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Friday, June 30, 2000

Tom Chick Reviews Deus Ex at GamesDomain
1:44:51 AM EST - Slogun
If you can call it a review(it reads more like a full on "it's that time of the month" rant.) Mr. Chick's review is full of glaring contradictions. Read at your leisure. Look for a full lambasting of the Chick article shortly.

Wednesday, June 28, 2000

Deus Ex: 8/10 at GameCenter
11:59:52 AM EST - James
GameCenter has up Jason Ocampo's review of Deus Ex. Jason awards it an 8/10 overall, calling it

"Oftentimes brilliant, sometimes frustrating, and always riveting"

Jason considers the game to contain several fundamental flaws, none of which you won't have encountered in the demo, and none of which seem to be worthy of the weight he puts on them, in my opinion.

GameSpot Reviews Deus Ex: 8.2 (!?)
9:51:56 AM EST - James
Robin Goodfellow noticted that Gamespot has up a Review of Deus Ex. Amazingly, despite an overall positive review, the game gets all of an 8.2 rating, with "7" ratings for sound and graphics dragging down "9" ratings for value and reviewer's tilt.

I'd give you a quote, but my browser crashes today when I try to drag-select anything. 8(

Tuesday, June 27, 2000

Deus Ex: Direct on Daily Radar
12:16:24 PM EST - Saam
Daily Radar has posted a review of Deus Ex. The tagline is "Introducing our first candidate for game of the year." is where the review is located.

Sunday, June 25, 2000

Incite Reviews Deus Ex: 5/5
10:23:38 AM EST - James
Incite has up a review of Deus Ex, complete with a poll. Their reviewer, Steve Klett, gives it a 5/5, and so do all the readers polled so far. (Go vote!) "Game of the year" is one of the key phrases being batted about this game....

Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Deus Ex Demo Issues - Nvidia
5:16:58 PM EST - Saam
For those of you who have been experiencing slowdowns in the Deus Ex demo using an Nvidia-based card, this post on the Ion Storm BBS may help you get started. Hopefully, with collaboration from Harvey "witchboy" Smith, TTLG can form some sort of knowledge base for those of you who are having technical issues with Deus Ex. Thanks!

Thursday, June 15, 2000

Deus Ex Demo - Friday?
11:00:12 PM EST - Saam
Word on the street is that the official Deus Ex demo will be released tomorrow, Friday. Unfortunately, the TTLG network might be down at that time, so if it does indeed come out, you probably won't see it posted here... no worries though, I'm sure you'll find out about it regardless!

Thanks to Pyro for mentioning this to us.

Monday, June 12, 2000

Deus Ex is GOLD!!!
9:31:39 PM EST - TD
Gone Gold reported Deus Ex as gold at 2pm EST today. The master cd is off to replication, and should be on shelves by June 22nd! Here's a snippet from the official press release - check Gone Gold for the full text.

It's the new millennium. Civilization is near collapse. The world economy is in chaos. The middle class no longer exists. Deadly viruses have ravaged the earth's population. Terrorism runs rampant, from this maelstrom of violence and suffering an ancient conspiracy bent on world domination emerges from the shadows of legend. The conspirators' greatest strength? No one believes they exist. No one but you. Travel the globe as you develop your skills and build a network of allies. Employ stealth, strategy or action. But remember, trust no one. Even your allies may be more than they seem.


Saturday, June 03, 2000

New Interviews With Witchboy
1:03:19 AM EST - TD
Harvey "Witchboy" Smith, lead designer on Deus Ex, is a busy guy. Aside from his work on the game, now in beta testing, he's found the time to do some interviews online.

The first, by Lilith and Eve of the Allgames Network, is Realplayer audio of an interview they conducted with Witchboy accompanied by video footage from E3. Head over and check it out!

The second interview was done by the folks from over at Well, according to their main news page there's an interview there, but as of Friday night for me there's nothing on the page. Check back later - maybe it'll be up by then.

Update: Looks like the interview is back up now, though you'll have to scroll a ways down to find it. It details Harvey's career, including his days back at Origin as a tester. It's a really interesting read, but pretty spare on the info on DE. Still worth a look though!

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