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Thursday, February 28, 2002

DX PS2 trailer!
7:25:15 PM EST - Eberon
A new trailer, with mixed content (old and new), has been released and is now available at FilePlanet. Take the time to download it, even if you have to wait in line. The game itself is slated for a March release, though no specific date is known yet.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Cassandra @ Epigamer.
12:45:33 AM EST - Eberon
Our very own Cassandra Project was interviewed by Epigamer a few days ago, but we weren't around to report on it (sorry!), followed by some troubled waters on the server front.

Nonetheless, it is quite a good read, and as always contains some nice screenies. Be sure to give it a looksee and a read and then head over to the Cassandra Forums for some good table talk!

TNAG released!
12:43:10 AM EST - Eberon
TNAG, a project I've heard little about but still have retained an interest in, has finally been released! So here we have a message from its author:

"I would just like to inform you all that a new DXMP mod from Hejhujka and Luminous Path entitled: The New Agent Of Goat (TNAG) is now available to download from the Mods section at the new look PhotoBlokey's Deus Ex Center.

This mod has been thoroughly tested for over a month now and contains weapons imported from Unreal Tournament plus some new and original weapons for you all to try out in the familiar world of Deus Ex. Modified maps are also available to download including Smuggler, Area 51 and Space Ship with many more to follow.

The pace is fast and furious, exciting and rewarding. So do yourself a favour and download this excellent mod now!

If you have a high speed server on DXMP, then it would be most appreciated if this mod and it's maps could be hosted whenever possible.


Yay! Congratulations, PhotoBlokey!

Purrrdy music.
12:35:17 AM EST - Eberon
Some newly mixed Deus Ex tracks have appeared on creative's soundblaster site today.

Of course, what some people aren't telling you is that these will require a special decoder, since everyone's beloved Winamp doesn't play even this format. A quick searchie came up with this program that will convert the format into .wav files (even though, admittedly, it still sounds wonky. suggestions?

Monday, February 25, 2002

Mac Disclosure released.
5:05:29 PM EST - Eberon
Sorry about the downtime we experienced yesterday -- I'm not really sure what the reason was... even though I have asked..

Anyway, the Disclosure Mac Demo was re-released over the weekend in an improved form, since its original release that was out and about for only a couple of hours met with an issue or two. Rest assured, all of the problems (whatever they were) are now ironed out! Additionally, a US mirror has been provided for both PC and Mac versions. Joy!

Saturday, February 23, 2002

Rand Corp screenies.
1:20:47 PM EST - Eberon
The Rand Corp has released some new screenshots on their site. Be sure to pay them a visit -- their site is pretty sleek!

Friday, February 22, 2002

New modeller for Co-op.
11:49:15 PM EST - Eberon
The Co-op Project has a new modeller, Sarge_106. Welcome him to the community, whydoncha?

Bzzt - transmission scrambled.
4:37:41 PM EST - Eberon
Contrary to what D-X.org is telling people, Mac Deus Ex is not running any kind of contest with prizes including Soundblaster Live! cards.

We all tend to skim things, but the fine print at MDX is actually a rant from our friend Robert Baird aka "Langly" regarding IMG's somewhat corrupt practices. I urge you to at least read the final few paragraphs (you'll be able to tell the difference -- the last few aren't conversations but a few words from Langly himself) and see what's going on with it.

What can I say? I know that we'd be quite ticked if the same thing happened to us. Why not mail Langly and offer him your condolences? Tell him thanks very much for his efforts :)

Disclosure released!
11:55:54 AM EST - Eberon
Big news, guys! Don't miss it! --

"I'm pleased to announce that the Disclosure Demo (PC Version) is now available for download from http://www.facedesigns.co.uk/

The package is approximately 9 megs and includes all of the necessary files for Disclosure to be installed and played.

The Macintosh Version will be released within the next few days."

Redsun 2020 Updates!
8:37:36 AM EST - Eberon
A long list, but I'm going to simply steal it from their site anyway.

1. A new skinner (AuntBetty) has joined us and already working on a skin for A.D.A.M.

2. We will be getting original music for our Introduction and ending of our game.

3. Steve Tack is currently working on a workable installation for redsun which includes a redsun shortcut icon and custom menu where you can launch our mod directly and even an uninstall program.

4. Markus is creating some cool scripting in his hideout level that the player can blow up some rocks to review a passageway to a LostCity. LostCity and Kurokuma boss are 2 new levels that have been added.

5. Odaiba and Yakedo are finishing up TMGComplex level which they both worked on together.

6. Matei, our newest member has joined us as our specialized internal level tester for the later phase of our development.

7. Yakedo is polishing up TokyoStation and Odaiba is reconstructing Kens Pet shop.

8. The new Yokotani bank template has been created and Yakedo will soon be mapping the inside while Odaiba works on the outside of the bank.

9. A lot of new Japanese signs have been added but much more are still needed. Scott is currently working on some signs for Markus Hideout and LostCity levels.

10. We are finally getting the DataImage maps to show up for the player.

11. Play the Greasel game.

(Okay, so I added that last one myself. So what!)

Thursday, February 21, 2002

Warren speaks at Playstation.com!
12:24:11 AM EST - Eberon
There's an article out there at Playstation.com, talking to our beloved Warren Spector about Deus Ex on the PS. A little snippet of joy:

On gameplay variety within Deus Ex:

"15 months after we shipped the PC version, I was watching a tester in San Francisco play the game. He was on a map I'd been on 4,000 times maybe. And I watched him try something; I saw what he was trying to do and I was going, "Is that going to work? Maybe that'll work, I don't know..." And he did something I've never seen anybody do in countless playthroughs, watching people play. He tried something and the simulation was robust enough that it worked. It was awesome - 15 months after you've shipped a game that you've helped create, seeing people do things creatively that you'd never thought of because we were clever enough, I guess, to craft a simulation that would support his plan. He was able to make a plan, it was entirely his, no-one in the world had ever done it before (as far as I knew). There is nothing better in gaming than that. There is nothing better; it's awesome."

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Up and coming Top Secret* thing.
12:28:22 AM EST - Eberon
I contacted a number of mod teams over the past few days. A few of them have responded. I'm getting ready to start something new.

For those of you reading this who I didn't contact, I think you'll want to be involved. Having said that, if you didn't recieve a letter, I either forgot you entirely by accident or I couldn't find contact information on your site. Or, you haven't updated your website in six months. In any event, if the latter is true, then this will hopefully help you out a little.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but all of those who weren't contacted, please get in touch with me via the usual means (my e-mail address is on this page 50 times. See if you can find it just once).

Thanks a million!

Sunday, February 17, 2002

Great news for Polish fans!
10:17:50 PM EST - Eberon
The founder of this wonderful website contacted me to bring to my attention its existence. They've been running since February 2001 (a year!) Better yet, they'll be translating a few items of ours to their own site's language (Polish), which will be quite a treat and work of cooperation between the two of us. I'm extremely happy to see some Fan sites popping up to serve speakers and readers of other languages! Be sure to give them a visit and look around at least. They've got a spiffy site :)

Paladin X updates.
6:36:22 PM EST - Eberon
Not much with Paladin X. Well, maybe much, but we don't get to see it yet -- they've been busy working and busy with the big RL (real life, for those not hip to the slang). Stay tuned!

Warzone goodies.
6:33:16 PM EST - Eberon
Warzone's got another update this evening with some goodies: a search light for your everyday sleuth use, a really cool flaregun in the works, and a model picture of the up-and-coming flaregun. Nifty! I always wanted to shoot balls of colored smoke and light into the air. ;)

Disclosure Preview time!
11:42:03 AM EST - Eberon
Good morning!

We've got something for you to sink your teeth into and spend your Presidents' Day dreaming about: a Disclosure first look and hands-on preview! I can't say any more than that this is definitely going to be something to wait eagerly for -- the public release of the demo is Feb. 22nd.

So what're you waiting for? Indulge!

Playstation 2 section goes live!
10:33:03 AM EST - Dave
First things first, lets get the introductions out of the way! I'm Dave and will be helping out here at DeusEx-Machina.com. I currently run the TTLG's System Shock site Sshock2.com
Right, now that is out of the way we can move on to the meat of this news post!
Since late 2000 Ion Storm, developers of Deus Ex have been working in conjuction with Westlake Interactive, developers of Deus Ex for the Macintosh, on a conversion of Deus Ex for the Sony Playstation 2 entitled Deus Ex The Conspiracy!
I am proud to introduce DeusEx-Machina.com's very own Deus Ex The Conspiracy site for you to enjoy! Check out the screenshots, read a few of the previews we've garnered from all across the Web or sit back and listen to the updated Deus Ex title theme. Whatever you do, have fun!

Friday, February 15, 2002

Vote on the Arx Fatalis Box Art
1:48:25 PM EST - Dan
Arkane/Fishtank were kind enough (smart enough ;) to ask TTLG to vote on the Arx Fatalis box cover (actually, I suggested it :) ... so we are presented with two choices.

Go here to vote.

Update: We modified the choices, and added two more.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

Edge of Dark shuts down.
12:13:58 PM EST - Eberon
Sad news today, fans: Edge of Dark has decided to cease production for the Deus Ex engine. A few words from Shade01:

Edge of Dark will no longer be published as a Deus Ex mod. While development of the game will continue, we are currently exploring other engines and commercial opportunities. I had decided long ago not to publish the entire game for the current DX engine, but I did want to publish what we had started. In the end, I felt it was no longer worth the amount of time to continue producing this for Deus Ex. A word of warning to those that continue: Stop starting new mods and help the ones that are in existence. The community isn't large enough to sustain the amount of mods being 'created', and the DX community shoots itself in the foot by doing this: More=Less. As well, to the creators of DX, for DX2 you would do well to make installing and playing a mod more user friendly, and perhaps take a note from Valve and be more active in nurturing the mod community, I felt Ion's participation in this area is sorely lacking. Best of luck to everybody, I'll see you around:)


Wise words, indeed. I'm happy to see someone with true experience in the modification community standing up to support the opinions of some of us staffers.

Hello again!
12:19:39 AM EST - Eberon
This is just a quick note to let all of you know that news updates will resume tomorrow evening.

Have some fun. Explore the site. We have a couple of things that you could re-live again :)

Sunday, February 10, 2002

Pictures needed!
8:56:52 PM EST - Eberon
While it sounds silly, the secret to effectively drawing visitors regularly to one's website isn't lost in the clan leader of Deus Ex Viscera. They're asking for interesting and fun pictures to be sent to them at this address. And hey, why not stop by their forums as well?

Ordinance updates.
8:53:33 PM EST - Eberon
Ordinance has had some minor informational updates to its site. There's a new FAQ by suggestion of some forumites, an updated info page, and an updated team page. Everyone is also encouraged to leave their thoughts in the forums.

PS2DX Preview at Gamesradar.
8:50:05 PM EST - Eberon
Gamesradar has a preview of the upcoming Playstation 2 release of Deus Ex that can be located here. A couple of good screenshots are included. It's always good to read up on everything Deus Ex related so you can impress the common less prepared people in our forums, so what're you waiting for? Get to it! You might learn something you don't already know.

UNATCO Born looking for team!
8:48:01 PM EST - Eberon
The UNATCO Born project is looking for team members to fill mapping and coding positions. Apparently, the team leader got some bad apples he had to throw out, so replacements are needed fairly urgently. The jobs section is where you'd like to be for that.

New version of WOTGreal.
8:44:20 PM EST - Eberon
For those of you in the modding scene, a new version of WOTGreal has been released, bringing the popular scripting program up to version 2.511 Be sure to give it a whirl if that's your bag!

Also of note...
8:42:18 PM EST - Eberon
And relating to DEA is the Deus Ex Novel project, which I had no knowledge of until this evening. As you can probably guess, the idea behind this effort is to take the story of Deus Ex and push it into a Novel format. It should be interesting to see the author flesh out the inner thoughts and feelings of his version of JC.

So stick with it. It should be interesting.

Errr. Slicer retires.
8:40:31 PM EST - Eberon
Slicer of DEA has retired. I think this is probably the fourth time, but I'll keep my opinions to myself ;) Slicer had this to say:

"Well, its time for me to announce my retirement from DXMP, until probably June or August. Having had a long fight with time, trying to allocate time for DXMP is impossible in an agenda filled with corporate and educational matters. It's been a huge pleasure to meet many talented guys in the community.

Many of those including the obvious DEAs :) and the true old veterans, the names of Beast, Locke, WildBill, Hydra, "Ass and Wink", the "old skool" clans, as some would say. They are probably the most talented players/clans I've seen in DXMP. Many people in the community now has given me joy yet annoyance but a community changes as time advances. However, its a huge decision in my life to reorganise my time more effectively and move forward.

DEA will exist for I will not let it drop. I expect to celebrate DEA's second birthday... errr... next year ;) As some say, "once you start, you can't stop", well, thats what DXMP was like to me. Playing 8 straight hours on average each day, one year ago, was the craziest times I had yet entertaining (Thumbs up to you guys back then).

For now, DXSP and Mods are only of my interest since they don't consume as much time. Webmaster stuff on this site and many others will be on my agenda since I deal with this everyday.

Wish you all the best of luck. Till then, farewell friends.

Mac players rejoice! It's the return of MDX!
5:42:33 PM EST - Eberon
Our good friend Robert Baird has decided to take up the keyboard again and revive Mac Deus Ex. Who knows what he has in store for us this time, but one thing is for sure: Macintosh users can get their conspiracies running all over again in the forums over there.

A heartfelt welcome back goes to Mac Deus Ex from the staff of De-M. It's wonderful to have you back and we hope that you'll be with us all the way through the Mac release of Deus Ex 2!

Saturday, February 09, 2002

Disclosure is coming..
10:48:46 AM EST - Eberon
Progress on the Disclosure demo continues and there are now even some screenshots for your drooling pleasure. I can definitely say from a somewhat-first-hand experience that this is something not to be missed!

Stay tuned! The release is only a few weeks away!

Team needed for various positions.
9:46:56 AM EST - Eberon
-The Dune project is looking for experienced mappers. Interested parties can contact him here.

-Redsun 2020 is looking for character skinners. Interested parties can contact them either via their forums or directly by e-mail.

-DeusExWorld has an update today with the entire story behind their project. They're also looking for coders hidden under some rocks. What're you waiting for? come out from under your rock!

Target Sighted updates.
9:41:58 AM EST - Eberon
Over the past few days, the Target Sighted website has received a slew of updates both great and semi-great.

First and foremost, the team has scored a coder, a modeler, and a mapper in the very same day. They are Liquiddark, Chris, and Daedalus2051, respectively. Also worth noting is the updated features page that has been trimmed, cut, and added to which has made it a generally great place to learn more about the project. Be sure to pay them a visit!

Thursday, February 07, 2002

Harvey Smith on PSDX
5:02:33 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
Harvey Smith hit me up today with a quick message about how DX PS2 is shaping up. Below is what he had to say.

"Man, the ps2 version of dx1 is finally rock solid. I was worried about the gameplay for a while, but the dx1/dx2 mission design team has been hammering it for a few months now and I finally feel confident that it will be better than the PC. We were all watching over Ricardo's shoulder this morning as he crept through the catacombs in Paris--some wild stuff, as usual, happens in deus ex."

Sounds pretty good to me. If he thinks DX PS2 will be better than the PC, then it’s got to be pretty damned amazing.

Monday, February 04, 2002

A wonderful feature -- written by Harvey Smith.
4:32:15 PM EST - Eberon
There's a fabulous piece of work on the Internet today written by Harvey Smith himself, our beloved Director on Deus Ex 2. The piece covers his thoughts on and during his trip to Hong Kong to discuss the biz with some others. It's quite an interesting piece of introspection and narrative. A sampling:

"I changed planes so many times getting here that I started to lose track of the cities: Austin to Denver to Seattle to Tokyo to Hong Kong. By the end of the day, I felt like I had been beaten. Both of my travel bags seemed to have the mass of collapsed stars. For the 10-hour flight (Seattle to Tokyo), I rode next to an interesting woman named Page, from a small village in Alaska. She is some sort of caseworker for the mentally ill. Apparently, Alaska drives a lot of people mad. I regretted not having time to kill in Tokyo -- I would have liked even the chance to gone out to eat or something."

The rest of the feature can (and should!) be read here.

Mod news.
12:25:57 AM EST - Eberon
-Skyward Fires is reportedly in desparate need of mappers for their project. Though it will undoubtedly garner some ill feelings, I can't help but mention that I truly think this should've been thought of when the project started up -- after all, there are so many other projects out there in need of team as well. Nevertheless, submissions can be sent here.

-DeusExWorld is currently working on a new site design. There are even some new forums for the project online. Be sure to pay them a visit!

-Ordinance has a new concept sketch online for your viewing pleasure. It's a pretty high-tech looking energy rifle. Give it a looksee!

Sunday, February 03, 2002

Target Sighted news!
8:07:47 PM EST - Eberon
Target Sighted has a huge update today from the project leader regarding the status of the mod -- it has gone into "MAJOR production mode". As a result, weapon #6 has disappeared for a mysterious but reportedly important reason. However, weapon #7, a prototype cannon with quite a bit of punching power, is available.

A coder could still be used (apply), but like a good team leader, Aesthesia is tackling the problem and.... teaching himself. Stay tuned for more updates!

D-X.org hosted site: Digital Being.
1:20:32 AM EST - Eberon
Our friends at Deus-Ex.org have a new hosted site with them. Let's all welcome Digital Being! A little story and concept ripped off from our friends at D-X.org follows, too:

This is the digital century. Everything in this world has to do with technology and computers. Welcome to a world where this is irrelevant. This world exists only in the minds of the pawns and in the circuits of computers. Traveling through fiber cables and phone lines. This is the digital world.

A whole new experience. An escape. You are you or are you? Everything here is real, you, your friends, your foes. Your job, the night clubs you go to. Even your personal computer and cell phone exists.

A whole new concept for the Deus EX world. A digital world inside computers all over the world. Free play, or follow a custom story line. You decide how to live your life.

Friday, February 01, 2002

Unreal build 829 released!
5:18:19 PM EST - Eberon
The Unreal engine build 829 was released to all licensees yesterday. Information as always is plentiful at the engine's website. This time around, the "Karma Physics Engine" developed by Mathengine is included. As our forumite Boreal pointed out in our newly upgraded forums. Cheers all around!

Redsun 2020 Progress Updates!
5:15:46 PM EST - Eberon
Redsun 2020 has an update today informing everyone that most of their maps are over 90% complete! There's a list on their news page today with information about the status of each map, which you can check out in detail if you so desire. This is definitely good news for those of us who are anxiously awaiting some releases!

Staff needed!
8:49:39 AM EST - Eberon
Quite simply, we need staffers!

Persons interested must be dedicated to creating quality content on a network with wonderful opportunites and great people. Contribution will be varied from person to person, as each one has his or her own skills, but regular (if not frequent) updates are a must.

Persons who are talented all-around are welcome, as well as those with specific interests (interviewing, columnists, features editors, newsguys/gals, etc.) are welcome. Applications can and should be sent to these addresses. Please feel free (and we urge you to do so) to include any personal information that may be relevant, past experience (if any), geographical location (if outside the US), and why you'd like to be aboard the crew.

Best of luck! I hope to have one or more new and eager people on board soon!

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