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Tuesday, May 30, 2000

Deus Ex Best RPG at E3
1:01:33 PM EST - TD
Well Rounded Entertainment has named Deus Ex Best RPG in their Best of E3 awards. Included with the award is a brief description of the game, including this great quote:

Anachronox brings RPGs out of the dungeon. And Neverwinter Nights makes the dungeon tolerable again. But Deus Ex raises the genre to a new level of excellence.

Read the full description here!

Two More New Previews
2:19:01 AM EST - TD
There're a couple of new previews of Deus Ex out there, at Gamecenter and GA-RPG. You can find the Gamecenter preview here and the GA-RPG preview here. Check 'em out!

Witchboy Interview
1:51:03 AM EST - TD
"Violator" has informed me that In The Trenches has put up an interview with the lead designer on Deus Ex, Harvey Smith, aka Witchboy. Check out the interview here.

Tuesday, May 23, 2000

New Official Screenshots!
2:53:00 AM EST - TD
Ion Storm has released four new screenshots at the official Deus Ex site, as well as some sweet wallpaper for your desktop! Head on over there and check these shots out - muy cool stuff.

Friday, May 19, 2000

Another Deus Ex E3 Preview
2:37:10 AM EST - TD
DXNation put up an interesting preview based on one of their reporter's brief playtime on Deus Ex at E3. I tell ya, I should have gone to E3. Ah well, there's always next year. Read the preview here!

New Screenshots at Blue's News
2:30:40 AM EST - TD
Eidos sent some new screenshots to several sites, most notably Blue's News. The shots all look pretty cool, well worth your time to examine. Check them out here.

Deus Ex Impressions at Gamers Central
2:26:04 AM EST - TD
Gamers Central has put up a brief preview of Deus Ex based on their experience at E3. Here's a particularly notable quote:
The physics in the game are quite cool, if you're in Chinatown, and you're being chased by soldiers who are firing at you, they may very well miss a few times. Chances are that they'll hit lamps or dead poultry that will react to the bullet in a realistic fashion by rocking back and forth.
Check out the full preview here.

Thursday, May 18, 2000

New Screenshots from Deus Ex
2:36:48 AM EST - TD
GA-RPG took some screenshots from a playable beta version of Deus Ex that they were recently blessed with. Some people have all the luck . . . check out the shots here!

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Interviews at DXDot
9:45:31 PM EST - TD recently asked Bob White and Scott Martin, both on the Deus Ex team, a few questions in seperate interviews. Both interviews are quite interesting, and bite-sized for your reading pleasure! Check out the Bob White interview here and the Scott Martin interview here.

Big Deus Ex Preview at AVault
10:09:07 AM EST - James
Kareem Harper of Adrenaline Vault has posted up another, large, preview of Deus Ex, laced with references to other paragons of Gaming Goodness such as Thief and System Shock. "I have seen the future of first-person shooters", he declares, and in the rest of this excellent preview, he explains why, with numerous examp[les of play drawn from a beta demo. Folks, this game is looking to be spectacular.

Sunday, May 14, 2000

Warren Spector Interview
12:46:20 AM EST - TD
DXNation scored an interview at E3 with Warren Spector, the lead designer on Deus Ex. It's a good read, and contains quite a bit of information on the game. Check it out here. Great stuff!

Thursday, May 11, 2000

Deus Ex preview at
1:44:54 AM EST - TD recently sent a reporter to check out the development progress on Deus Ex in Austin. He came back with three pages of great info on the game, including descriptions of all of the possible skills, a bit on the animation and sound systems in DE, and more. Check out the preview here!

Tuesday, May 09, 2000

Clay Hoffman Caught by DX Nation
4:22:56 PM EST - James
DX Nation agent Moonshine apprehended Clay Hoffman, of the Deus Ex project, and compiled the results here. We believe the suspect was released on condition that Deus Ex live up to its considerable promise.

Monday, May 08, 2000

DX Nation Interrogates Bob White
10:20:04 AM EST - James
DX Nation apprehended Bob White, one of the Deus Ex designers, and subjected him to a long interrogation. Eventually, they ran out of questions and allowed Bob to go "free" with a imbedded microtracer.

Saturday, May 06, 2000

Deus Ex Release Date!
1:29:16 PM EST - Saam
Originally posted on by Heschi:

In the words of Rich LaPorte, founder of the most excellent web site Gone Gold, "Deus Ex will be making it at the end of June. Ship date is June 30th as of today." Whoa...just in time for summer vacation! Nice.

Thanks to Gone Gold for a VERY nice job of game news reporting.

Friday, May 05, 2000

Interview with Witchboy at 3D-Unlimited
4:51:51 PM EST - James
3D Unlimited captured Witchboy and interrogated him. The subject revealed this information, but then escaped into the night.

Thursday, May 04, 2000

Final!? Update at Unreal Unicerse
9:58:37 PM EST - James
Unreal Universe has posted up what may be the final update on the progress of Deus Ex - because, says Bob White, "we are that close to finishing". Good news!

Part 3 of GameSpot's Deus Ex Preview
10:24:13 AM EST - James
Shane McAllen, Internet Man of Mystery, carefully scanned part 3 of Gamespot's Deus Ex Preview for hidden threats and then turned it over to us. This edition has more on the genesis of Deus Ex, design challenges that stem from the game's open-ended solution style, how Deus Ex almost wound up like System Shock, and the possibility of sequels.

Monday, May 01, 2000

Blurblet at GameCenter
9:59:37 PM EST - James
Special Agent McAllen spotted a small blurb on Deus Ex over at GameCenter, in the midle of an article on the 5 game to watch out for at E3. "Great gameplay with awesome graphics--what more could you want?", they ask, and Deus Ex is truly looking to be pretty spectacular. The article is also well aware of Warren Spector's Looking glass heritage, which is nice to see!

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