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Friday, May 31, 2002

Ionstorm.com updates -- E3 wind-down.
6:24:17 PM EST - Eberon
The Ion Storm website has some great post-mortem material from E3. There are pictures galore and many recounts of the experience from a coupla the guys' points of view. Be absolutely positive to give it a look. It's really cool of them to put this together for us :)

Thursday, May 30, 2002

New Disclosure shots!
8:11:21 PM EST - Eberon
There is a slew of Disclosure shots out there today! They can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, and finally, here.

Lots of images, but it's goooood stuff.

Oh my!
1:18:56 PM EST - Eberon
There's a fantastic gameplay video of Deus Ex 2 from E3 online today. My GOD. Go watch it already!

It includes some shots of the loading screen (pending further change, of course), a great scene that shows off the Havok physics engine, some awesome models, great architecture, the interface, and (I think) most impressively, the shadows and lighting systems employed.

Put a fork in me. I'm hot.

Update: Someone informs me that Wait Planet has mirrored the video as well. Just be warned: Bob Page has picked an especially high exponent of a prime number for your wait time.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

New team member for The Nameless Mod
5:00:21 PM EST - Eberon
The Nameless Mod has announced a new team member: Luminous Path, who will be doing some work with conversational things.

That is all for now!

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

DX Prequel updates!
8:38:59 PM EST - Eberon
The DX Prequel website is back in full swing and the team is cranking out goodies faster than ever before. Well, at least we hope so!

The team would appreciate your patronage in the forums now that the project has taken a much more "realistic" turn (see their main news page for more details).

Horay! Be sure to pay them a visit!

Monday, May 27, 2002

The Nameless Mod updates!
2:25:31 AM EST - Eberon
The Nameless Mod has updated its website with some new stuff from their recently acquired mapper, DP. Their new POTW is a shot from his completed map entitled Raving Nutters Weapon Shop. Ooooh :)

Friday, May 24, 2002

New Deus Ex Screenshots (The Real Deal)
7:47:47 PM EST - Dan
Unlike the E3 shots, these Deus Ex screens show what the game looks like today.

Feast your eyes! This link will take you to the Deus Ex site. From there, navigate to find the screenshots.

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

DeusEx2.com LIVE!
2:16:43 PM EST - Dave
You actually need more info than the headline?! ;-)
Ok then! The Official Deus Ex 2 website, www.DeusEx2.com has gone live with information on the game, some features, some screenshots and some concept art! It's pretty cool! I suggest you check it out now!

Deus Ex The Movie - No Longer Just a Rumor
1:21:50 PM EST - Dan
Yahoo spills the beans here: Press Release From Columbia Pictures.

This movie will be produced by Laura Ziskin, who produced Spider Man (maybe a good thing?) and written by Greg Pruss whose only credit I can find is visual direction for Aliens 3 (you know, everyone's least favorite Aliens movie...). I don't know what to think about that.

Oh, and this is not meant to be just a movie... rather, a movie saga. Egads... they had best get some good people on board!

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

DX2 Preview @ Ferrago.co.uk
7:36:08 PM EST - Eberon
Deus Ex 2 coverage seems to be pouring through every crevice of the Internet! Our friends at Ferrago have put together their own Deus Ex 2: The Invisible War preview. Be sure to give it a read! There are some interesting details within.

More DX Madness.
3:26:15 PM EST - Eberon
Another couple stunning bits of DX/DX2 info:

Colombia Pictures has picked up Deus Ex for a movie, says Comingsoon.net. We'll keep you informed of future news regarding this.

DX news is pouring in buckets from BluesNews today. The first item is a press release from Eidos Interactive regarding Deus Ex 2. Following that are screenshots of both the Xbox and PC versions as well as a small set of vital stats for the upcoming game. Be sure to hit up their main site if you haven't already! Drool aplenty!

More DX2 Screens!
3:23:49 PM EST - Dave
Blues News had some more screens from both the XBox and the PC! So now we have them here!

One from Xbox:

...and one from the PC!

Click each image for their respective gallery!

Get yourself a PCGamer this month!
3:19:34 PM EST - Eberon
This month's PC Gamer is fabulous! It contains a two page preview of Deus Ex 2, complete with many screenshots that look much more impressive than anything previously seen. Be sure to grab a copy for this as well as a review of Morrowind, another TTLG-covered title!

(Incidentally, there is also a Grand Theft Auto III review within. I can't help but mention this. I'm so anxiously awaiting it)

Monday, May 20, 2002

First Look at DX2 @ IGN
11:04:59 PM EST - Eberon
IGN PC has a great FIVE page article over Deus Ex 2: The Invisible War. Be sure to scope it out for the screenies and scant info within. It's a fantastic read!

Sunday, May 19, 2002

DerianX releases a new DXMP map!
1:47:11 AM EST - Eberon
DerianX has been hard at work and now presents his newest DXMP map for download. Word on the street is that this one's top-notch, everyone, so give it a try!

The Nameless Mod updates.
1:46:19 AM EST - Eberon
Word from Trestkon comes down the tubes again of another update at the TNM website. Deus Diablo has been busy at working on their new picture of the week (seen on their website-- no additional information provided!). DD has also fixed up the site with some CSS (web nerd alert) tweaks that give it a little bit more visual flavor.

Be sure also to check out their newly opened secret maps shots section, under their maps page.

Saturday, May 18, 2002

1:26:37 PM EST - Eberon
Thanks to Johannes Bock (if that is his real name!) for pointing out that there are two screens of the XBox rendition of Deus Ex 2. These can be found at the following site (scroll down) here.

Mmm. Me like. Especially that NPC model.

Update: I've just spotted some more here. Thanks to the newsies who e-mailed this one in!

Update II: The shots are now up on this site and can be found here.

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Article: Unreal II Engine Tech.
1:23:25 PM EST - Dave
I am alive!! or something™ :-)
Excellent as ever, TechImmortal has dropped us a great article he has written, based upon information he and his team gathered at the recent Game Developers' Conference.

A little snippet? I hear you cry. Sure!

It is mind-blowing. Large scenes, high poly-count, all the curves you could want.

Great work TechImmortal! Cheers

Monday, May 13, 2002

Deus Ex 2's Title REVEALED!
4:41:36 PM EST - Eberon
Thanks to TechImmortal for the heads-up earlier today, we have news of the upcoming sequel's title: This article from E3 details a little about the game, but most importantly tells us that the future title will be Deus Ex 2: Invisible War. Exciting! Maybe we'll see some invisible greasels!

Sunday, May 12, 2002

News from Face -- The Disclosure Project
12:01:25 PM EST - Eberon
An interesting letter (for any and all of you) from Face this morning: I have some news relating to both the Disclosure Modification and DXMP.

The Disclosure Modification now has forums available for anybody wishing to enquire about the progress or any aspect of the mod to post their comments and questions. I am going to be actively involved with the forums and will reply to any questions quickly.

The forums are available here:


(Make sure you select the Disclosure Modification forum from the list).

Also, as development of the Disclosure Modification continues I am in need of a around 20 committed people who are willing to dedicate their time testing some of the Disclosure missions, including the forthcoming second demo.

For details of what I'm looking for, please visit http://www.facedesigns.co.uk/Stalkers/forums.htm and read the "Beta Testers Needed" post in the newly opened Disclosure forum!

Finally, regarding DXMP, [S]talkers (one of the original clans for the multiplayer game) has reformed. For all the information on this you should check out the clan website at http://www.facedesigns.co.uk/Stalkers/ - we are currently recruiting too! Don’t forget to drop by our forums ;). Regards,


Nameless Mod updates.
12:48:36 AM EST - Eberon
And yet again, the Nameless Mod has updated their website with a new image. There is an excellent image, quite literally, of "a something or other", as team leader Trestkon puts it.

The team is still in need of another mapper (Hello out there free mappers!), so get your butt to their webpage and sign up! While you're there, too, be sure to check out their forums and give the team some feedback. Mod projects can only run with the support of community leaders and community members -- this includes you!

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Bionic eyes WORK!
9:46:36 PM EST - Eberon
Yet another "Deus Ex is real world" real news article:

According to this article they do! Six people have been given bionic eyes -- and they work very well!

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

The Nameless Mod updates again.
7:28:49 PM EST - Eberon
Trestkon informs us of an update at the Nameless Mod's project website, which in turn informs us that a new picture is on its way for our visual pleasure. Trestkon informs us as well that he'll be doing a little more overtime on the project (possibly) in Deus' asbsence.

The team is also looking for mappers. Only dedicated people need apply, at this address.

Sunday, May 05, 2002

A new mod(ish thing)!
9:34:33 AM EST - Eberon
Alternative Fire has been let loose into the public for everyone's consumption. A description follows:
This mod adds an alternative fire function to weapons, an actor called TnagReplacer, which modify the original DX single-player maps adding Tnag weapons to the world, crates and to NPC's. This mod also contain a few cool pickups and weapons which actually adds new damagetypes for the NPCs.
So, what're you waiting for? Hit their webpage and give it a shot!

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