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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

DX:IW: for 35 dollars!
2:04:08 AM EST - Eberon
If you've been waiting to find a good deal on Invisible War, GoGamer is now selling the game for $34.90! If you search hard enough, you can probably locate a coupon code for 5% off, which will more than likely handle most of the shipping cost, leaving the game around that $35 mark. What are you waiting for? That Christmas money is burning a hole in your pocket...

Saturday, December 20, 2003

More walkthroughs on Denton's Databank
10:47:53 AM EST - Eberon
Denton's Databank, primary source of Deus Ex, and now Deus Ex 2 secret info and game help, has just received an injection of Mako Ballistics and Cairo level guides. As a futureproof note, I won't be quoting the exact guides added to the website from this point on in hopes that it won't ruin the fun for someone who has yet to get the game. If you do think you have mastered the game, though, you may have actually missed something. Check it out.

MiniMTL 1.0 Released
10:43:41 AM EST - Eberon
The DX Community Based Patch site is alive again, now offering version 1.0 of a pretty useful-sounding mutator that aims (sorry for the pun) to crack down on cheaters in MP servers. This is definitely not a release to be overlooked for the remaining few DXMP server admins out there. Thanks to newshound Da_Terminator for this one.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Gamespy: DXIW #5 PC GOTY.
12:48:50 PM EST - Eberon
Invisible War has been awarded the #5 slot by Gamespy in its top 10 PC games of 2003 feature. There are some other excellent games on the list, so be sure not to miss them!

TechTV's X-Play Holiday Gift Guide
12:24:48 PM EST - Eberon
TechTV's X-play Holiday Gift Guide has been announced for this year... and DX:IW is at the top of the list!

The list is frighteningly close to what mine would be. The following games, Call of Duty and Rise of Nations, would definitely be my top picks as well. If your relatives are asking you what you want for Christmas, just print out the guide or email them a copy and you're set!

Austin developers pause for the cause.
11:53:04 AM EST - Eberon
Our radar has picked up an image gallery of some development studios in the Austin, TX area donating some of their time to assist the needy peeps by gathering and packing donated food. In fact, it's over a ton of food in weight (2,481 pounds in fact). And guess who was there, standing in front of a DXIW poster brandishing a can?

Who is going to place their bets that Harvey is thinking about taking off into a corner to get some lunch? ;)

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

IGN McNamara's Top 10 of 2003
6:20:59 PM EST - Eberon
Tom McNamara, of IGN PC, has released his 10 best games of the year, and Invisible War appears at the #2 slot! Tom, like many other players, has found the wonderful game hidden under the original release's state of being much in need of tweaking.

You can find the other 9 items here along with the commentary about Invisible War.

Christ Centered Reviews: 85%
10:20:07 AM EST - Eberon
Heads-up arrived in my inbox this morning of a uniquely aimed review of Invisible War from Christ Centered Game Reviews. The reviewer has taken a very round approach at considering the game and providing plenty of information about the many possibilities in the game (there is a list of augs, weapon mods, and more to get you excited if you haven't played the game yet).

The final evaluation is a fair score of 85%. If you have any mild interest in reading reviews of Invisible War, don't miss this one! It definitely takes a different approach to reviewing IW.

Monday, December 15, 2003

Firingsquad, CG Romania & Worthplaying reviews
12:58:34 PM EST - Eberon
Invisible War is continuing to receive excellent reviews (hopefully more post-patch!) In the past week three additional major gaming websites have taken on the task of critiquing the game. All three reviewers tend to take a negative view of the differences present between IW and its precedecessor, but these are now minor issues as most of us patched gamers now know. In either event, the overall scores are very fair considering the disappointed tone of the three reviewers.

We have:
Worthplaying 7.0/10
CG Romania 76%
FiringSquad 84%

As always, if you're spoiler-sensitive, be careful when visiting these reviews!

Alex Brandon Interviewed
1:25:09 AM EST - Eberon
Alexander Brandon, music guru of many Unreal- and Unreal Tournament- engine based games (among many others, of course including both excellent Deus Ex soundtracks) has been interviewed over at Music4Games.

Be sure not to miss this interview, as it provides a very unique perspective on one of the less explored game design careers (not to mention that Alex is a really cool guy). Thanks to Blues for spotting this one.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Deus Ex 1.1 Patch
7:49:05 PM EST - Eberon
The 1.1 patch for Deus Ex: Invisible War was just released this evening. It is a recommended update for everyone since it includes fixes and optimizations that will affect all PC platform users. Some of the benefits include performance enhancements and modifications to the input settings for better mouse control. Chris reports here that you can download the patch here. Get on it!

Meanwhile, for a local perspective, Eidos representative CatsClaw posted on our forums this evening with the fixes list and links! Be sure not to miss the thread if you want the specifics.

PCGamer: 83%
5:37:55 PM EST - Eberon
PCGamer US has rated Invisible War with 83%. Unfortunately, I won't be providing you with any quotes because I've yet to finish the game and the irresponsible editor (in this case Chuck O.) decided that he would blow the lid on one of the game's secrets in the first paragraph.

Rejoice, but beware spoilers.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Denton's Databank Updates
1:32:55 AM EST - Eberon
Denton's Databank has been updated according to its webmaster and content producer Absynthe. I'm fairly certain that he's a credible source and can be trusted... I think.
Don't miss it! Absynthe has been waiting for a long time to pounce on more excellent Deus Ex details and he's ready to dish them out.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Denton's Databank Upgraded!
10:34:36 PM EST - Eberon
The popular Denton's Databank resource site has been updated to a version compatible with Invisible War's cool funky new motif. It can be very safely assumed that as soon as founder and lucious content-deliverer Absynthe gets his hands on a copy of the game there will be loads of good information out faster than you can say "a nanite detontor is destroying Chicago."

Bad joke aside, if you haven't already, be sure to scope the databank for cool information about the demo (including how you can get some standalone kidneythieves tunes!).

DX2 Reviews Pour In
2:09:28 PM EST - Eberon
The review boards for Deus Ex 2: Invisible War are out in a craze today. Among the many are IGN's PC and Xbox reviews, as well as an ActionTrip Review that awards the game its Editor's Choice award! But wait, there's more (thanks Espark!) Gamesdomain UK scores the game 4 out of 5.

It's time for those of you with doubts to check into what the experienced players are saying about the game. It should be fully available in stores by tomorrow!

Invisible War Q&As
11:57:33 AM EST - Dave
Blues News have a list of new Deus Ex Invisible War Q&As out today:
  • RPG Vault has the final part of their talk with various members of the DX:IW team.
  • Both and Firing Squad chat to DX:IW Project Director Harvey Smith.
    All the articles are well worth the read...well, what are you waiting for? Get going!

  • Two New DX2 Reviews
    11:51:10 AM EST - Dave
    Games Domain have given Invisible War a 4/5 and 'Top Game' rating saying:
  • Incredibly open-ended story
  • Highly realistic lighting engine
  • Great tactical gameplay
  • Framerate suffers and middling animations
  • Short playtime, even with multiple paths

  • After that have their review giving it a whopping 9.0 out of 10! They close their review with the following:
    Sure, some people will say that the game's made too many concessions to convenience -- no more skills and one kind of ammo spring to mind -- but all this means is that you have fewer concerns distracting you from the main point of the game, your experience making decisions within the game's story. That's the real draw here -- the sense that you're playing an active role in shaping the destiny of the world. Starting as a relatively ignorant pawn of the powers that be and moving up to be one who actually makes or breaks those powers is nowhere more engaging than in this game.

    Gamespot Review DX2
    2:46:34 AM EST - Dave
    Gamespot have reviewed Deus Ex Invisible War and given it a score of 8.0/10
    As usual, here's a quote:
    ...though it may not be a superior game to its predecessor, on its own merits it's a great and original experience that's well worthwhile.

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