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Wednesday, February 28, 2001

The Taffer's Post - 'It has never been easy'
5:14:40 AM EST - Dan
Here is the situation as it stands:

The FM archive is still down. We're working on a PERMANENT solution to make sure that our own bandwidth does not almost kill us ever again, and naturally this is taking longer then a quick fix would. Please bear with us, the FM archive -will- be back again. If you have send me new FMs or FM reviews, please be patient, these will go up as soon as I am able once the FM archive is back online. The solution I have planned involves several mirrors and bandwidth caps. Hopefully it will work out better for everyone involved. You can also count on the new ASP FM archive launching when the FM archive does go back online. What this means is that you will now be able to sort and browse the archive using several different options, rather then just a huge chunk of FMs all on one page listed by order of release date. Bronze/Silver hammer distinctions will also be a thing of the past (though the hammers themselves will still be bronze/silver in coloration).

Things are getting stretched pretty thin for me these days as I try to manage large staffs for two major projects (TTLG as a whole and CoSaS for Thief 2) as well as my personal life outside of it all. In case you are curious, CoSaS is currently in the "lets get these bloody maps ready to be scripted pronto" phase as well as the "lets get these bloody cinematics put together yesterday" phase. We're making great progress every day, but as they say, the last 10% of the project always takes 90% of the time. Egads, Gad Zooks, and Zoiks of all things!

I never really have made much of an official announcement about it, so this is as good a time as any. The TTLG Staff has grown by leaps and bounds. As many of you already know, Hanse and Gingerbread Man are now Admins of our forums. DeusEx-Machina.com is currently being mastered by James Webb and Eberon, and they've been doing a fantastic job. SShock2.com is being kicked back to life like a drunk horse by BigDave, Undert0w, and Fat-Burrick. The thriving but temporarily crippled Circle is in the capable hands of Oisin Rood as well as Jyre "Dashjianta" (we're glad to have you back, old friend!). Sneaking around in the shadows, much like his mentor Saam, is Cratus, who has done a handsome amount of work making the ASP FM archive I talked about a reality. A huge hand of thanks goes to MsLedd, our new server admin. She's done an insane amount of work helping us with server-related issues, and is certainly one of the most valuable members of the new team. It would be sinfull to forget Hanse and Gingerbread Man, our new Forum Admins. They have both served above and beyond their titles to do far more then we've asked of them.

And in case you have forgotten about our two planned new sites, Stygian Abyss and Citadel Station, we have not. These sites will not be opening until TTLG is back running full force (the bandwidth monster has not been killed completely yet... not by a longshot). When they do open, I hope that everyone will be as enthusiastic as I am about the newly expanded and ambitious TTLG.

Oh, and by the way... these days, if someone asks me how I am doing, I always have the same answer: Fantastic. That answer is totally the truth. I has never been easy, but the rewards are more then I dreamed possible. A huge thanks to everyone who have made this state of being a reality. You know who you are. :)

Tuesday, February 27, 2001

Deus Ex Center Gets Their Own IRC Channel
11:05:05 AM EST - BackDoorBandit
Public Enemy of Deus Ex Center has posted an update on his site advertising the launch of their own IRC channel. Here's what he had to say.

"Hey people we now have our own ICR Channel, i suggest you download mIRC and use that but to get to us you will need to follow these steps.

1. Open Up mIRC
2. On mIRC Options Click Add
3. Now call it what you like but put irc.enterthegame.com as the server and port 6667
4. Choose a nick and CONNECT!
5. /join #deusex"

Head into their #deusex channel and check them out.

Deus Ex.org Looking for Staff Members
10:16:10 AM EST - BackDoorBandit
Jon Panozzo of Deus-Ex.org is soliciting help from the Deus Ex community for his website. Below is his address to the public to keep Deus-Ex.org alive and thriving.

"Well, it appears that our site seems to be getting less and less updated as the days role on by, and we are looking for some more people to join our little band and help keep this site up to date. If you are interested, please e-mail me at jonp@deus-ex.org with "News Editor Application" in the subject line. You must know some basic HTML (how to bold, italicize, underline, etc..) and have good writing skills. Daily updates are required. Thank you, and I hope to hear from a lot of you."

Lets all help Deus-Ex.org stay alive and well so that they'll be here for the community for years to come.

Another One Bites the Dust
9:56:23 AM EST - BackDoorBandit
Another Desu Ex Mod bit the bullet yesterday according to Deus-Ex.org. The Mod that was known as Elite Ops has officially shut it's doors due to inefficient personnel. Nuke345, who apparently was the lead on the project, had emailed Deus-Ex.org yesterday with the details of the now defunct project. Below is the email they received.

"Well, maybe it was destined, but Elite Ops is gone. The problem was that most of our team was poorly chosen. They either didn't want to work, or their work wasn't very good, or they just signed on and dissapeared. We've been working on the mod for about 5 months and all we had to show was a couple of maps, a model, and some concept art. But from the ashes of Elite Ops, some of the team members are putting together another mod. We might get hosted by deus-ex.org, but PlanetDeusEx is a serious comptetitor. Good thing we all have a sentimental attachment to www.deus-ex.org. Well, see ya. It was fun, wasn't it?"

I'm sorry to see another Mod disappear, but I'm sure this isn't the last one that will fall before us. Putting together a good team, that works good together, and understands the common vision of the whole team is a very hard thing to do, and this is the ultimate reason why most Mod's do not see the light of day.

Good luck Nuke345, and the rest of the Elite Ops team in your future endeavors.

Saturday, February 24, 2001

Thief 2 Projects Interview is LIVE!
3:17:05 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
The interview is up and ready for you all to enjoy. This is a huge interview, and will be cut into 3 segments. The first segment is up, with the second segment following next Friday/Saturday, and the third segment following the next Friday/Saturday after that. The interview can be found at the link below.

Thief: To The Next Level

A trip down memory lane.
10:25:56 AM EST - Eberon
If you haven't already, check out the Media section of our site. It's full of great screenshots, information, and other early Deus Ex paraphernalia. Probably the most interesting item in this section is the E3 handout for Deus Ex. It can be found here. Interesting system requirements, eh?

Daily mod happenings.
10:08:03 AM EST - Eberon
Team UC adds information to their site about a new mod, dubbed "High Society". I suggest you check it out, as the premise looks extremely interesting.

The X strain has a new poll, asking YOU, the fans, what you want to see in your maps. Be sure to go over there and send them your opinion!

Well, that's about it for now. I'm sure there will be more updates later tonight (it is the weekend, after all).

Friday, February 23, 2001

Thief 2 Projects Interview
7:37:06 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
The Thief 2 Projects Interview, which I titled 'Thief: To The Next Level' has been delayed until tommorow. We have run into some technical difficulties (as if you haven't heard that before) that we are currently working on to resolve. I deeply regret that we did not get a chance to give you all what you've been waiting for, tonight, but there's nothing I can do.

The interview is with two of the biggest and most promising Mod's that the Thief community has ever seen, and it is definitely a one of a kind. The two projects included in the interview are CoSaS (Circle of Stone and Shadow), and the community based Mod known as T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age. Both these Mod's have tremendous potential and I look forward to bringing the fans a unique interview and look into the thief universe.

Please stay tuned for the launch of a three part interview titled 'Thief: To The Next Level'. The first part will be posted tomorrow, Saturday, February 24th. The second portion of the interview will be posted next Friday/Saturday, and the third part of the interview will be posted the next Friday/Saturday after that. The interview includes plenty of questions from both Mod Leads, pics, and screenshots.

Thanks for your patience, understanding, and patronage to the TTLG Network, and especially your favorite site of them all, DeusEx-Machina.com.

Modus Moriendi updates
4:45:03 PM EST - Eberon
Modus Moriendi had the folling to say on their webpage yesterday:
The Mod Formely Known As Esserdarius closed it's doors a while back. I am now glad to say that Esserdarius, now known as the Taxi Wars, will be part of the Modus Moriendi Mutator System for Deus Ex! We welcome ColdPenguin on board!

Also, as I said earlier, if you have the skills, please send an e-mail with some of your work to djpaul@planetdeusex.com or gartog@planetdeusex.com

Does it ever stop?
3:03:02 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
Not that I really want it to though. Ion Storm Austin just opened up another can of whoop a** on the rest of the gaming world by getting nominations, yet again, in another awards ceremony. The Game Developers Choice Awards has nominated Deus Ex and some of its personnel for various awards. Below is a list of the awards that ISA is looking at walking away with.

IGDA Award for Community Contribution-Warren Spector
Excellence in Game Design-Harvey Smith & Warren Spector-Deus Ex (game design)
Game of the Year-Deus Ex (ION Storm Austin)
Game Spotlight Awards-Deus Ex (ION Storm Austin)

The whole slew of games that are nominees in their respective categories is simply amazing. There's so many top notch games in all the nomination categories, and I wish the best for all of them. Cheers, and good luck to Deus Ex and the Ion Storm Austin crew as well.

Thursday, February 22, 2001

Daily website updates.
4:33:00 PM EST - Eberon
A new mod, the X-Strain has posted a few screenshots and is asking for your help. Be sure to send them some of your work if you want to join.

The Universal Constructor has a few new tutorials up, detailing e-mail, consoles and security cameras, and how to create those nifty special options on computer consoles. Be sure to take a look if you're into the modding world.

The Redsun 2020 mod has posted this to their site about a change of focus on one of their maps:
Progress Update - Pink Castle FaceLift - Ok. I got a sneek preview of Kamikaze's work on the Disco. It looks really cool and using some great effects like the particle generator. Now, we argued a bit about the style of the Disco but it ends up I will be changing the name and external building of the Disco to better fit the theme Kamikaze is creating. Not to cry over it..... You will LOVE the new facelift. :) The new name as not been decided as yet.

You'll also notice that we have a much slicker menu above, and a little tighter layout. Thank Digital Nightfall for the work.

DX Gets Another Nomination
11:47:40 AM EST - BackDoorBandit
The Avault is reporting that The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences has named its finalists for their annual Interactive Achievement Awards. Below are all the finalists for their 'PC Game of the Year'.

Age of Empires II: The Conquerors
Asheron's Call
Baldur's Gate II
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
Deus Ex
Diablo II
Disney's Magic Artist 3D
EverQuest: Ruins of Kunark
FIFA 2001
Links 2001
MechWarrior 4
No One Lives Forever
RollerCoaster Tycoon: Loopy Landscapes

As you can see, there are many good games, but the one that should stick out to you, is our favorite of the bunch, Deus Ex.

Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Deus Ex Center Gets Hyped
6:44:34 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
DeusExCenter has updated the Files Section of thier site once again and now has more files than any other DX site. They're a collection of files from all other DX fan sites so that fans can search and then choose what they want. It ranges from Meshes to Music and from Prefabs to MOD's. They also have a Maps section now and are currently in the process of putting all of the unofficial DX maps on the site. They only have about 3 more to go before fans can start looking through which ones to download based on pictures of each level they'll give you to help you make up your mind.

Site Updates
6:35:46 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
I was sent an email from Shade01 of the 'Edge of Dark' Mod. Below is what he had to say:

"hey, I guess we flew under your radar when Edge of Dark made the change from homestead to planetdeusex, but we did and I noticed our link in your community section still points to our old site. Our new site is www.planetdeusex.com/edgeofdark

Thanks much, and keep up the good work you guys!"

When I read this email I looked at the address he was giving me very carfully. Then out of nowhere it hit me. "Oh crap!", I said. I totally forgot to switch the web address for all sites that are now hosted by PlanetDeusEx. Below is a list of all the sites I corrected in our Community section.

Edge of Dark
Chemscape: Legion
Modus Moriendi
Deus Fortress
Cold Hearted

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Modus Moriendi needs members & new screenshot
4:56:56 PM EST - Eberon
Modus Moriendi is in dire need of more team members, it seems. Apparently, most of the team has lost contact with the leader of the mod. Please be sure to get over there and offer your help if you have the talent!

Modus Moriendi has also released a rather humorous screenshot that can be found in their latest news post. Give it a look.

Poll Update
12:25:46 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
The poll section has been updated with the new poll for the next two weeks. The question we'd like for you to answer the next couple of weeks is, "Should there be more Deus Ex Multiplayer Servers?"

Before you look at the poll and decide on your answer, take note of the final results from our previous poll which are posted below. There were a total of 134 votes for this poll.

What is your favorite Heavy Weapon?

Plasma Rifle....... 10.4% (14 votes)
Flame Thrower... 13.4% (18 votes)
Gep Gun.............. 76.1% (102 votes)

Monday, February 19, 2001

'The Cassandra Project' Goes Live
3:43:34 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
Tonight is the night that The Cassandra Project will unveil itself to the public. I have just received word from Kieron Gillen of The Cassandra Project and here's what he had to say:

"Just putting the final bits on the site. I'll drop you a final line when it all goes live - should be at some point this evening when the full links page and armoury are stuck up."

Be sure and put their URL in your favorites folder, because this is a Mod that you'll definitely want to follow.

I am so stoked at the unveiling of this site, because although they are hosted by us, DeusEx-Machina, I haven't seen any content since the preview build Kieron showed me about 3-4 weeks back. You all can be reassured that Eberon and myself will be giving you updates on a regular basis on the status of their Mod, and we'll also be bringing you some EXLUSIVES from their project as well.


New tutorials at the UC
1:53:55 PM EST - Eberon
The Universal Constructor has updated their site with two new tutorials on Environments and skyboxes, Essential things to know, and teleporting between maps. All of them look excellent, so give them a good read-over if you're the editing type.

Sunday, February 18, 2001

Site Update
7:53:35 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
I've noticed an error in our Community section and have quickly fixed it. The link that was supposed to take people to the Dues Fortress website was wrong, but it is now correct.

Also, my French friend Skaarj has asked me to take Antena-DeusEx out of our Community section because they are currently in the process of moving their website to a new URL. At his request, I have done so, and will post the new link when he sends me word of it.

Deus Fortress Celebrates New Design
7:41:46 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
Eternal Spark of Deus Fortress has just sent word of their new website design and goodies that they have for the community. Here's what he had to say:

"Deus Fortess (deusfortress.com) would like to announce that our long in comming site redesign is finally online. To celebrate, we've decided to announce 10 map shots from new and old maps, 3 pictures of weapon models, 2 new people joining the team, and a special DXF feature - JC Denton in the Sims, which will be a month long feature while we reveal more of JC's life throughout the weeks :)"

Get over there ASAP and checkout the new stuff they're giving us.

Saturday, February 17, 2001

Deus Ex Central/Center & Planet Deus Ex
5:15:42 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
Deus Ex Central has an announcement on their website stating that they are merging with Deus-Ex.org. Here is the news update on their website:

"As you may have noticed, there haven't been many updates here lately :p. This is because Deus Ex Central is going to 'merge' with DeusEx.Org (well, it's not that simple, but you get the idea). So just watch for us to be moving soon."

On a totally separate note, Deus Ex Center is back up and providing the community with plenty of news. Public Enemy of Deus Ex Center wanted me to let you all know that they "...just had a massive files update, about 8 mods have been added to DXC!". Deus Ex Center has also been added to our fine list of DX sites in our Community section.

Speaking of our Community section, I have also changed Deus Ex Incarnates' name, reflecting their transfer over to the Gamespy Network. If you've been a hermit lately, or have been in the hospital and haven't had time to catch all the news, Deus Ex Incarnate is now known as Planet Deus Ex.

Friday, February 16, 2001

Warren Keeps it Coming........
7:17:16 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
....with yet another interview at FEED Magazine. I ventured over to PlanetDeusEx and found that they had some very interesting information on another Warren Spector interview. It's a very good read indeed, which includes alot of background info. on Warren himself. Here's a snippet:

Which brings us to Warren Spector, who gave up a life as an academic at the University of Texas in order to go work for TSR, the company that actually invented D&D. That career move, all by itself, would be enough to elevate Spector to some kind of όber-geek pantheon forever. But then he abandoned the world of pen-and-paper games and went to the computer game company, Origin, where he was part of the teams that produced the now-classic Ultima VII, Ultima Underworld, System Shock, and Wing Commander 1. All four of these titles invariably show up on "Best Games Ever" lists, largely because of their commitment to telling a story, to using then-current cutting-edge technology not simply for fireworks, but to create a world you could believe in. And that's Warren's influence; again and again, he's been part of teams that manage the delicate balancing act between narrative and adrenaline rush better than anybody else.

I'm sure glad PlanetDeusEx posted this, otherwise, I probably wouldn't have caught it.

Site Update & Things to Come
8:37:28 AM EST - BackDoorBandit
There is a new link at the top of this page which will allow you to find out some information about Eberon and myself. It is titled 'Contact Us' and it was put there so that we can more easily contacted with any information regarding the DX community, as well as any feedback on this site or questions you might have.

If you haven't already done so, please check out the latest interview that we have conjured up from the DX staff at ISA. The interview can be found right here. Speaking of interviews, we have another major interview in the works with the two very big Thief Mod projects. The interview will be posted no later than next weekend, so please stay tuned for a great behind the scenes look at two of the most anticipated projects ever in the history of TTLG. If you'd like to wet your appetite a bit while waiting on the interview, then be sure to check out CoSaS (Circle of Stone and Shadow), and T2X (Shadows of the Metal Age).

Keeping with the above rhetoric, I will also tell you all to be looking for my 'BackDoor's Ramblings' shortly. I am very sorry that I haven't gotten it out yet, but I've been extremely busy, and I need to do some editing on it. Also, because of another Editorial I will be doing shortly on the Avaults (www.avault.com) Developers' Corner column, I've had to re-examine how I want to go about writing 'BackDoor's Ramblings'.

Thank you all for your support thus far, and I ask you to keep supporting us, because we have some great things instore for you all.

Thursday, February 15, 2001

TeamUC releases a new version of the UC mod!
1:53:25 PM EST - Eberon
Exciting news, Team UC has released a new version of their popular UC mod! Taken directly from the news post:

"Woohoo! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES - to the downloads section!! New version of EdGann's popular UC mod!! This one lets you play the original game with the UC Mod changes. Download it here ;)
(This version of the UC mod requires the MP Patch and the Mod Loader below.)"
Get it, get it, get it!

Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Decide mod loses members.
4:19:36 PM EST - Eberon
The Decide mod has lost its project leader and one of its mappers. As a result, many positions are now open to fill. Get over there and sign up!

Also, Decide has posted a few desktop wallpapers for you to download. Be sure to take a look.

The Cassandra Project Update
1:16:55 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
The Cassandra Project, which is being hosted here at DX-Machina, is almost ready to open up their site. They are running a bit behind schedule, but we won't hold that against them. I will keep you all informed of the actual launch date of their site, so stay tuned. You can go ahead and put their URL in your favorites section so that when they do go live, they're just a click away. Below is the URL that they will be at when their site is launched.


Prepare yourself...
8:40:05 AM EST - Eberon
Because today is Deus Ex day in the Gamespy Arcade. There is, however, one problem. I think that the guest will be in the PDX Conspiracy server. Last I counted, there were more than twelve Deus Ex fans in the world. Better get over there quick; and if you don't already have Arcade, you should get it.

The fun starts tonight at 7PM EST.

Tuesday, February 13, 2001

Daily website updates
4:40:58 PM EST - Eberon
Today, the Redsun2020 Mod announces that the Mitsubishi bank level is complete! It includes new conversations, e-mail messages, datacubes, and more! Redsun definitely looks to be the fastest coming mod. Keep an eye out for future updates from them.

Monday, February 12, 2001

Daily website updates.
4:29:38 PM EST - Eberon
Team UC updated their site a few days ago with a new version of the modloader (which you have Campers of Deus Ex Convergence to thank for), and also announces that they have a new team member, Icorch.

Elite Ops have updated their site after a long period of silence, saying that they will have a great new site design up soon. They also have another piece of concept art here.

The Warzone mod sends word that they have a new member, Newton, who will be working on concept art.

A new Deus Ex mod, Hoodlum - Mean Streets is off to a good start, just having posted a few new screenshots of their upcoming map, set in a night club. Be sure to take a look at the site and see what they're all about!

The Decide mod has posted some new screenshots as well. They are also looking for 3D modelers, animators, level designers, skin artists, and UScript coders. Apply if you have the skills!

Well that's it for now. Stay tuned for more frequent mod watchings.

Sunday, February 11, 2001

Redsun2020 progress updates
10:51:37 AM EST - Eberon
The Redsun2020 mod has posted a progress update. There are some new screenshots of the aforementioned Escape from Otemachi Labs Part 2 map, as well as the Tokyo Station-North map. Excellent work, I must say. Be sure to take a look.

Behind the Scenes of DX with Ion Storm Austin
12:09:08 AM EST - BackDoorBandit
DeusEX-Machina is bringing the DX community an EXCLUSIVE interview with the men behind the game we all love and cherish. This is a never before done interview, and we are proud to be the first to bring the community one of its type. I would like to thank everyone at ISA for their cooperation in this event, and thank them for their time.

For all you fans out there, I also want to thank you for giving us the motivation to go out and get such an inteview. Keep supporting us here at DX-Machina, and we'll keep bringing you what you want. Simply click the link below to head into a truly unique experience brought to you from the Ion Storm Austin office.

Behind the Scenes of the Making of Deus Ex with Ion Storm Austin

Saturday, February 10, 2001

Daily Radar's Awardasaurus 2000
3:24:23 PM EST - Eberon
Deus Ex has won a slew of awards from Daily Radar's Awardasaurus 2000 contest. Deus Ex won Game of the Year both from the Daily Radar editors, and from the reader vote (14%). Deus Ex also won best PC game from the editors and readers (17.8% of vote)! Go go Deus Ex!

The article starts here. Notice that Game of the Year in this case includes ALL platforms, since Daily Radar is a gaming site, not just a PC gaming site.

3:17:59 PM EST - Eberon
We apologize for the downtime, but things will be slowly returning to normal soon. Along with returned service, lots of content will be going up over the next few days, since I have been bored, tired, and sobbing over the loss of the site for the past few days. Please hang in there with us while things get worked out.

Thursday, February 08, 2001

Behind the Scenes Interview Update
7:38:56 AM EST - BackDoorBandit
The Interview will be up tonight. I promise. I couldn't get it up this morning (do not make jokes about this) because we needed to add a couple of things to it. I have what I need now, and it will all be implemented when I get home tonight.

I'm not hyping up this interview just because it's on DX-Machina, but it truly is a UNIQUE piece that you're not going to want to miss. Please stay tuned, and I promise, you won't be disappointed when it is posted tonight.

Wednesday, February 07, 2001

PDX launches today!
4:32:39 PM EST - Eberon
Bye bye Deus Ex Incarnate, Planet Deus Ex has arrived! Sporting a few new pages of content and a much slicker design (in my opinion), PDX looks like it's going to be a wonderful site! Be sure to Check it out

It seems my powers of prediction are strong this week. Now to predict the release date of Deus Ex 2....

Behind the Scenes of Deus Ex
1:13:14 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
I've got to preempt the interview that will be posted either later on tonight or tomorrow morning. I will do my best to get it up ASAP. For the rest of you, all that means is to keep refreshing DX-Machina, because we have one hell of a 'Behind the Scenes Look' at the making of Deus Ex.

Eberon, my newly found, charismatic, dependable assistant, is the one who conjured up the questions for the interview and I am truly amazed at the response we got from the Ion Storm Austin Office.

This is the interview that the community has been waiting for. It's unique, it gives the fans plenty of background information, and gives reasons why certain things/people were implemented into the DX world. Stay tuned for the best interview yet to come out of ISA. This is one interview that you definitely don't want to miss.

Tuesday, February 06, 2001

Poll Results/New Poll
7:41:00 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
As you can see, once again, we had a great turn out for the last poll. We had a total of 366 total votes. The question that voters were faced with was, "What is your favorite Lite Weapon?" Below are the results of the poll in numerical order from the least voted on to the greatest voted on.

Sawed-Off Shotgun....... 3.6% (13 votes)
Assault Shotgun............ 6.3% (23 votes)
Assault Rifle.................. 7.9% (29 votes)
Sneaksie (stealth) Pistol 8.5% (31 votes)
Pistol............................. 13.7%(50 votes)
Mini-Crossbow............... 19.1%(70 votes)
Sniper Rifle................... 41.0%(150 votes)

Now.....be sure and vote on what you think is the best Heavy Weapon. It's in the same place as usual, so you have no excuse for not finding it and voting.

Hosting Update
6:53:26 PM EST - Saam
Hey folks, sorry to scare you all today with news of us being unplugged. As of right now, we still don't have a set solution yet, but don't worry, I think things will turn out just fine. I apologize for getting you all panicked or whatnot, but with all these emails and support that you have given us, it makes me feel proud to do what we have been doing all these years. :)

At any rate though, we are still looking at the options, but things are looking on the bright side, fortunate for us. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks for all your kind support!

Bling Bling!
6:47:14 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
Deus Ex is still racking up the awards, even as we are currently in the second month of the new year. Electric Playground has just posted the results of what they call their 'Blister Awards 2000', and DX walked away with three titles. The awards are as follows:

Best Sound in a PC Game
Best Action Game for PC
PC Game of the Year

You can catch the awards and the write ups for the awards RIGHT HERE

BTW, I owe Harvey Smith a 'Thank You' for the heads up on these awards.

TTLG is in danger of shutting down indefinitely
10:27:02 AM EST - Dan
This is for real. Today our current hosts let us know that they can no longer host us unless we can pay $1200 a month for a hosting fee. Saam and I have nowhere else to go. There is no way we could afford that.

The only solution I can see is for us to find someplace willing to host our server for a reasonable price, with unlimited bandwidth... or..

Cut the forums in half... cut the fan mission archive in half... close down some daughter sites... basically, amputation.

We need help! anyone? please? this thread is open for community discussion of this dire situation.

Monday, February 05, 2001

Redsun 2020 updates
11:18:17 PM EST - Eberon
Redsun 2020 has updated their site with snapshots of their mod, along with news that the Otemachi Labs map has been expanded, and that one entire part is finished! They also have a spiffy new newsticker at the top. Be sure to go check out their site, especially the new screenshots.

Coming Attractions
4:43:20 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
It's been a while since the last 'BackDoor's Ramblings', and the 3rd installment of the editorial is long overdue. Be looking for 'BackDoor's Ramblings: The State of Gaming Genres' in the next couple of days.

On the same note of 'Coming Attractions', stay tuned for a behind the scenes look at Deus Ex presented by Eberon. He has asked Harvey Smith some very interesting questions, and though Harvey is busy, he has agreed to answer the questions. Stay tuned to DX-Machina for more information regarding this unique look behind this wonderful game.

Warren Comments on FINAL MP Patch
4:18:30 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
My buddy Skaarj of Antena-DeusEx, which is a premiere French Deus Ex website, has recently sent Warren Spector an email asking him about the status of the FINAL MP Patch. Here's what Warren had to say:

The patch is still in test and we're still addressing issues -- minor ones, I admit. As soon as we're confident it will pass muster with the fans we'll release it. But, as I've said to execs at a variety of companies, if you can tell me how many bugs there are and how long it'll take to fix them, I'll tell you when we're releasing it.

I wish I could give you a better answer than "soon" but that's about the best I can do.

BTW, thanks for your support. The site looks cool (though to say my French is "rusty" is an understatement!).


I know us fans are anxious, but lets all sit back, play a little more with DX and the Beta MP, and give Warren and crew time to pump out a quality product. That's what they're known for anyways, isn't it? I'm willing to wait while they finish correcting all the bugs and tweaking it for the greater whole, and I hope all you fans out there stand behind me on this.

Saturday, February 03, 2001

DXI getting a new home.
12:14:56 PM EST - Eberon
It seems that the domain name www.planetdeusex.com will be getting themselves their own server! The website now pulls up a graphic that says PDX will be coming soon. I can't wait to see the great design and awesome content of the site.

Thursday, February 01, 2001

Alex Brandon Interview Reminder
11:10:25 AM EST - BackDoorBandit
Just in case you missed the news post a couple of days ago, this is a friendly reminder to be sure and check out the Alex Brandon interview we have conducted. Below is a piece of what you can look forward to in the whole interview.

DeusEx Machina: Have you been contacted to do music for Unreal 2? To what extent is your role in Deus Ex 2 going to be? Thief 3?

Alex: I was asked to do Unreal 2's music, yes, but someone else will do it… I asked someone else to do it and I wish I could say who, but he's in an evaluation period with Legend right now so it may not be final. Sucks, cuz the guy totally rocks and is one of the coolest musicians I know. As for DX2 and Thief 3, I'm responsible for all the audio, and in terms of WHO will do it all, I'm not sure… I know that I'll be doing quite a bit in both but definitely not everything.

To get the whole interview, sipmply click on the link below.
Alex Brandon Interview

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