatch game was very much a basic test-bed to show that DXMP worked, and now the mod teams are picking up where they left off and taking it further. The fact that the original DXMP still has a cult following online is a bonus.

Friday, December 07, 2001

Do me a favor...
7:47:47 PM EST - Eberon
And don't email me until further notice. My e-mail address changed, then changed again, and there's a good chance that I won't be set up and running again until Monday-ish. I would insert some sort of non-clever MJ12 comment here, but it's been done before. Many times. Too many :)

So, this includes any e-mail address you may think or may have thought that is valid. will not be working for a little while at least, and my home address will no longer be valid within a few days.

Get thrilled. Get excited. Our next feature is yet another article/coverage of a fantastic mod project. Look for it in a week to a week and a half. I'm keeping the name of the featured mod project a secret for now.

Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Get yourself an autographed copy of DX GOTY!
11:40:03 PM EST - Eberon
Popular auction site eBay is hosting an auction for an excellent Christmas present: An autographed copy of the Game of the Year Edition!

Currently, the bid is at $58, which isn't much higher than the going rate for the normal package. The copy is signed by eighteen different ISA/Ex-ISA team members. This is what I want for Christmas. I'll expect it in the mail soon.

What's that? More content? Woah!
7:21:15 PM EST - Eberon
Tonight for you we have an interview conducted by myself, sticking the question rod to Face of Face Designs. We're again covering his modification project Disclosure that we covered briefly back in June, but this time the concept of Face's design is even more clear and he has been able to give us a wonderful bit of information as well as plenty of visual stimulation for those of you right-brained people.

So sit back, crack open a diet coke, and read up on our latest interview: Inside Disclosure.

Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Klystron Project Update
9:44:10 PM EST - Elenkis
The guys over at the Klystron Project have revealed a new modified weapon: The Dart Gun is the evolution of the Mini Crossbow and as you can see on the weapons page has undergone numerous improvements in the years since Deus Ex took place.

Sunday, December 02, 2001

Mod News
7:28:13 PM EST - Elenkis
The latest mod news, some of which I missed during the server downtime and my temporary abscence due to real life:
- A call to all coders out there: PartyZone needs you! Anyone interested should email Winquman as soon as possible. Their site has also gone through some changes and now includes screenshots of each level along with an updated team section!

- Unforunately the community suffers another blow as the promising looking 2071 mod is now moving over to the Max Payne engine. It seems the main problems revolved around getting their models and animations into Deus Ex, which was causing too many delays. Check out their news update for the full story. Fortunately the guys wont let their work with the Deus Ex engine go to waste and are still planning to release a small class based mod for the game.

- DocSkrilla over at Deus Ex: The Prequel has made a small update to let everyone know that the mod is not dead and that they are busy working away on it. Why not stop by their forums with some encouragement? You know you want to :-)

- Edge of Dark have released some new eyecandy in the form of screenshots (8 in total)! Looking good, keep up the nice work guys!

- Eve of Destruction are desperately seeking a new coordinator for the project. Not finding one will mean the end of the mod, so please send them an email if you fit the requirements and are interested. Position entails "recruiting, keeping track of who's doing what, ensuring that everyone's working towards the same goal" and they'd prefer someone who has previously finished a mod.

- Warzone have recently joined forces with Swat team to create a bigger mod with the increased manpower at their disposal. Today they also announce the addition of new mapper Fuzion. Congrats guys, I'm really looking forward to seeing what this new team can pull off! With the recent closures and staff problems faced by other mod teams, joining forces seems like it could be a very smart move to me.

- The X Strain is in dire need of help. Without new mappers and model designers the mod might not be around much longer. You know the drill, send the guys an email if you can help!

Redundant Weirdness texture goodness.
12:51:50 AM EST - Eberon
Try saying that five times fast.

Redundant Weirdness has released a new texture pack that contains a whopping twenty five effect textures for use! Sure, I could give you a link to the file, but that would be depriving RW of some much-deserved traffic. Head over and see the latest news entry!

Good news from the Kylstron project.
12:39:09 AM EST - Eberon
The Klystron project is back in swing after some "bad cheese happened". All of us here at TTLG can certainly relate!

Now, updates will be occuring on Mondays and Thursdays. Today, the exciting first part of chapter 2 of the Klystron Project's thrilling story is available. Enjoy!

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