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Wednesday, April 26, 2000

Part 2 of Deus Ex Preview at GameSpot
9:05:11 PM EST - James
Gamespot's Deus Ex coverage continues, as Shane McAllen reports after careful investigation: part Two of the Deus Ex preview is up. This part looks at the interface and the weapons.

Monday, April 24, 2000

Deus Ex Team Article at GameSpy
9:57:53 AM EST - James
Shane McAllen discovered an article at GameSpy and headed off to report it. Little did he know that the article's author, John Keefer, was already headed over to confess! The race turned desperate, and nearly deadly, but wound up with both of them in my office at once; so credit to both! The article introduces you to a number of the design team members, with commentary on how they do their jobs and some behind-the-scenes pictures.

Sunday, April 23, 2000

Eye on Ion Storm Austin
10:30:19 PM EST - Saam
Thanks to PaG for the following news:

"Gamespy has written a nice piece on a tour of the IonStorm Austin office (which is responsible for Deus Ex), which you can find here. It's an interesting read, giving some details on the people making what could become the game of the year.

Thanks Blue for this tidbit of news."


Game Revolution Previews Deus Ex
12:02:06 PM EST - James
Shane McAllen spotted Ben Silverman of Game Revolution posting up a preview of Deus Ex. Not a lot in this is new, but it you've got any remaining doubts as to the probable quality of this title.... perhaps this will quell them? 8)

Yet More Deus Ex Interviews!
12:00:04 PM EST - James
RPG Planet has been busy with the interviews, and Shane McAllen spotted two more interviews: with Mark Adams, who is in charge of the conversion to Macintosh; and with Alexander Brandon, who is in charge of the music.

Info on Non-Linearity on Deus Ex
11:59:45 AM EST - James
The indefatigable Shane Mcallen also found this tidbit of information over at : Witchboy discusses the non-linearity of Deux Ex.

Deux Ex Team Interview at DXZone
11:59:21 AM EST - James
The DX Zone chaps were spotted interviewing the Deus Ex team by Shane McAllen. He sent in this link to the transcript....

Interview with Chad Warren
11:58:59 AM EST - James
Shane McAllen spotted RPG Planet interviewing Chad Warren, the MIS lead for Deus Ex, and too notes - which he planted at this site.

Thursday, April 20, 2000

GameSpot Previews Deux Ex
9:46:10 AM EST - James
Shane McAllen broke into GameSpot and discovered this lengthy preview of Deus Ex. There's not a great deal that's new at first - but later sections have details on the character system that were new to me.

IGN PC Previews: Day 3
9:36:13 AM EST - James
Shane McAllen sent us a note to ensure we wouldn't miss the third day of Deux Ex previews at IGN PC.
Echoing Jazar's sentiments: this game is looking really good! 8)

Wednesday, April 19, 2000

DXZone Interview With Witchboy
2:54:33 PM EST - Jazar
The nice guys over at DXZone was able to score a sweet interview with DX designer Harvey "Witchboy" Smith. Here's something in particular that caught my eye:

One of the things that I loved about Half-Life (and more recently Soldier of Fortune) were the high quality and unexpectedness of the scripted events, will DX have many scripted events and if so what is being done to keep them from being predictable?

Depends on scripted events. We do not have them in the Half-life sense of the term. We all loved that (action) game, but we wanted more freedom, more emergence. Plus, we have interactive conversations. Our NPC's run to certain places, do certain things, but it's mostly a matter of AI. If you pull a gun in a crowded bar and fire it once, typically club security will bark warnings at you ("Watch yourself!") and all the civilians will flee in panic. If you don't fire a second time, the civilians will come back and dance or whatever. Club security will chill out some. If you fire twice, or shoot someone, it provokes a more extreme reaction. We wanted AI and simulation more than we wanted scripted scenes. (The degree to which we succeeded will have to be judged by others.)

IGN PC Preview: Day Two
2:07:00 AM EST - Jazar
Faster than I can type 'em, IGN PC keeps dishing them out. Today they've got some video to go with today's preview and boy does it look sweet!

I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Deus Ex during last year's E3 and recently in November but I must say it is really shaping up! Great work guys!

IGN PC Preview: Day One
2:00:38 AM EST - Jazar
The boys over at IGN PC have recently put up a juicy preview of Deus Ex! They were lucky enough to spend three days over with the boys at Ion and were able to get a close look at current development. Here's a snip of day one...

The game will include 13 different missions, each of varying size and length. Don't think of these "missions" as levels, as each can be subdivided into as many as a dozen separate maps. In essence these missions are just related bits of story with similar plots, subplots, and goals. Warren speculates that it will take the average gamer anywhere between 30-40 hours to complete the entire game, with more time available for those of you who like to explore every nook and cranny. Besides Liberty Island which we already talked about a bit, you can also expect to wander through Battery Park in NYC, the streets of Hong Kong, Paris, and the mysterious Area 51. What was the inspiration for some of these locales? Well, in some cases, they hit rather close to home. Lead Designer Harvey Smith let us in on a little secret while we were checking out the game. "Some of the streets in Paris were taken from photos of Warren and his wife's vacation to Paris," he told us. Now I just wonder if we'll see the Spector family sitting in a sidewalk cafe enjoying buttery pastries and coffee.

Monday, April 17, 2000

Incite Games Preview
10:03:15 PM EST - Jazar
Looks like there's been a steady influx of DX info flowing in (always a good thing). We'll start off with a preview of DX from Incite Games. Also included are some feel good new screen shots. (actually it's the same shot shown four times, sneaky bastards).

PC Zone DX Preview
9:59:36 PM EST - Jazar
Next up on the list is a preview of DX at PC Zone. Looks like they've spiced it up with some new shots and artwork too! Here's a snip:

Warren's eye-opening demonstration continues for some time, and it soon becomes apparent that Deus Ex is shaping up to be (dare we say it?) something of a classic (especially in this day and age, when PC ZONE Classics are few and far between). And, after having seen some more very cool, ultra realistic, role-playing unfold in front of our eyes, we can only conclude that there's no way in the world the developers can f**k it up.

Read the rest here! Thanks to Proteus for the info.

Saturday, April 15, 2000

Deus Ex Preview at Gamespy
12:31:08 PM EST - Jazar
Thanks to Despot for the skinny of a new Deus Ex preview at Gamespy. It's a good read with apparently some new screenshots so run over and check it out!

Friday, April 07, 2000

Part Two of Eurogamer's Interview with Warren
5:57:05 PM EST - Jazar
Many thanks to Shane for letting us know that Part 2 of Eurogamer's Interview with Warren Spector is now up and ready for our viewing edification. This time it's all about your favorite upcoming game: DX.

"I know we're on the right track when I hear the QA guys talking, and one says something like, 'It was cool when I snuck up on the guard and knocked him out, then hacked the security panel to shut down the turret and walked right up and lockpicked the door', while another guy says, 'You did what? I just blew the guard away with my sniper rifle, used a grenade to take out the turret and unlocked the door with the key I got from the bum on the back dock', while another says 'Heck, I just went around the back, climbed up to the second floor, came in through a window, and never even saw any of the stuff you guys are talking about!'"

Check out the rest of the interview here!

Sunday, April 02, 2000

Warren Interview at
7:01:24 PM EST - Jazar
Thanks to Cratus and John for informing me of a great interview with Deus Ex creator Warren Spector at Here's a sample to get those taste buds yearning for more:

"I also got the chance to work with the guys at Blue Sky Productions on Ultima Underworld. That was where I first met Doug Church, lead programmer and project director on Underworld, Underworld 2, and System Shock."

"Collaborating with Doug on those titles was probably the high point of my time at ORIGIN. He's a special and underappreciated guy in this business."

Get the rest of the interview here.

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