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Saturday, December 07, 2002

New project announced!
10:57:23 AM EST - Eberon
I received a message last night from the project leader of a mod that has already been set in steady motion: Ghost in the Machine. What follows is a long (and pretty exciting) press release from he and his crew:

Hello, I'm Randolph 'randomatic' Burlton, Lead Designer for Ghost in the Machine, a mod for Deus Ex. Ghost in the Machine has been in production for about two months now, and we are now announcing our existence, now that we have something to show for our efforts. Here is a little excerpt from our webpage to describe our mod:

The world of Ghost in the Machine is a brutal and dark dystopia. From the perspective of our protagonist, Thelonious, there is no illusion of humanity. We enter the game in a truly grim time. The 2162 elections for senator of Los Angeles Free State are almost over, and anyone will do just about anything to make their party win the vote. Thelonious is thrown into a world where lies and deceit are all around him, and he knows not whom to trust. The only thing that moves him now is credits. Ghost in the Machine will be in intricate story of love, lies and deceit. It also adds a number of features:

Augmentations will be altered to become cyberware, and there will be a wider selection.
Several new skills will be added, making characters more customizable than ever.
A new hacking system will be created.
Many sub quests will be implemented, leaving you with endless options on what to do next.
Player will have their own apartment, and a bank will be used.
NPC shops will be set up so players will have to buy weapons, and cyberware, and not find them.

We welcome all support for our mod, and invite everyone to visit our website at\ghost.
And please do! I would include the promotional graphic in the news, but I think we have enough graphics laying around already. If you want, you can see it here. Welcome to the community, guys!

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