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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Square Enix Offers to Buy Eidos
9:07:37 PM EST - vrap
Japanese giant Square Enix has made a buyout bid for Eidos, for $120 million - a 129% premium over the worth of the latter company's stock. Eidos has been the subject of buyout rumours for some time now, with its rocky financial state over the last few years. The buyout is likely to go ahead, and what effect this will have on the development of Deus Ex 3 remains to be seen.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Preview in PC PowerPlay Magazine
2:35:43 AM EST - vrap
Australian magazine PC PowerPlay has a preview this month of Deus Ex 3. The snarky article doesn't uncover anything particularly new, and most questions are answered by the developers in vague terms. Regarding Eidos' approach to choices and consequences in the game, lead designer Jean-Franηois Dugas cites Invisible War's fickle factions as an example of what they are trying to avoid. Community Manager Renι clarifies that the choices "will have an effect on you and the world rather than just being window dressing."

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New Preview on Czech Site Hratelne
10:49:17 AM EST - vrap

It's been a while since we've heard about Deus Ex 3. The game seems to be covered by a shroud of mysterious information embargo; any article that appears online gets taken down almost immediately. A sharp fan at the official Eidos forums managed to find a gallery of high quality images at Gamestar where the original preview was no longer available for reading.

A new preview of Deus Ex 3 has appeared on Czech gaming site hratelne, and has stayed up. Reliable as ever, the enthusiastic fans provide a summary (and more detailed translation) of the article for us non-Czechs. While the preview treads familiar ground, it does drop a few new details.

The dichotomic world of beautiful Renaissance-themed high rises towering over a dark, cyberpunk underbelly is set in 2027 and characterised by the dominance of privatised megacorporations over national governments. Out of the five world locations we will be seeing in the game, three have been revealed to be Shanghai, Detroit and Montreal. Apparently while the order in which we visit each metropolis is determined by the plot, the experiences within the locations will be much less linear. Interestingly, Adam's apartment will be a frequent stop on our travels, furnished with items that will tell us more about his past as well as a computer that will be updated with new data.

The enemy AI will reportedly follow squad-based tactical routines, with a squad leader whose livelihood will determine the extent of their capabilities. They will also utilise the new cover system that will be available to us. Bosses are to be expected, their difficulty depending on our previous actions. Some vague new details about augmentations have been revealed; there are four kinds: combat, stealth, technology and dialogue. Examples include X-ray vision, a 'claymore' explosive attack and a 'multi-kill' attack, as well as a kind of grappling wire ability that will facilitate scaling walls.

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