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Friday, June 29, 2001

There goes the neighborhood.
7:48:29 PM EST - Eberon
Slicer, former administrator of the Planet Deus Ex Conspiracy server that hosted high-speed, quality games of DXMP, mentions on Planet Deus Ex this evening that the server had to be shut down due to extreme maintenance hassles. Bummer.

Hit me! No, really!
9:40:07 AM EST - Eberon
Following the recent rash of "we have X hits!", Warzone reports a truly impressive number; 100,000. Congratulations Warzone! We hope that you keep your promise about some updates, too.

Thursday, June 28, 2001

Eve of Destruction updates.
11:38:18 PM EST - Eberon
Eve of Destruction has a small update this evening including word that exams continue for another week where the project leader is. There's a new site design in the works that should be online after the completion of these exams. Also, the team really needs coders, modelers, texture artists, and sound people. Visit the help wanted page for more information.

Delusive redesign.
11:33:55 PM EST - Eberon
Delusive, recently opened modification project at PDX has redesigned their site already! It looks really damned good if I do say so myself. Comments on the design can be posted in their forums.

Mac Deus Ex Mini-Interview.
7:08:51 PM EST - Eberon
In addition to a LOT of converted DXMP maps, Mac Deus Ex pulled mapper Face aside to ask him a few questions. Since there were only two, I won't quote one here, but I will say that they contain some pretty interesting information regarding what's next! Get on over to their main page and read it!

No Need to Buy It... Read 'It' here (Updated)
10:12:54 AM EST - Dan
Great news kids,

We've got our hands on scans of the whole PCGUS DX2 & T3 article. (Thanks Abysmal, for the scan, and Mokkis, VK, and Eberon for letting me know about them!) Here it is, page by page...

  • The Cover
    Ah, what a joy to behold... but... where's Garrett?!

  • The Index
    Yes, this is the index.. and it's important because.. There's Garrett! (very large image)

  • Page 1
    Basically a splash page intro to the article.

  • Page 2
    Introduces Warren Spector and ION Storm Austin. Side bar discusses the company's name change.

  • Page 3
    First Look at Deus Ex 2. Shows little more then concept work.

  • Page 4
    Wireframe screenshot of Dues Ex 2. Side bar intros TTLG, CoSaS (w00t!), and PDX.

  • Page 5
    First look at Thief 3. Shows nothing but (some very nice) concept artwork and... gasp.. a Thief 2 screenshot.

    So Thief 3 will deal with Keepers and Pagans eh? Come on guys, ya gotta give us a little more then that to gossip about. ;) Oh, and I REALLY hope that the cathedral image is a screenshot and not a painting.

  • Wednesday, June 27, 2001

    Start-up mod looking for team.
    11:55:08 PM EST - Eberon
    A modification project called Syndicate is looking for a few more people to fill out their team. Part of the forum post explanining this follows:
    Syndicate is a multiplayer mod, stressing teamwork and strategy, that alters the multiplayer aspects of Deus Ex, throwing the world into chaos as the Mafia, Yakuza, and Luminous Arrow Triad battle it out for control. Each syndicate faction has been training its own paramilitary forces, and as they overthrew the governments of their respective countries and began to expand the borders of their influence, their armies met and conflict broke out. This mod blends the military-style tailorings of Front Line Force or Firearms, with the flavor of Action Half-Life, while keeping true to the intricacies that made Deus Ex so enjoyable. The mod features different player classes, several different game types (including Jailbreak and Corporate Courtesy), and many locales to battle in. We already have a sizeable team together, but we're looking for a few more people to round out the team.
    Interesting! Team members of all talents are needed. Check out that forum post for more details!

    I feel so guilty.
    11:26:35 PM EST - Eberon
    Providence, the newest hosted site at PDX, held an opening IRC party this evening at 6:00PST. (irc.gamesnet.net #providence). I apologize deelpy to the team for not getting this news out sooner :(

    Just BUY IT.
    9:29:20 AM EST - Eberon
    I'm not even going to provide quotes from this month's issue of PCGamer that is in my hands right now. There is a WEALTH of information regarding DX2 (and thief III for that matter). Nope, sorry guys, won't quote. Just buy it. If you're any sort of "fan", you will! *glares at all of you*

    I might take some pictures of the pages when my camera comes in the mail today, though :)

    Tuesday, June 26, 2001

    Providence moves to PDX
    11:54:41 PM EST - Eberon
    Providence, much heard about but not often seen project, has moved to Planet Deus Ex. They're still getting set up, but their story page is full of information.
    New Providence was Sam Dixon's home for all of his life, the city whose streets he grew up on. Street smart, he was able to survive and become a detective, using his experience to solve crimes for the N.P.P.D. Then, mobsters like Joe Tusk began to take control of the city. It became tougher for an honest cop to function in this new environment. By the time Dixon was discharged from the force, his family had been killed in a train wreck and his partner had met the business end of a .38. Slowly turning into a drunk, Sam Dixon became just another dishonored cop with a private investigator license.
    Looks interesting! Head over to their site for more info.

    Deus Ex 2 in PC Gamer
    5:02:41 PM EST - Dan
    I've been given a heads-up about the big feature on Deus Ex 2 and Thief 3 in this month's PC Gamer (US Edition). It tells that DX2 and T3 are going to use the Unreal engine (which we already know) and that the Austin office will more than likely form a new studio (that isn't named Ion Storm, which I consider a very good idea). DX2 and T3 are on the cover of the mag - but the story itself is mostly about the way ISA (I wonder what they'll call themselves?) works, and why they kick ass in so much volume. ;)

    So if you have a subscription, pat yourself on the back and wait by your mailbox. If you don't, then be scouting out your newstands within the next few weeks. If you're not in the US, don't fret, hopefully someone will scan the sucker and send it in.

    Afternoon news.
    4:51:28 PM EST - Eberon
    Here's a small cleanup of what has showed up and what I have seen so far today:

    The EdgeRunner Chronicles has two new members today. OpTek and Quantum_God, who will be doing modeling and storywriting/voice acting, respectively. There's also a small reminder to check out the screenshots page for the latest addition(s).

    The Wall of Mana team has decided to put complete focus on Deus Ex : Uprising, and as such has a new staff page. A mapper may or may not still be needed, but it doesn't ever hurt to apply if you're interested.

    Kamikaze, of DX Brothers and (formerly, as you'll read) Vampire has quit the Vampire team, leaving a position open for, you guessed it, a mapper. Applications (include samples) can be sent here.

    Two new files have popped up on Deus Ex Ed during the past few days, including something called Waltonmod by waltonsimons and a work in progress, the ElectroProd 1.0, done by kreek.

    That's about it for now! Look for more and more exciting news as the day progresses!

    Your weekly De-M progress fix.
    4:45:48 PM EST - Eberon
    Hmm. Working title, that newspost is. And I doubt it'll be weekly. But anyway, we've got some new sections coming to the site that are no doubt going to serve you well. After E3 and all, the PR department at Eidos also seems to be a bit hung up and neither we or the team members at Ion Austin have been able to rouse them! Hopefully the situation will be cleared up soon.

    There's also something special still coming. All I can say is: Play lots of Deus Ex and you'll fare well when it does show up!

    DXMP_OceanBase announced!
    12:24:39 PM EST - Eberon
    Following the recent success of DXMP_WaterStation, Kamikaze announces the newset map to be created, DXMP_OceanBase. OceanBase is a modified version of the Ocean Lab that doesn't include all the swimming (whew!)

    I'm looking forward to it. Are you?

    Deus Ex PS2 in Elecrronic Gaming Monthly.
    11:57:09 AM EST - Eberon
    Electronic Gaming Monthly has a feature on the playstation 2 version of Deus Ex A blurry shot/scan can be found here, that contains a screenshot never before seen! Big thanks go to our friends at D-X.org for heads up on this one. Incidentally, they're also celebrating the birthday of their administrator, Evil_Invasion. Happy birthday!

    Good news for X-Strain.
    11:52:30 AM EST - Eberon
    Good news for the X-Strain this morning -- Minty Fresh Death, creator of all of Minty's Minimods, has joined the team! Naturally, he'll be putting his real talents to use by coding for the team. I'm sure that as the newsposter says, we can expect some screenies and details soon!

    Jumping the gun.
    11:47:20 AM EST - Eberon
    I'm here to possibly ruin the day of the team leader of the Dune mod by announcing that their site has been redesigned! It may or may not be complete yet, but I urge you strongly to go over and take a look. The new design is REALLY ingenius and very purdy to look at! There doesn't seem to be much information currently, but I'm sure it won't be long now that there's a proper portal.

    Go go go!

    Indecision updates.
    11:43:18 AM EST - Eberon
    Indecision has posted another huge update to their site that includes a final edition of the roach model, which is one of their weapons. Much to my surprise as well, the hand of the player in Indecision has "individual jointed fingers"!

    Some concept sketches can be found in the gallery, done by NYC. The Molitov Cocktail weapon is and has been heavily worked on and will include an extreme amount of "realism" in its function:
    Rarely found in a usable state, the user will need to use three items - petrol, a bottle, and a rag, to make this incredibly fun to use, realistic and visually impressive weapon. There is a small chance that the Cocktail will be a dud, and not work at all. Trajectory, Angle, Location and a weapon skill will all come into the probabilty of the cocktail exploding on impact - just like a real molitov (ie. if you throw it low and flat, it will not shatter).
    Looks great! The website has also been tweaked a little, more ideas and opinions have been discussed among the members, and the disperser's effects have been fixed/tweaked to look much better.

    Finally, the team is thinking about giving themselves a name. Ideas can be sent here.

    ISA To Undergo Possible Name Change
    11:16:30 AM EST - BackDoorBandit
    Ion Storm Dallas is on the brink of shutting down, or so say all the rumors. Even the ISD team has acknowledged their possible fate. There are many posts on the internet about ISD shutting down, depending on how Anachronox sells. It seems John Romero had sucked too much money out of EIDOS without giving them ample reason to keep his company around. This is owed to the travesty of a game that he released called Daikatana. I will take the post most recently off of VoodooExtreme.

    We're all walking a line here, working our asses off to get a game out (and its patch/demo/trailer) that we all are proud of and believe in. If we didn't, we wouldn't have stuck around to see the project's end with such uncertainty in our company's future.

    I'm tired of websites talking about ION Storm (and the people that depend on ION for their livelihood and the livelihoods of our families) like we're a forgone conclusion.

    We MAY be shut down once this is all over with. We may NOT be shut down. Hell... we might end up making Anachronox Super Bombad Big Headed Racer once all is said and done.

    The fact of the matter is this. NO ONE (and I mean NOOO ONE) knows what's going to happen with ION Storm-Dallas after Anachronox hits shelves. Not Eidos... not John Romero... not Tom Hall... not me... not chinaman... not Shacknews... and not MCV.

    This was posted earlier today, and proves that the ISD office doesn't even know their own fate yet. As for the title of this post, and Ion Storm Austin carrying on if ISD gets shut down, I'll direct you to a post that was made two days ago.

    Ion Storm in Dallas looks set to be closed by Eidos, but the sister studio in Austin will expand. The Brit publisher's relationship with the Dallas studio, headed up by Jon Romero, has been troubled since signing a ten year publishing deal in 1997 before later taking an equity stake.

    Its first project, Daikatana suffered from horrific delays and then faield to deliver either critically or commercially. Its follow-up Anachronox, has also been delayed and will finally see the light of day with little hype or expectation. Once it is released Eidos is expected to to take a decision on the future of Dallas.

    CEO Mike McGarvey told MCV: "We've made no public statement about Dallas yet, but the truth is a lot of money went in and not much came out. I'm sure those guys will be making games in the future, but whether or not it's with us remains to be seen."

    At least we can all rest easy knowing that Deus Ex 2 and Thief 3 will be coming out from the offices of Warren and crew. The only thing I'm concerned about, and it's really not even a concern...I'm more puzzled than concerned, is what are they going to change their name to if ISD gets shut down.

    Monday, June 25, 2001

    Late mod announcements.
    10:37:23 PM EST - Eberon
    Sorry to the team of both of Sub Zero for being late on this announcement.

    A mod already under way called Sub-Zero is looking to create a game based on Freeze Tag! Team members are needed and you can apply here. Check out their really clever site for specifics. (2 team members have already joined, going by the names of Lemon Freeze and -X-Moderna-X-).

    All Your Deus Ex Belong to Us updates.
    9:51:12 PM EST - Eberon
    Over the past week, AYDXBTU has made leaps and bounds in terms of content and development.

    Word is that modelers and coders are needed currently. You can visit the join page and/or directly e-mail the team leader with the relevant information. The about page has some new information regarding the plot of the project, and the characters page has been updated as well. There are LOTS of things to see on their weapons page including the double barreled grenade launcher that currently needs a skinner (see aforementioned e-mail address). The screenshots page has some screenies from the first few levels, too!

    Evening news wrapup, and an apology.
    9:39:40 PM EST - Eberon
    Thanks goes to DX Editing for information on the following item:

    A map named DXMP_BattleZone has been fully released and can be found at the aforementioned link. As of right now, the map is being run on DerianX's MeetingPlace.

    Tutorial goodness is abound at The UC, where DeX has written both part two of the interpolation tutorial and a tutorial that handles stopping vehicles at the end of their paths. The second interpolation tutorial deals with moving the camera and loading a map after the sequence has completed.

    There's also a sneak peek at a map called DXMP_HouseArrest (created by OldGrandad, who happens to be a senior beta tester for Face's maps) at the official DEA clan site.

    Target Sighted has updated their entire site with information in all categories. Fans are asked to indulge themselves in the information and write the team leader with their thoughts. Additionally, the team has a new member, Tom Downing, who will be in charge of weapon coding for the mod. Also, STOP patronizing the team leader, PDX News department! (this means you, Despot!) (hehe).

    I must apologize to the loyal fans out there. Quality and coverage of news has slipped a bit lately. For the most accurate and complete news for the past few days, please visit our friends at Planet Deus Ex if you're that fanatical about having it all. Again, I'm sorry, and I won't let things slip like this again!

    9:53:49 AM EST - Eberon
    And I was planning something special! *whaaaahs*

    Happy belated birthday, Deus Ex! it was two days ago when the game went to stores and thirteen days ago when the game went gold. Since its release, Deus Ex has won over thirty two Game of the Year awards from various online and print publications. Since its release, its fanbase slowly exploded (seemingly) in the fall rather than during its initial release. Now, however, with over a year of being on shelves, the game finally has the fanbase that it should have had merely a few months after its release.

    So what else does one write here? I'm not sure. As most of you should know, Deus Ex 2 is in the works. It's hard telling how long that will take, but as long as it isn't delayed repeatedly (IMO, one of the worst things that a developer/publisher can do to its fans), I'm excited. Will I have a computer that can run it? Hard telling. Many current fans have decent and mid-level computers and have trouble running it still. Even though I don't like to hype much, the future does look bright with the Unreal 2 engine. The wise choice to stick to what they know and have learned will undoubtedly pay off for Ion Austin and I'm sure that we will all be able to enjoy it immensely. Will it be the same, though? Again, hard telling.

    We've made it through a year and the fanbase has continued to grow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    (Oh, yes. I should mention before my head gets bit off for possibly misinforming you guys that my information comes from a review of the game on D-X.org, provided through a google search ;))

    Sunday, June 24, 2001

    New DXMP offering from DX Brothers
    11:39:03 PM EST - Eberon
    DX Brothers, a recently-changed group that switched to DXMP authoring has released the first product of their toiling: DXMP_WaterStation. The staff of DX Brothers are looking for someone with a stable, often-open server who will host the map.

    Deus Fortress updates.
    2:44:57 PM EST - Eberon
    Deus Fortress, the modification project set to turn the world of Deus Ex into that of the many Team Fortress mods and their ilk has a few updates. The biggest one includes a shot of the Pulse Gun that belongs to the Recon class. It doesn't seem to be on their site yet, so for now read the news page for it!

    Also new is word that the number of unique visits has reached 29,693 as of yesterday. The team roster has also been updated with the names of the newest coders. Some members have also been removed due to a lack of participation.

    Wow, it sure has a great interFACE.
    8:38:38 AM EST - Eberon
    Wow! Great news for the community continues to pour out of the cracks. Today the official site of Face went live! What does the site have, you say? Who cares anyway, now that there won't be any maps? Here's why you should care:
    Well, what can I say? I played [ Deus Ex ] (MP) the other night for the first time in almost two months and I actually enjoyed it, so much so that I'm back!

    Things have calmed down a lot now and I've got quite a bit more spare time too, so I've started mapping again. As you can see from the panel on the right, Hell's Gate will be finished and there's a possibility of a Towers 2!
    As you can see, things are in full swing again! Face has a small note regarding HellsGate on the right panel of his site that you can and should read. In fact, you should just read through the entire site! See it here and also read about the Deus Ex Single Player add-on in the works.

    Welcome back, Face! The community surely is in store for plenty of goodness.

    8:29:15 AM EST - Eberon
    Go play the greasel game. It rules. 'Nuff said.

    (Please note that nobody is putting me up to this. I really love the Greasel game!)

    Exploding trees?? Really?
    8:27:58 AM EST - Eberon
    There's a new tutorial at Deus Ex Ed regarding.. exploding trees! I have no idea where this could be used, but it makes me sad that the birds in Deus Ex never land on trees....

    Again, that tutorial, written by IlluminatIIS can be found here.

    Counterfeit redesign & update.
    8:24:31 AM EST - Eberon
    Counterfeit has a totally new redesign and a lot of goodies for us all. Two new voice actors have joined the team, Hotfoot and MessiahZero. They will be the voices of Dr. Brian Bratkowski and Malcolmb Bradley, respectively. Female voice actors are still needed.

    Now for the goodies: The music designer, Solid, has a music sample that comes from the game's UNRC level. I would provide a download link, but you should visit their site anyway. We all enjoy getting hits ;)

    The media section has also been updated with some concept sketches by Ghandaiah that can be found here.

    Sleepwalking update!
    8:16:12 AM EST - Eberon
    Sleepwalking has a very major update today! For starters, there's an entirely new Flash mockup online that you should send your feedback about. A status update from the team leader indicates that three new mappers and two voice actors have joined the team. Team members are still needed. Positions that need to be filled include coders, texture artists, and musicians. Think you can help out? Send a letter off to the team leader, who goes by the name of Matthew.

    Current work includes script and story writing, storyboarding, character sketching, and blueprint design (for the maps). Work is progressing fairly well on the project. I can't wait to see what's in store next!

    Saturday, June 23, 2001

    Poll results, new poll.
    10:26:07 PM EST - Eberon
    There is a new poll online to your left! This one asks your opinion of the Game of the Year Edition of Deus Ex. The old poll ended with the following results:

    In regards to "Console first, PC second" rumors, I feel:

    ANGRY!!! : 63.6% -- 154 votes.
    A little upset : 12.8% -- 31 votes.
    Indifferent : 6.6% -- 16 votes.
    I know better -- ISA rules! : 16.9% -- 41 votes.

    You want comments on this poll? Here they are:


    Please be sure to cast your vote in the new poll! :)

    WS Gets Credit Where It Isn't Due
    6:21:13 AM EST - BackDoorBandit
    Nextgame.it (Like who's heard of these guys anyway), conducts a Q&A with Warren Spector, but they don't have the slightest clue. Warren of course gives his spiel on gaming, and unfortunately gets credit where he doesn't deserve it. Nextgame.it is an Italian site, so it's not there fault they really don't know jack about what we really do across the waters. They credit Warren with Thief: The Dark Project and Thief 2, which is absurd. Warren worked very minorly, if at all, before leaving for Ion Storm Austin, on Thief: The Dark Project, and he had nothing to do with Thief 2. Here's the introductory paragraph from the Q&A.

    Martian Dreams, The Serpent Isle, Ultima Underworld I-II, Wings of Glory, System Shock, Thief: The Dark Project, Thief II: The Metal Age, Deux Ex. Anyone knows a better way to introduce Warren Spector?

    Anyone know a better way to introduce Warren Spector, they ask? Hell yeah...get your facts straight. You can get the Q&A right here.

    BackDoor's Ramblings 4 Coming Soon!
    12:04:10 AM EST - BackDoorBandit
    Don't jump out of your chair or get too hyped up, but BackDoor's Ramblings 4 is coming up soon. Now I know all you fans out there can't wait (yeah, right), but I just love to flatter myself. I interviewed BackDoor (Oh wait, that's me) the other day and here's what he (me) had to say.

    Well, I just couldn't keep all of my journalism non-brilliance from the community forever, so I felt that I should contribute again ASAP. Although the fans out there may disagree with me views, I really don't give a corn starch A** because I make perfectly good sense to myself.

    Stay tuned for the BackDoor's Ramblings that you all (or maybe not) have been waiting for.

    Friday, June 22, 2001

    GOTY Pricing update.
    2:29:27 PM EST - Eberon
    The time has never been better for Deus Ex fans to get their hands on a shiny box containing the Game of the Year CDs. Chips n' Bits store has started selling Deus Ex GOTY for an introductory price of $32.95. Don't have a copy yet? Get over there and buy, buy, buy! Oh, and BUY IT, too!

    Thursday, June 21, 2001

    A simple menus tutorial.
    12:24:18 AM EST - Eberon
    DX Editing has word of a tutorial written by Damocles, project lead of the DX Vampire mod. It discusses the creation of simple menus within the HUD.

    Find it here on the D-X.org forums.

    Evening news.
    12:21:07 AM EST - Eberon
    Decide has a small update on their site telling us that after a few problems with file sharing services, they have finally and hopefully settled down and will be getting some more work done. Also, Eric would like to draw our attention to his personal site where he has posted some interesting DXMP screenshots.

    A new tutorial has been placed on the Mystery of Ziliphore site entitled "Creating cinematics using CameraPoints". Additionally, NegativeZero is a new voice actor on the team, an auto-install program has been decided as the distribution method for the final release of Mystery of Ziliphore, and the map section has been tweaked with some color changes.

    The Convergence Mod has a new team member, Baldrick, who will be working as a concept artist. Promises of new screenshots and other visuals are given.

    All Your Deus Ex Are Belong To Us has a tweaked layout, more information on their project (weapons, plot, and characters) and four new team members! Modellers are still needed. Apply within.

    Deus Ex 2: Coming to you courtesy of the next Unreal engine!
    12:11:32 AM EST - Eberon
    Bluesnews reports that Ion Austin has licensed the next incarnation of the Unreal engine for Deus Ex 2 and Thief 3! The entire press release containing this information can be found here (thanks again Bluesnews). A snippet follows:
    San Francisco, CA. (June 20, 2001) - Eidos Interactive, (NASDAQ: EIDSY), a leading worldwide interactive entertainment publisher, today announced that ION Storm Austin has been granted a license to use Epic Games' next generation Unreal Engine in their upcoming games. ION Storm Austin used an earlier version of the Unreal Engine technology in the creation of the award winning, genre-bending, first person shooter, Deus Ex.

    "The decision to use the original Unreal Engine as the foundation for Deus Ex was one of the best decisions we made," states Warren Spector, project director on Deus Ex and Studio Director for ION Storm Austin. "Unreal, and the Unreal toolset, freed us to focus on design issues rather than technology which, given the response of public and press to the game, seems to have been a good thing! Looking ahead to future projects, the next generation Unreal Engine offers us even more power, even better tools and a multiplatform solution."
    Also, PCGamer has scored a nice preview of Ion Austin's work with the Unreal II engine. This issue is slated to be on news stands July 15th.

    Wednesday, June 20, 2001

    New project announced: Delusive.
    9:11:05 AM EST - Eberon
    Delusive is another entry into the Deus Ex modding world. This project seeks to put the player in the shoes of an Illuminati agent. Information follows:
    Delusive is mainly a single player mod/TC for Deus Ex (though the TC will also later include new multi-player modes and levels) You are one of the Illuminati's nano-augmented agents charged with the task of keeping them in power. Soon you are caught in the crossfire between them and another even more sinister power, that is slowly eating away at the roots of the Illuminatti's power and using the Illuminati's one strength against them, secrecy. It is taking their power and the Illuminatti can do nothing to stop them; for to do so they would have to come out of secrecy and tell the world that they, the Illuminati, had been secretly, for many years controlling and taking advantage of them. And to do that would mean chaos...
    As it always is with new projects, team members are needed. If you are a 3D artist (modeling, texturing, et al) or a mapper, send your application here. We're also all encouraged to take a look at the forums that were just tweaked for readability purposes.

    The staff of DeusEx-Machina welcomes Delusive to the community!

    New project announced: 2071 : The EdgeRunner Chronicles.
    9:06:08 AM EST - Eberon
    I am very excited to bring news of a new project that is simply titled: 2071 : The EdgeRunner Chronicles. This ambituous project looks to recreate and represent the fabulous world of Cyberpunk fiction that was defined by one of my favorite authors, William Gibson, so long ago. A little description follows:
    To dream of the light fantastic, to melt into the mesh that is the grid - to seek that heavenly gate or the burning lake. To smell the burning crome. To feel the adrenaline that stems from the override. The pulse. To cut ICE like a blade white with heat. To justify existence in a differnt world... in both worlds. Dex was one of the greatest net jockeys ever to punch grid. But that all ended one fateful night when his employers decided he was to much of a liability. Now cut from the only world he knew, Dex makes his way as a pusher in the dark underground of tomorrow’s cities. Dex has no friends no family and no one he can trust. But soon things will change for Dex.
    Wowees. Get on over there and give it a look! Those who wish to join the team (and you should) can send their information here.

    The staff of DeusEx-Machina welcomes 2071 to the community and wishes them best of luck!

    Tuesday, June 19, 2001

    Evening news
    9:18:13 PM EST - Eberon
    No, we're not dead! We're just really tired.

    The X-Strain site has been updated with some screenshots located in their screenies section (no link available due to flash-content)

    Illuminati 2072 has a preview of one of their models on the site. If you want to view it, however, you'll have to install a special viewer from BioVirtual to see it. Hmm. Screenies would have been good enough, methinks.

    Edge of Dark has word that their new site design should be online soon. Props go to Nex for his work on it.

    The Desert Eagle mesh that was released on the Wrath of Halo site a few weeks ago has been completed and is now being moved into the game engine. Anyone who objects to having a gold desert eagle should surprise Gluestick by sending word to him and telling him so.

    Saturday, June 16, 2001

    More Minty tutorial goodness at Deus Ex Ed
    10:17:13 PM EST - Eberon
    Deus Ex Ed, another primary site for tutorials and editing help has two new tutorials this evening again from Minty Fresh Death that cover the tricks he used to create two more of Minty's Mod weapons; the crossbow MK II and the WHAM grenade, the grenade that releases white phosphorus rather than an explosive blast! Check them both out if that's your thing.

    New tutorial at the UC
    10:13:19 PM EST - Eberon
    The Universal Constructor, home of the very helpful downloadable tutorial set, has a new tutorial this evening that covers interpolation. Written by DeX, the tutorial apparently enables modders out there to make objects (most specifically the helicopter) move around the map. Excellent! The next planned tutorial will cover moving the camera around through interpolation techniques.

    New Mod Announced: MeetingPlace.
    10:10:13 PM EST - Eberon
    This time it's a DXMP mod being headed up by Mike "DerianX" Rafuse of DarianX's DXMP Maps and Carsten "Carone" Kraemer, who just recently was honored with the "honorable mention" award from PDX's fan mission contest. A description of the mod is ripped straight from the pages of DXEditing, source of this report:
    Essentially, the mod allows players who join a server to select the map they wish to play, and when you throw in some weapons, they get to fight over the next map. Currently, the mod is up and running on DerianX's server "DerianX's Meeting Place" most of the day. Those who want to see it in use need only join the server and give it a test.
    Sounds like fun! I think I'm going to give it a whirl. Questions, comments, permission to host the mod, and other issues can be mailed to DerianX himself.

    Two online interviews on PS2DX -- wow.
    1:05:35 AM EST - Eberon
    Doing my daily viewing of Stomped and Bluesnews goodness, I spotted an interview over at Gamespot with Harvey Smith and Bill Money (who you should be intimately familiar with by now). The stripper looks very nice on the screen. Viva la motion capture!

    There's also an interview with Bill Money at FGN Online that can be found here. I haven't had the chance to check this one out yet.

    Update: Looks like our friends at PDX are in agreement with us on the dancing nurse.. ;) Notice Bill's big grin as he watches and plays the game.

    Update2: For those of you interested, if you missed the announcement of those savory PS2 screenshots we posted a few days ago, they can be found here.

    Friday, June 15, 2001

    New member at Target Sighted
    6:59:52 PM EST - Eberon
    It seems that the summer months are providing lots of available talents: The Target Sighted mod has a new member, Krystal Browne, who will be be a voiceover talent and character modeler.

    Also reported are some fixes and optimizations to the website, going on right now and in the near future as well.

    New goodies at Deus Ex Ed
    6:57:22 PM EST - Eberon
    Deus Ex Ed has two items for our collective enjoyment: A tutorial on Super Bullets, written by Minty Fresh Death and the Intro of the Mystery of Ziliphore mod. A piece of the introduction of the tutorial follows:
    Yo there. I am Minty Fresh Death and this is my first tutorial, and so I decided to spill the beans on the clever weapon effects in Minty's Mod. The first of which is one of my personal favorites: The Sniper Rifle from Heaven. As those of you who have played the mod know, the rifle shoots out a bullet capable of travelling THROUGH a single wall (or two NPC's). This is the coding for it.
    Exciting! I haven't ever seen the sniper rifle from heaven, but I'm going to start looking. Sounds like fun!

    Counterfeit gains a new member; still needs a mapper.
    6:53:52 PM EST - Eberon
    The Counterfeit mod gained a new member today, NathanKeogh, who will be the voice of Peter Fletcher. He has been added to the team page with the rest of the team.

    Counterfeit is still in need of one mapper! If you have the skills, send your application here.

    Aquinas Hub updates.
    12:20:14 AM EST - Eberon
    The Aquinas Hub has new new staff members! One is King Herrod, who does a little bit of mapping on the side. The other guy, some total loser, runs a little known Deus Ex news site that nobody gives a flying multitool about. I won't even mention him ;P

    Blamer is now the acting head of the site while Csana takes a break. Lucky guy. Look to the Aquinas Hub for lots of the DXMP goodness that you need.

    News from PDX.
    12:16:32 AM EST - Eberon
    Our friends at Planet Deus Ex have announced two very important things. First and perhaps of most interest is a moldy-but-still-tasty interview with Warren Spector. I won't tell you what the subject is; you'll just have to go and find out.

    Second is the official announcement of the opening of the All Your Deus Ex Are Belong To Us mod. The site can be found here. As with most starting-up mods, they will need team members. Check out their join page for information regarding that.

    Thursday, June 14, 2001

    New tutorials at Deus Ex Ed
    8:22:25 AM EST - Eberon
    Deus Ex Ed has two new tutorials: Weapon Modifications : Textures and Weapon Modifications/Multiplayer Modifications : ProjectileClass. If editing is your thing, be sure to check them out. You might learn something!

    DX After Life updates
    8:19:54 AM EST - Eberon
    DX After Life has an update with news that all spelling and grammer(sic) mistakes have been fixed and that the story page has been updated. Additionally, three new sections are open, including skills, features, and magic. An exerpt from the skills page to whet your appetite:
    - You are playing a ghost in a very strange world. The world of dead.
    - The game is a Horror game with investigation elements.
    - You can cast spells. There is a magic system, with magic points, that can help you to cast spells in the dead world.
    - You can read and Decrypt magic books, or clue books.
    - You can go back to the living world for a limited time and frighten people.
    - You can persuade people to give you more information when you talk to them.
    Enjoy, and visit them here.

    New things afoot at Brothers.
    8:11:54 AM EST - Eberon
    DX Brothers has an update telling us that there is a new member, Phatboy, as well as just a couple of site additions, one of them including added sounds (yay). Check them out here.

    Wednesday, June 13, 2001

    Westlake Interactive interview
    7:17:48 PM EST - Eberon
    Thanks to the great folks at Mac Deus Ex for pointing out an interview conducted by Games4Mac. A snippet follows:
    G4M: Which are the main difficulties or differences in the development of Deus Ex PS2 version than Deus Ex Mac port?

    MA: The PS2 is a whole different world than the Mac or PC. There are many limitations (much less RAM for instance), but some benefits (the exact same hardware configuration on every unit sold). Our experience on Deus Ex on the Mac is definitely helping out.
    It's a very interesting read, even for non-mac users. Additionally, Mac Deus Ex has word of an interesting tidbit from an Unreal 2 interview that discusses the addition of a nanotech element into the game. Interesting!

    Tuesday, June 12, 2001

    Deus Ex : After Life needs your help!
    10:26:55 PM EST - Eberon
    A newly announced modification project, Deus Ex : After Life, sends word that there will be a major update tomorrow with more information, including some info about the skill system.

    DX:AL needs your help! Check out their join page for information on team members that are needed at this time. This is a very open-ended project for the time being. Join up now to get a little of your own influence on its story! Many of the concepts have not been decided yet, but from the story page, there are some pretty solid base ideas.

    Welcome After Life!

    DX Vampire: New member and screenshots.
    10:22:33 PM EST - Eberon
    The DX Vampire site has been updated with word of a new mapper, Kamikaze, who I believe happens to be the same person that runs and operates DX Brothers. There are also some screenshots up of the latest work from Kamikaze and Pheonix. Check the "Other" section.

    New staff member at DXEditing.
    10:18:31 PM EST - Eberon
    DXEditing, everyone's favorite site for all things editing has a new staff member, DarthBane. The staff of DeusEx-Machina.com welcome DarthBane to the community and hope that his newsposting job will be an enjoyable and fun experience :)

    Mystery of Ziliphore updates.
    10:15:56 PM EST - Eberon
    The Mystery of Ziliphore has a new logo created by Crash. Word is also posted that Liquid Snake is working hard on mission 3.

    Target Sighted switches hands.
    10:14:06 PM EST - Eberon
    The Target Sighted mod has switched hands. Aesthesia has taken the reigns of the project and is in the process of reconstructing the site and some of Target Sighted's concepts. Be sure to stay with their site for future developments.

    The Co-Op project launches!
    10:12:43 PM EST - Eberon
    The Co-Op project, a product of the Convergence mod has launched! Comments from the Convergence site follow:
    I'm happy to announce that the Co-Op Project has been launched finally. Just click on the link above to head over to the site and see what the project is all about.

    The modding community is a very important factor in every teams development process. This project is a chance for everyone from the various mod projects out there to come together and produce a new style of gameplay for DX.

    So far the two contributing groups are Deicide who's leader Geordie has been the man running the show and Convergence who has all 3 of our coders involved with the project.
    The Co-Op project can be found here.

    You got Ghand? I do.
    12:26:23 AM EST - Eberon
    There's a new edition of Got Ghand at PDX tonight. For those of you who know it, there isn't much to say. For those of you who don't know it.. you don't deserve any more words. Read it and become part of the in-crowd.

    I'm tired.
    12:25:24 AM EST - Eberon
    And there's a new version of Dex's mod loader available in the UC's file section.

    Thanks go to our friends at PDX for word of a new mod that has been released called "Shade vs Human", apparently some kind of Aliens vs. Humans project. Download it here.

    Also from PDX is word of jobs at Ubisoft for those who have experience with UnrealEd. (update: it seems that we also received word and a post was made on our own mother site here).

    Monday, June 11, 2001

    Evening news.
    10:31:53 PM EST - Eberon
    The Wrath of Halo has a new member, Jim, who will be a sound technician and concept artist. Excellent news for Halo, who opened about a month ago.

    The Deus Ex SWAT Mod is in need of team members; specifically, mappers and animators. The contact for applications is here. Alternatively, you can visit the join page (that seems to indicate that a coder and voice actors are also needed) for more information.

    EXCLUSIVE PS2 screenshots here!
    9:52:28 PM EST - Eberon
    Good news! We've aquired five, count 'em, five screenshots of the Playstation 2 version of Deus Ex! They can all be found here with captions to boot.

    We're very excited about these and the progress that has been made in the way of the game. The interface has been greatly improved as well as the models and character motion. Even if you're not a PS2 fan, be sure to take a look at what the team has been doing lately.

    As always, you get 'em here only and/or first, because we love ya! :) What are ya waiting for, click on this text already!

    New Aquinas Hub deisgn online.
    11:17:45 AM EST - Eberon
    The new Aquinas Hub design will be online this afternoon. Word from Thrawn indicates that all code has been transferred to the new layout. If you'd like to see the new layout in advance, check it out here. The new poll is also available through that link.

    Update: The new design is now in place. New features include improvements to readability, a news archive, a brand new poll(!), and the golden datacube rating. Features still in the works are a write your own review system, the special silver medallion rating (sounds like honorable mention), and a search feature. The hosting that the Aquinas Hub has seems to have having problems at the moment. If you experience problems, please try refreshing the page.

    Sunday, June 10, 2001

    Goodies from Mystery of Ziliphore.
    8:46:29 PM EST - Eberon
    The Mystery of Ziliphore site has a few updates today! First and foremost, LiquidSnake has created an intro that is actually a downloadable map! There are also some new screens from mission 2. Crash's mission 5 map should be completed by next week, too.

    Good news from a just recently announced project. I love it when work is churned out at a constant rate :)

    Morning news.
    8:18:22 AM EST - Eberon
    Let's see what's in store for today:

    I can't recall if I posted about this or not, so here it is again, either for the first time or for a reminder: KGB from counterfeit has a few more duties, as small as they may be. He is now the public relations guy! Errr, congrats? :)

    There is a HUGE update at Indecision that I won't even go into detail about here. See it for yourself if you are at all interested in the project. The progress update is pretty impressive. Want to join the team? Send your application here.

    Now that school is out (for most), the webmaster of Sleepwalking is going to work overtime to produce a flash version of the site. The team is also in need of a female voice actor and someone with an english accent as well. Applications can be sent here. Mappers, texture artists, and coders are needed as well.

    DX Vampire has a new member, Wayne Earthman, who will be modeling for the project. There is also a new section within the screenshots section of the site for images of work that the team members have previously done.

    Unfortunate change or better idea? Brothers has switched a lot of the team in and out and now has a new goal as well: making DXMP maps. Pimp-JoJo and Sam White left Brothers, Lostmaster was removed, and Zenzelezz has been added to the team. Of course, along with such a change comes another site redesign (too bad, the other one was really nice). Anyone that wishes to be a part of this new group focusing on DXMP maps (it may even be beneficial to you -- you will have consultants while you're working on your map :) ) can send word here. I hope that's right (it's what's listed on their site) but if it's not, try adding an s to the end of "brother".

    Excellent news for those of you who want to join Despot and myself as most honorable Deus Ex News Monkeys (as he likes to put it): Deus-Ex.org is going through its second revivial. This time, the webmaster position has been handed down to Evil_Invasion, who happens to be the site's forum admin as well. Newsposters are wanted, so apply within if you are interested.

    Go screw Yourself*
    12:04:30 AM EST - Eberon
    (* - yes, I know the title is a little daring, but I had to have fun with that name. I couldn't resist)

    Sadly, famed mapper Face's frustration continues even over a month after the announcement that he was departing the DXMP community.

    It appears that someone who was given the very high privilege of beta testing HellsGate decided to be utterly stupid and distribute the map when it was in fact neither finished nor his place to do so. And so, thanks to the actions of another foolish one, it has been announced by Face in this public thread that HellsGate will never be finished. A piece of the post follows:
    It has come to my attention that a certain person has been hosting a beta version of Hell's Gate. This person, [Y]YOURSELF, was a beta tester for the map whilst I was still developing it. The only right he had was to play the map LOCALLY (not hosted) or connected to my password protected server.

    He has distributed the map to at least one person, claiming to be a beta testing. I was never asked by him if it was ok and he acted regardless of my explicit instructions set out when he became a beta tester. By hosting the map on an unprotected server he has effectively allowed anyone to get the map. In his defence he said the map name was renamed, but the map was the same Hells Gate.
    If I sound bitter or rash, it is because I am. I cannot believe that someone would be so utterly disrespectful of another person. I can't believe that someone would use another's beta work and distribute it as if it did not matter. The sheer fact that someone had the nerve to do something like this has my blood boiling. Make your own comments in the aforementioned thread if you feel the need.

    Friday, June 08, 2001

    Mystery of Ziliphore gains a new member.
    2:51:41 PM EST - Eberon
    Whoops, tied up in my announcement post, I forgot to post that the Mystery of Ziliphore project got a new team member yesterday, Scozzy. He will be a tester, as designated on the team page. Would you like to help? Positions for modellers and mappers are available. Join up here.

    New modification announced: The Paul Denton Story.
    10:55:52 AM EST - Eberon
    A new mod project has been announced, dubbed The Paul Denton Story. It will take place before the events in the original Deus Ex. The player will control Paul as he rises from rookie to top agent at UNATCO.

    Interested in helping out? Send a letter this way.

    New Review at the Aquinas Hub
    7:03:47 AM EST - BackDoorBandit
    Csana sent word that he has posted a new review over at the Aquinas Hub. The map reviewed is DXMP_NYC-Streets. It's basically Hell's Kitchen modified to suit the Multiplayer aspect of DX. Here's a snip for ya to chew on.

    DXMP_NYC-Streets is unique in the sense that it utilizes the environmental resistance skill. There are bullet vests and thermoptic camo to be found; look for them in the vans. This definitely adds to the gameplay, since you can now be invisible without the cloak aug. What’s more, you can also have a weapon out, and be cloaked at the same time. This can be a bit unbalancing at times, so keep those EMP grenades handy.

    You can grab the review with 6 screenshots by clicking on this highlighted portion of the text.

    Thursday, June 07, 2001

    New modification announced: Mystery of Ziliphore
    7:22:07 PM EST - Eberon
    I'm a little late with news of this one, but a new modification project dubbed the Mystery of Ziliphore has opened its doors. A little about the project from its story page:
    After twenty years of exceptional service Liquid Snake was let go from the military’s secret special forces unit. Wanting to find the reason for his dismissal Liquid Snake stumbles upon another secret. Liquid Snake’s father who has been missing since Liquid was in his teens may be alive. Not only that, but his father may be at the centre of a huge underground conspiracy focused on the Ziliphore, the mythical element that is thought to be the source of the greatest power. After retrieving this information Liquid finds that his family has been kidnapped. The ones behind the kidnapping is an organization known as the Ziliphore Seekers. Are they just a random terrorist organization or could they be behind his father’s disappearance, and what do they want with Liquid Snake’s family? To find out the answers to these questions and find the true meaning of Ziliphore you must play the Mystery of Ziliphore.
    If you would like to help out, check out the join page here.

    Jay Franke (JC Denton) Gets Interviewed
    7:20:27 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
    Jay Franke, the voice of JC Denton, Paul Denton, and some other characters in Deus Ex was interviewed over at PC.IGN.com. Below is a part of the interview I really liked, because it gives you a very nice insight of Warren Spector and the kind of man he really is.

    IGNPC: So where does J. Frankie go from Deus Ex?

    Jay Franke: At the time I worked for Ion Storm. I work for Activision now, but I would love to work for Warren again. Warren Specter is one of the most brilliant men I ever worked for in my life. Not only that, he's also one of the most amazingly personable guys I've ever met.

    I had gotten married right before the project and my company Ion Storm and Eidos said, "Hey, you're going to be here and you're working this and doing that." Warren Spector jumped in and said, "Hey, you just got married. Go home." Second of all, Warren's record speaks for himself. He makes great games. If someone came up to me and said, "Warren Spector's working on a game, wanna work on it?" In a second.

    The interview gives you some nice insight of Jay Franke himself as well. What are you waiting for? Go read the whole interview already.

    Evening mod news.
    7:17:59 PM EST - Eberon
    I do apologize for being a little slow with news lately. I would bore you with the details, but I'm sure you'd rather be saving the world as JC instead.

    The Counterfeit mod has a new team member, Solid. He'll be the sound guru for the project. A list of the current team members can be found here.

    When Darkness Falls, home to Lostmaster, has an entirely new layout. Keep checking in the near future for fixed links and additions.

    PDX reports that All Your Deus Are Belong To Us is in need of modellers, coders, and mappers. Can you help out? Send your application here.

    New mini-mod at Darkstalker's.
    7:09:20 PM EST - Eberon
    Many of you who have been tracking the community for a long time may remember Darkstalker and his mini mods. Now that school season is over, Darkstalker offers us another fun widget: The respawning TNT crate! Get it in his files section. Hopefully we can look forward to more zany and interesting mods from Darkstalker this summer.

    New Macintosh patch.
    10:59:51 AM EST - Eberon
    Good news for Macintosh conspiracy breakers out there: a new patch is available! It fixes many multiplayer bugs and improves the EAX support in the game. Grab it here. Thanks to Mac Deus Ex for the heads-up.

    Wednesday, June 06, 2001

    Another Warren Interview
    11:16:54 AM EST - BackDoorBandit
    Staffan, of the TTLG staff, contacted me via email last night and told me of another interview with Warren Spector on http://www.tolstiy.ag.ru/. I took a quick glance at the interview last night, but the site doesn't seem to want to come up this morning. Below is the description Staffan gave me of the interview.

    It seems someone named Tolstiy interviewed Warren on the preproduction of games. Since nothing is firm on either T III or DX2, he doesn't go into details. But still the short article is very nice reading if you have a deeper interest in game development and how it works. (the short answer is gutfeeling)

    Have a look at http://www.tolstiy.ag.ru/what/spector.htm for the full interview. Though not much tangible news on DX2, Mr Spector says "I'm just itching to turn Harvey and the DX2 team loose. We'll start talking soon enough!" and refers to talking about DX2 only with Tolstiy.

    You can get the interview at this link right here.

    Words (and a tutorial) from the wise.
    11:02:17 AM EST - Eberon
    DeX from the Universal Constructor (a DX editing tutorial and help site) has made a small retraction to something he said a few days ago in a tutorial. His advice is to NOT use the JP9000 mod loader, but instead to use the Team UC mod loader. He has written a short tutorial on using the mod loader that can be found here. Additionally, he was kind enough to write a utility of his own that will assist you in using the mod loader. Cheers!

    Convergence updates.
    10:54:55 AM EST - Eberon
    I'll just take the quote directly from Straius on the Convergence site:
    The promised update is on its way to being finished. Due to the many problems in launching the Co-Op website we have been unable to update everything fully.

    Convergence Updates:

    - Map List has been extended
    - Partial Weapons list has been posted
    - NEW song has been added to our MUSIC section.
    - Credits have been updated with our new team members.

    Co-Op Project Updates:

    - The Co-Op project is on it's way to being finished. Sorry for the abnoxious Coming Soon! logo
    Well, there you have it. Check out the site now and later on for the rest of the updates!

    Tuesday, June 05, 2001

    EIDOS Making A Come Back?
    7:42:15 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
    An article regarding EIDOS and the past year or so of its financial ups and downs has been posted over at Independent News. The article basically talks about the woes of EIDOS and how this next year should be a better year. Or should it? Head on over to the article and make your own decision.

    If you're asking yourself, "What do we care about EIDOS", you'd better educate yourself, because they're the publisher of the upcoming Deus Ex 2 and Thief 3 from ISA.

    Another piece of eye candy.
    7:09:14 PM EST - Eberon
    Hey there! Just a quick note: We have another piece of eye candy to the left, this time from the Dune mod. It's a pretty good looking shot of the light machine gun. As always, click for a larger version and caption. Haven't been with us lately? Use the menu below to select the week you want.


    The future looks bright.
    5:05:06 PM EST - Eberon
    If the PDX contest winners are any indication, the modification projects that consist of many people should be absolutely stunning. I just finished the grand prize winner's map, called Double Cross. I have to say that I am absolutely shocked and stunned at how well the Deus Ex feel translated into a fan work.

    Hang in there, people. These releases are 20 minute FM's that consist of only a few maps. I can't wait to be blown away when the 15-20 map projects are finally released. I am drooling. If you haven't checked out the contest winners yet, DO IT! It's worth the download time, even if you're on a 14.4kbps connection. Trust me.

    The results are in!
    3:19:18 PM EST - Eberon
    The Planet Deus Ex fan mission contest are in! Read the press release by Warren Spector right here. Congratulations to the following folk that won prizes!

  • Grand Prize Tristan 'Jherax' Blease
  • Second Prize Alex 'BigAL' Reid
  • Third Prize Ray Wenderlich

  • Congratulations to you all! Visit the aforementioned link for the descriptions and file downloads! Even if your map did not win, you can still share it with the community. Submit it to one of the various Deus Ex editing sites, including DXEditing and Deus Ex Ed for some publicity. I know that I'd love playing each and every one of them.

    FGN Previews Interview
    10:03:54 AM EST - BackDoorBandit
    FGN (Future Games Network) threw up a preview of their upcoming interview with Bill Money of ISA. Bill Money is the Associate Producer of the DX PS2 project. The inerview will be posted later this week, but FGN wanted us all to know what's in store. Below is a piece of the preview.

    Money continued, "We've made changes to the game for the Playstation 2 however; one of the major additions has been our character art. We have remodelled all of the characters within the world to higher polygon versions. We are now using a skeletal animation system with all the character data gathered from an extensive motion capture session. Characters now look and move in a more natural fashion. This makes the world feel much more alive and real."

    Keep those eyes open for the full interview later on this week.

    Monday, June 04, 2001

    BackDoor's Ramblings: Catching Up...With Yourself
    6:16:35 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
    My first BackDoor's Ramblings in a while...I know, it's been a long time. Anyways, it's up. Read it, take note, and feel free to email me and let me know what you think. As always, all opinions are welcome, and I look forward to bringing you many more of my Ramblings. You can find my latest Ramblings at the link below. I hope you enjoy it.

    BackDoor's Ramblings: Catching Up...With Yourself

    DX 2 First Look at 3DActionPlanet
    10:44:19 AM EST - BackDoorBandit
    While it's still a bit early to do a first look (in my opinion) on the upcoming Deus Ex 2, 3DActionPlanet has posted up one. The person who wrote up the First Look doesn't look at the whole picture very well. For instance, at one point during the article he says, "While there has been no official word on which engine will be used to power DE2, it seems most likely that Ion will use one of the big 3: Quake 3, Unreal 2, or Lithtech 2." If you're going to list the latest incarnations of those game engines, that are in their complete or incomplete form, then it would be Quake 3/Doom, Unreal Warfare/2, and Lithtech 3.0. He does say, however; "Unreal 2 seems to be the most likely, based on the fact that Deus Ex was powered on the original Unreal engine." This is easily plausible and would be my first guess as well. The programmers already know how the Unreal engine was coded, and know how to use the tools effectively. I wouldn't doubt Ion Storm Austin using the Unreal Warfare/2 engine on both Thief 3 and DX 2, but we'll have to wait and see. Below is an excerpt from the First Look that I liked very much.

    So, naturally, with the lack of information available to the public at this time (there's not even a screenshot out yet!), a release date isn't even being considered. However, rest assured that the game is being worked on, and we shall get our fix of Deus Ex in the future. And despite the fact that the game is being developed with consoles in mind, Ion knows that Deus Ex is a hot property, and I'd be surprised to see them let it slip. We do have quite a wait on our hands, though, so don't plan on getting rid of Deus Ex multiplayer anytime soon.

    If you'd like to give the developers of DX 2 some input of what you'd like to see in the sequel, then visit the Deus Ex 2: Ideas and Concepts forums over on the TTLG Network of Deus Ex Forums. Heck, you might as well, join the TTLG family and visit all of the TTLG Forums.

    New Wrath of Halo screenie.
    10:15:20 AM EST - Eberon
    Ok, well maybe not a screenie, but it's a model of the minigun that will be appearing in the mod. Check it out on their site at this location.

    Counterfeit needs help.
    10:13:50 AM EST - Eberon
    The Counterfeit mod needs some help. Right now they are in need of one level designer and many voice actors. If you think you can help out, send an e-mail to them with a sample of your work. If you are interested, be sure to thoroughly read through their site, including the job descriptions in the latest news post. You're going to need a lot of knowledge about the project if you want to work in it!

    Deus Ex 2 "First Look"
    10:11:20 AM EST - Eberon
    Thanks to Planet Deus Ex for pointing out this article on the fabulous 3D action planet site. The article gives a little information about Deus Ex 2, but nothing necessarily concrete or informative. Still, an interesting read if you'd like to try and dig up some information that could be buried in the words. Be warned: Some of the things said about the console issue are false!

    Read it here.

    Sunday, June 03, 2001

    Deus Ex Music CD, redux.
    11:16:04 PM EST - Eberon
    There seems to be some confusion among people that heard (or interpreted) from other news sites that the Deus Ex music CD from Alex Brandon had already been made available for purchase. To be as clear as we were when we posted it earlier: This is not true! The Deus Ex custom music CD will not be available for a couple more months. (To recap) It will contain 5-8 tracks that have never been heard before, and will cost $10, payable through paypal. Do not order now! Thank you for your cooperation.

    There's a thread that discusses this issue here.

    Evening news.
    11:11:53 PM EST - Eberon
    Well, not much going on tonight. A few site updates and some external features.

    The Illuminati2072 site has a note from Jim McBrearty telling fans that his finals end on Thursday. After that, well-paced progress shall return to the project!

    There seems to be a somewhat incomplete skyboxes tutorial at Deus Ex Ed. Maybe it'll be fixed soon.

    Warzone seems to have fixed its font color issues, and it is now readable again. :)

    There are a couple of new things over at PDX, including a new Got Ghand and a strange interview with Slicer, the administrator of the Conspiracy DXMP server.

    New team member for Convergence.
    9:04:01 PM EST - Eberon
    The Convergence Mod has a new team member, Steyr AUG. He will be modeling weapons for the team along with Stax.

    Additionally, the entire team now has activated e-mail addresses. See the contacts in their credits section.

    New forum!
    7:25:05 PM EST - Eberon
    Following a reorganization of existing topics, there have been a couple of additions to the TTLG Forums. Most notable is the Deus Ex 2 Ideas and Concepts forum. Definitely mosey on over there and put in your suggestions!

    New community site coming: DeusEx-Fr!
    12:17:53 PM EST - Eberon
    There's a new site in the works that is slated to be opened on Wednesday, June 6th. What's it called? DeusEx-Fr, a resource site for everything Deus Ex -- in french!

    Deus Ex-Fr's first hosted site is.. the zombie mod!

    Since Antena Deus Ex's reported closure, Deus Ex Fr will rise up to be the one-stop source for all french-speaking folk. Even if you're not a speaker of the language, be sure to visit every so often. They have an awesome layout with some nice graphics!

    DeusEx-Machina gives DeusEx-Fr a warm welcome. May your presence be long and remembered!

    Saturday, June 02, 2001

    Well ok, maybe a little news.
    11:46:09 PM EST - Eberon
    Deus Ex Ed has four new tutorials. They are: adding nanokeys, Zones and zone portals, Particle generators, and multiplayer modifications. Enjoy!

    Honesty is the best policy?
    11:37:03 PM EST - Eberon
    I've had a really terrible, draining day. I'm going to bed. News updates resume tomorrow. My deepest apologies.

    Arx Fatalis Fansite - StygianAbyss.com is Open
    12:10:27 AM EST - Dan
    The Arx Fatalis & Underworld Site, www.StygianAbyss.com is OPEN! Yeah, took me long enough, eh? The site has a damn fine staff, and is off to a real great start, with news on the Arx Fatalis Playable Demo you need to be looking out for come September. Gotta love pre-release demos, that way we can tell the developers what we like and don't like, and they can make a better game based on player feedback. Visit that site. Visit that site often. Boomark it. I want StygianAbyss.com to become just as big as The Circle! Haha!

    Friday, June 01, 2001

    Feedback feedback feeeeedback.
    11:50:55 PM EST - Eberon
    The Redsun2020 crew have brought up a new topic in their forums for discussion on their new snapshots! Post your feedback here.

    A reminder from Convergence.
    11:18:23 PM EST - Eberon
    Straius reminds us that the Convergence Mod has its own forum for discussions and whatnot! Their very own forum can be reached through the main Deus-Ex.org forum portal here. Leave your comments, questions, and suggestions.

    Happy Birthday MDX!
    11:15:06 PM EST - Eberon
    Major resource for Macintosh Deus Ex players and excellently written strategy guides, Mac Deus Ex is one year old today! Lots of treats come along with this anniversary, including yet another expansion of the site. With the new news system in place, Mac Deus Ex can now start accepting applications for more staff members. The future looks bright for our friends over at MDX!

    Also, don't forget that you can get your own swanky @macdeusex.com e-mail address here.

    Evening news.
    6:39:00 PM EST - Eberon
    Lumped together is a bunch of small site updates!

    The Universal Constructor has updated their downloadable tutorial database with the latest tutorials (about eight). Make sure to download the new version(4.68MB) if you're interested or involved in Deus Ex editing!

    Deus Ex Ed who were reporting problems just yesterday with the .plan system, seem to have things back in order. They ask that if you are a regular poster to please let them know if there are any remaining kinks in the system.

    Thrawn, webmaster of The Aquinas Hub has a small note that he is thinking about another site redesign. One of his ideas is a news commenting system. Got more? Send them his way. Also don't forget that you can apply to be a staff writer for the Aquinas Hub. Send your application here.

    Get your drool buckets.
    12:56:41 PM EST - Eberon
    Because Redsun2020 just redid their snapshots section with twenty brand new ones! Check them all out here.

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