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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

A severe degredation of quality.
11:00:27 PM EST - Eberon
Thanks to Dylan for writing in to tell us about a story that appeared on gamespot recently regarding Deus Ex: Clan Wars, a title that Eidos announced a few months ago. Here's the skinny:
As it turns out, the similarities between Snowblind and Deus Ex are no coincidence. Sources close to the game's development confirmed today that the game began as Deus Ex: Clan Wars, the tactical "Deus Ex 'Action' game" mentioned in an Eidos financial report in April. "It did begin as Clan Wars," they said, "but it began to take a direction of its own."
I suppose the game could be good in its own right, but I am very disgusted to see Eidos whoring around the Deus Ex name as it has been. At least the name didn't stick.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

The Nameless Mod marches on
4:50:36 PM EST - Eberon
Trestkon sends word that his daughter project, The Nameless Mod has just published a large group of new things to its new website design. The rundown is as follows:
  • A 4 minute trailer video
  • New information & improvements to every site section
  • News (!)
  • A recruitment announcement
Don't be shy - show your support in these bleak days of Deus Ex mod progress. Visit the Nameless Mod and while you're there tell them thanks for sticking to it!

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Redsun 2020 released, maturing.
8:59:18 AM EST - Eberon
Everyone's nearly last hope for more Deus Ex goodness, Redsun 2020 released their files to the public last weekend. Unfortunately, the release was plagued with problems, as can be anticipated with such a large undertaking. Now that (much) patching has been done, I declare the project safe to play and enjoy thoroughly.

What're you waiting for? Get on the ball and fire up the original Deus Ex again for some good times with a new group of faces. And, if you haven't already, take some time to download and install The Cassandra Project, another excellent work from the creative fanbase.

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