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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

DX; #41 on top 100
5:27:06 PM EST - Eberon
Deus Ex was elected #41 on the top 100 games of all time (selected by G4 and Entertainment Weekly). I was a bit disappointed to say the least, but who knows what those other 40 slots contain. I can think of quite a few more monumental games (though perhaps not necessarily as good in the design department).

Ah well. G4 appears to be airing the countdown at random times. Check it out if you can stand the stupid host (Hal Sparks).

Saturday, May 10, 2003

The long-awaited Cassandra Project.
12:18:33 PM EST - Eberon
We at DX-M have taken it upon ourselves to demand screenshots and information of the Cassandra Project team for evil purposes... and for smacking together a nice preview of what's to come (and soon, from what I hear).

Check out the screenies and editorialism here. Head out to our forums for discussion abound regarding TCP and DX in general.

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