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Tuesday, July 25, 2000

Contra Deus Ex Needs You
2:38:41 AM EST - Slogun
The new co-op mod announced for Deus Ex, Contra Deus Ex, is looking for some talented people in the community to lend a hand. Specifically they are looking for 3D modelers, UnrealScript programmers, and level designers. If you think you fit the bill go ahead and send an e-mail over to Tabris at echastain@kaxis.cx.

Deus Ex Benchmarking
2:22:34 AM EST - Slogun
The German 3D gaming site,3D Center.de, has posted a new guide to benchmarking Deus Ex with an included timedemo. Some of the site is in German so babelfish may come in handy.

Deus Ex Walkthrough
2:00:36 AM EST - Slogun
Deus-Ex.org also has a new walkthrough going that covers the first two parts of mission one of Deus Ex. Sweet.

New Cheats and Skills Guide @ Deus-Ex.org
1:57:54 AM EST - Slogun
Deus-Ex.org has been some new content with an updated Skills Guide and Cheat Guide. Good luck to all of you still hacking your way through this gem.

Deus Ex Demo Add-on
1:52:44 AM EST - Slogun
Daily Radar has posted an add-on to the original Deus Ex Demo. The demo contains the second mission of Deus Ex and requires the first demo in order to run. Head over to Daily Radar to download both.

Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Deus Ex Fan Fiction at DXNation
9:10:24 PM EST - Slogun
DXNation has updated their Fan Fiction section with two new works. "Before the Strike" and "UNATCO Resignation Policies." Thanks to Funch for the heads up.

Deus Ex Review at VE
9:03:33 PM EST - Slogun
The pimps with very long slide whistles over at VoodooExtreme have smacked up their review of Deus Ex. Here's a quote:

"Deus Ex is the best example of a story-driven action game that I've seen since Half-Life. This game should serve as a reminder that single-player games are far from dead. If you don't have the cash to buy this game, sell a bodily fluid...you'll thank me later."

Overall VE gives Deus Ex a 95%. Grab the review here.

Deus Ex Review at Newsweek
8:44:54 PM EST - Slogun
MSNBC and Newsweek have a review of Deus Ex in their July 24th edition of Cyberscope. It is a small review but it is nice to see Deus Ex getting the coverage it deserves.

Deus Ex Mac Demo Date?
8:39:06 PM EST - Slogun
Inside Mac Games is reporting that the Deus Ex demo for Mac users should be out next week. Here's the exact quote from programmer Ken Cobb:

"It should be around the end of next week. And it will be huge."

There you have it. You can find the full story here.

Deus Ex Review at GamePig
8:34:22 PM EST - Slogun
GamePig has just released their review of Deus Ex. Here's a snip:

"The design philosophy of "interactivity" permeates Deus Ex, making it feel much more like a world to explore, than a game to be beaten. Almost everything you see can be played with and used in some way. If there's a plant on your boss' desk, you can pick it up and throw it at him - and he'll tell you to grow up. Newspapers can be read, furniture can be moved to block off doors, ATMs can be hacked for cash. NPCs can even be killed off, altering the storyline."

The review is very well written, and, in the end, gives Deus Ex a 93%. Click here to get your fix.

Monday, July 17, 2000

Deus Ex Reviews
3:23:50 PM EST - Slogun
We've got two new Deus Ex reviews for you kids coming in this morning. They are as follows:

3DGN - A nice long review that ends up giving Deus Ex an A overall.

Dragon Games Online - This is a much shorter review. They give Deus Ex a 97% overall.

Thanks to Joseph Relca III and Dicky Stutz for the heads-up on that one.

Deus Ex Walkthrough
3:15:18 PM EST - Slogun
The Gamer's Press has slapped up a nice little Deus Ex Walkthrough. The walkthrough chronicles the game past Hong Kong. Head on over to The Gamer's Press to check it out.

Deus Ex #5 in Week 3
2:57:06 PM EST - Slogun
GameWeek is reporting the new TRST numbers for the week of 7/2/2000. Deus Ex moved up this week from the #8 spot to #5, probably due to community praise and aggresive pricing. Head on over to GameWeek to take a look at the list.

Sunday, July 16, 2000

Contra Deus Ex Interview
3:13:25 PM EST - Slogun
Tabris, the man behind the newly announced co-op mod for Deus Ex, Contra Deus Ex, has agreed to answer a few questions about the mod. Without further ado:

1. Will Contra Deus Ex be set in the Deus Ex universe or are we looking at a whole new game universe?

We are looking at the Deus Ex Universe still. The original game never did venture too much into the condition of certain countries, and not-so-secret societies that have been around since even before the Illuminati. We will be using a lot of source material from "Old world" conspiracy theory (Ming Voyages, Silk Road, Meiji Era etc....). Spain and Japan were both unexplored in the original game, and at the moment Spain (who is one of the strongest members of the European Union and the weakest in the UN) is in an ideal position not to be a part of the MJ12 conspiracy theory. Japan also has always stayed wary of their dealings with foreign countries, only opening up their ports by force (which was the only reason why the Meiji Era happened). Japan and Spain will be the main focus of the game, with Philadelphia as well as some of the other Deus Ex locations (and possibly Peking). The player might have unexpected allies throughout the game, and will find out what is the REAL conspiracy that is slouching towards completion. Notice that in Deus Ex, the weaker countries of the world were explored. It is difficult to pin a date on it, but the US has been in decline for years now. China is catching up, and Japan, although weakening economically (because of a stagnant private sector), is even more threatening to the US. The US' government sponsored weapons research and space research facilities such as Lockheed-Martin still essentially hold the market, but not very tightly. NASA and Lockheed-Martin are losing ground very quickly to new corporations, and Japan along with China are intensively researching space and weapons development. There are many more reasons that the US is (obviously) declining, but I would have to write a book to detail everything. China in the world of Deus Ex is relatively weak as well. It is the only country of its kind in the world, but MJ12 has control over it. For a European power like MJ12 to control China, China would have to be in very bad shape. The last time something like that happened was during the Opium wars, when the Europeans essentially got the Chinese hooked on Opium, and used that to their advantage. They "negotiated" Spheres of influence that allowed them to treat the chinese worse than dogs (games of polo using chinese men as steeds were common). Though MJ12's control is subversive, SOMEONE had to give in to MJ12 consciously, and the Chinese are very stubborn and have had hubris ever since ancient times. The player will start off as an operative for a group in Spain, which is THE center of commerce as a result of many things, including some that I can't disclose at this time (read: SPOILERS if I do).

2. You stated in your post that you wish to make Contra Deus Ex playable as a singleplayer game. Is it possible to play through the mod as one person in singleplayer, or will singleplayer gaming consist of using a team of bots?

You will be able to play the game as one person in two ways, either in a multiplayer game (in which people can join you later on) or in a single-player game (one player only). One of the biggest challenges I will have will be getting level scalability to work right. Diablo II takes the brute force approach and just adds more monsters as more players join, which could be easily implemented; Essentially though, I tend to dislike this approach and am looking at ways to make scalable puzzles/traps as well as scalable NPCs.

3. What is the official number of people that will be able to play co-op at once?

No official number yet =). I would say that 8 would be an educated guess, but I don't know for sure until I actually get scalability up and running and QA stuff worked out (I don't want everyone and their brother lagging out like on Battle.net the day of Diablo II's launch).

4. What ideas do you have for communicating between your team effectively? Will there be drop down menus for communication a la Unreal Tournament?

I was originally thinking of just using Unreal Tournament's way of communicating, but I think that using the infolinks of each player would be much cooler. I am still looking at alternative ways of doing effective communication between team members. I, if at all possible, might also include voice support. This would involve a lot of work but would give an immense payoff. But even then that is just an embellishment. As to sending messages to either teammates or the general game, pressing the key bound to talk once would prompt you for something to say in the general game, while pressing that key twice would prompt you for something to say to your teammates. There will of course still be the option to have multiple squads, and in that situation talking to the general game (to coordinate attacks) is useful. Effective team communication is the foundation for a great game, and there are some additional things I intend to add so that attacks can be effectively planned.

Wheew! Those are some serious answers folks. You can check out the announcement of Contra Deus Ex over here. You can contact Tabris about the mod here.

Deus Ex Skills Guide
2:54:51 PM EST - Slogun
Deus-Ex.org has whipped up a little guide that goes over the basics of the skills in Deus Ex. The guide is pretty basic, so beginners only on this one.

Saturday, July 15, 2000

Witchboy on the SDK
3:37:01 PM EST - Slogun
I've got a few quotes for you kids here from witchboy on the Deus Ex SDK that came about from a little correspondence. The first is on general SDK plans:

"SDK plans are still tentative, but we know we want to do it. Currently we've assigned two people--writer Sheldon Pacotti and associate producer Bob White--to work out some of the details."

The second piece of info is on what the SDK will contain:

"The SDK will (most likely) include the modified DX Unreal-based editor and the DX ConEdit conversation/flag system written by Albert Yarusso and used, primarily, by Sheldon Pacotti."

SDK = Ruler of my Deus Ex inspired world.

Deus Ex Multiplayer Mod #2: Contra Deus Ex
3:25:55 PM EST - Slogun
There is a post over on the Ion Storm BBS announcing yet another Deus Ex Multiplayer Mod (DXMM for short :) called Contra Deus Ex. Here's the lowdown:

"Contra Deus Ex is a cooperative multiplayer RPG that spans everywhere from Spain to Philadelphia with its epic storyline. In Contra Deus Ex, you must cooperate with other players to accomplish your mission, and the AI and level design reflect this. To further strengthen the bond you need with your teammates, the levels are scalable, so no teammate will go unused. The characters are persistent, so you can develop a truly unique character. There are special items, unique items, new weapon enhancements, and wearable armor, all of which show on your character's model, and a trade window to trade money and items. In addition, there are new skills, new weapons, new augmentations, and AI enhancements. It is being developed by Alpha Interactive (my 8-strong development team). Just letting you guys know that Neo's isn't the only multiplayer mod, and I definitely think that witchboy would like this project :)"

Anyone who would like to lend a hand to the project should contact Tabris.

Deus Ex Interview
3:13:09 PM EST - Slogun
There is a Deus Ex interview up at PCGameWorld that talks with Harvey "witchboy" Smith and Sheldon Pacotti about Deus Ex. Here's a snip:

PCGW: And now the final question (and most obvious)…what's next for the Ion Storm folks at Austin? Deus Ex 2?

SP: Definitely a Deus Ex 2, plus two or three other projects currently in a numinous stage of preconception. Not much has been nailed down for sure yet. I'm likely to be as surprised as you are by what comes next....

All in all a very interesting interview. Head on over to read the whole shebang

Direct 3D Deus Ex Fix
2:58:34 PM EST - Slogun
Some users who are having trouble with the new patch may find this bit of info useful. Chad Warren has posted this little bit of info on the Ion Storm BBS. Check it:

"If this is you, please help us correct the problem. Open your deusex.ini file.

Find the section titled [Firstrun].

Delete the line that says Firstrun=400.

Save and exit deusex.ini

This will force a re-initialization of the rendering system. Make sure you choose D3D support when the option is offered to you. When the confirmation page comes up, make sure that DX has recognized the card you're using correctly.

This gives us a clean slate to work with.

If you're still having the problem, please e-mail an accurate, concise (skip the editorializing, for my sake) description of your symptoms [the symptoms. Not the problem. tell me what it's doing, not what you think is broken] AND a copy of your deusex.log file to:


We just created the mail address, so give it a couple of hours before you start sending stuff in."

Chris also had this to say to you guys having problems with Saving/Loading games:

"Same old drill; new address. Send an email to DXSupport@ionstorm.com with the following information:

- Your description of the symptoms. The symptoms, not the problem. I need to know what it's doing, not what you think is broken.

- Run DXDiag and attach the text file. (this is a Direct X diagnostic tool, not a DEUS EX utiltiy)

- Copy off your deusex.log immediately after you've recoved from a lock/crash, without restarting the game. Attach that to the e-mail.

Thanks guys. The more straightforward data we get, the better shot we have at figuring this out."

There you have it kids. Good luck!

Deus Ex Reviews
2:55:29 PM EST - Slogun
We've got two new Deus Ex reviews in for you guys. The first review comes from DXDot and glows like white hot liquid magma. The second review comes from Gamers Central, where they supernova Deus Ex, giving the gem five out of five stars. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 13, 2000

Deus Ex Cheats
6:37:43 PM EST - Saam
A 'hacker' (who wishes to remain anonymous) somehow figured out some very cool cheats that you can active in Deus Ex. Here is the goods:

in user.ini change

then add
to the shortcut for the game

then, in the game, hit tilde to invoke the command prompt for some cheats

for the coolest cheats, go to the credits and type things like

(which brings up the team quotes)

(which let's the player 'break' techno devices when he gets near them, like warren does)

(which puts the game in matrix mode)

also, shooting hoops has a different text msg in each location

Hmm..Matrix mode? Looks like I have to try that one out. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 12, 2000

Deus Ex in Top Ten for a 2nd Week
2:22:14 AM EST - Slogun
Deus Ex is hanging steady on sales, dropping two places from last week to land at #8 as reported through this week's TRST report. Take a look for yourself over at GameWeek. I wonder who came in first?

The Voice(s) of Deus Ex
2:18:32 AM EST - Slogun
Well Rounded Entertainment (ugly site, good content) has slapped up a tasty little morsel that gives the inside scoop on the actors that did the voice acting in Deus Ex. Head on over and get your fill. For fun just try to guess who Tom Hall plays before you read it.

Top Ten Rejected Villians
2:14:04 AM EST - Slogun
Gamespy has an article up listing their top ten rejected video game villians and it includes The Spector himself as a villian. Head on over to check it out.

Sunday, July 09, 2000

Deus Ex Guides
3:54:30 PM EST - Slogun
Deus-ex.org has been updated with three new guides:

-Newbie Guide - A good guide to get you up and running.

-Overview - Basically gives you some reasons to buy DX.

-Cheats Guide - Good for working out some of the more arcane cheats (as though you masters need the help:)

Thanks to Voodoo Extreme for the news.

Deus Ex Multiplayer Mod?
3:34:03 PM EST - Slogun
I've been speaking to Neo lately who tells me that he and a his team of 8, have begun work on a Deus Ex Multiplayer mod. The mod will contain the following game types:

Standard DM

Capture the Ambrosia Container (Like CTF)

NSF vs UNATCO ( Think tribes in the DX universe : )

Preliminary work on the mod has already begun, but the team is still waiting for the full SDK in order to really get cracking.

Deus Ex Lore
3:29:16 PM EST - Slogun
A little Deus Ex lore of interest on this Sunday sent in by LurKer the Spy. Apparently the code "smashthestate" that is one of the passwords you receive in the Liberty Island level is a reference to an Austin, TX cable access show. The show deals with various conspiracy theories. Go figure. Thanks LurKer!

Saturday, July 08, 2000

Deus Ex Music Extraction (Updated)
9:19:35 PM EST - Slogun
Thanks goes to Alan Au on this one. Apparently, by using Modplug or the Unreal UMX music extraction utility with this modification, you can listen to the music from Deus Ex from your desktop. All you need to do is use one of the programs to convert the files to .wav's or any other format(or just listen using the programs) and then use a MP3 compiler of your choice to put those bad boys in the .mp3 format. Haven't tested this one yet so if you try it let me know how it goes.

Friday, July 07, 2000

Mac Deus Ex Gone Gold!
10:45:56 PM EST - Slogun
Inside Mac Games is reporting that Deus Ex has gone gold (been qualified for mass duplication) and should be shipping to a store near you soon. Go here for the full story.

Deus Ex Direct 3D Fix!
10:38:45 PM EST - Slogun
Thanks go to Grimold for sending news of a new Deus Ex fix/patch. Here's the word on the new fix by Warren Spector:

"When we shipped Deus Ex two weeks ago, we knew the game performed better with some video cards than with others. For us, the performance problems seemed minor and highly configuration driven. Internally we were able to tweak game settings to achieve acceptable performance. That seemed like enough of an answer.

"You guys quickly set us straight on THAT subject!

"Within days, we started seeing messages, lots of them, about D3D performance issues and immediately set to work trying to find a solution. At that point, as regular readers of usenet and the various DX message boards know, we fell silent on the subject of D3D issues. Some of you took our silence as a statement that we didn't care or weren't paying attention. Trust me, we were paying attention and we did care. Each flaming thread about D3D performance was like a dagger to the heart. Well, we think it's time to pull the dagger our and cauterize the wound.

"We didn't want to say anything publicly until we had a solution but now, we think we've found one.

"At [this link] you'll find a file called "D3DDrv.dll." If you're using an nVidia, Matrox or other D3D card, you really want to get this file and, following the instructions at the download site, give it a try.

"We've done a fair amount of testing on this. We're seeing dramatic framerate improvements (and, obviously, significant gameplay enhancement!). But, as I said, a lot of the D3D problems seem to be configuration dependent and we need to hear from you before we change the patch status from "beta" to "final." Let us know how it works for you.

"And if we're right, if this does fix Deus Ex's "D3D Performance Problem," please tell your friends. We obviously have a vested interest, but we'd like to hear how people like our GAME rather than what people think of our framerate..."

There you have it straight from The Spector himself. Go grab the fix here.

Deus Ex UK Release Date
2:49:24 AM EST - Slogun
Multiple readers have been kind enough to point out to me that PCZone UK has pinned a release date on Deus Ex in the United Kingdom. Ion Storm will be pumping out its latest (and only) bad boy on August 4th. Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

New Tweak Guide
2:37:53 AM EST - Slogun
The ever Deus Ex friendly Thomas McGuire has sent word that 3D Spotlight has slapped up a new Deus Ex tweak guide. The 12 page guide is decked out in full regalia, and puts all other Deus Ex tweaking guides to shame. Well done Thomas!

Wednesday, July 05, 2000

Deus Ex Review at Game Rankings
11:34:47 PM EST - Slogun
Game Rankings (don't worry, I've never heard of them either) has a review of Deus Ex up. The reviewer gives Deus Ex the thumbs up calling it "one of the best games of the year" and bestowing it with a 92 rating overall. Head here to take a gander.

Deus Ex Debuts at #6!
11:29:25 PM EST - Slogun
The latest TRSTS (a software sales tracker for those of you not in the know) results came out on GameWeek today, with PC games sales in for last week. Deus Ex pulled in at #6 overall in sales last week. Let's hope those sales stay up there.

Deus Ex Walkthrough
11:23:43 PM EST - Slogun
The Gamer's Press has released the first installment of their Deus Ex walkthrough, covering the levels of "Liberty Island" through "Captured." Anyone stuck should take a moment to scan through the guide, it may save you from pulling out some hair.

Deus Ex Tweak Guide Updated
11:18:28 PM EST - Slogun
Mikromak of Hal-PC.org has updated his tweak guide with some more tweaks for you nVidia users. Definitely worth checking out for those of you still getting worked in the framerate game.

Deus Ex Review at Gamespy
11:12:30 PM EST - Slogun
Gamespy has posted their review of Deus Ex, giving the game an overall 88 out of 100. Despite receiving a 95 for design, Deus Ex is ultimately knocked on the technical side, mainly for its problems with nVidia based systems. Here's a snippet for you skimmers:

"Often in the game you will find yourself peering around corners or picking a lock, rather then engaging in combat with a NFS agent. This forces the player to heavily consider each option before rushing in, guns blazing, breaking up the gameplay to keep things interesting and fresh so that the character goes through stages of exploration, combat, and stealth."

Head on over to Gamespy to see the full review

"A Spector Haunts Gaming"
11:04:34 PM EST - Slogun
...is the title of a new GameSlice article that chronicles both the genius of Warren Spector and the development of Deus Ex. Definitely worth the read for you hardcore Spector fanatics. Head on over and give it a look.

Deus Ex Easter Egg
1:01:28 AM EST - Slogun
Deus Ex rover Clockwork just sent this little gem our way with a screenshot. All of you Ultima fanatics of late should remember a fellow named Lord Brinne, but I'll let Clockwork eplain himself:

"To summarize: Lord Brinne was a well-loved poster on the Ultima IX Horizons messageboard, who died June 21, 1999. In tribute to him, Lord British saw fit to include a tomb bearing his name in Ultima IX. It is nice to see the tribute continue into Deus Ex!"

Agreed! Here is the screenshot again. Thanks Clockwork!

Monday, July 03, 2000

Deus Ex: 5 Stars at Adrenaline Vault
7:28:20 PM EST - Slogun
The boys at Adrenaline Vault have posted their review of Deus Ex and it's a whopper. 3 pages packed with some of the most glowing Deus Ex praise yet seen, the reviewer goes on to give Deus Ex the coveted Reviewer's Choice Award. Here's something interesting that AVault had to say about the non-linearity of Deus Ex:

"Deus Ex expands into hundreds of directions, and like blood vessels in a body, the veins of its storyline provide passageways for the elements of exploration, artifact discovery, character development and interaction. The development of the storyline and how it evolves through the player's actions is one of the most remarkable experiences I've ever had. All role-playing games are supposed to possess this attribute, but few actually deliver. Deus Ex sets the standard for how a player's action should affect NPCs (non-player characters) and the environments they interact with. In Deus Ex for example, the player is frequently presented with the dilemma of dangerous encounters. In almost all cases players can choose to kill, incapacitate or completely avoid enemies, and more often than not there are benefits and consequences to each alternative."

The article brings up a lot of the finer points of Deus Ex that make it not only a great game, but a classic.

More Deus Ex Tweaking
7:03:10 PM EST - Slogun
Hal-PC.org has posted a quick-n-dirty Deus Ex tweak guide. All of you Direct 3D users should definitely give a look as this may contain the performance boost you were looking for.

Second Opinion at Games Domain
6:54:47 PM EST - Slogun
Games Domain has released a second opinion to the Tom Chick review released a few days back. The article is written by Lars Andersen and delivers a calmer look at Deus Ex. In the article, Lars is able to debase some of the rantings Mr. Chick offers in his review. If you have been swayed by the rantings of Tom Chick in anyway I sincerely hope you will take a look at Mr. Andersen's article, as it offers a great perspective on Deus Ex, and one that I am more prone to agree with.

Deus Ex Review at PC Gameworld
5:53:59 PM EST - Slogun
There is yet another glowing review of Deus Ex up at PC Gameworld. Here's a little morsel to whet the palette with:

"Speaking of your fellow officers and superiors, may I just say that the interaction of characters is incredible? They all seem so aware of your actions. Each decision you make is reflected through your conversations to the point where you feel like people are actually keeping tabs on you."

In the end Deus Ex bows out with an astonishing 98%. If you're still having doubts about buying the game go read this review now and then go buy the game!

Sunday, July 02, 2000

Deus Ex Direct 3D Tweak
10:46:00 PM EST - Slogun
The boys with the bicycle smiles over at Voodoo Extreme have posted a sweet little Direct 3D tweak that should help all of you nVidia users out there. Here it is:

Sahab was kind enough to send along the following tweaks to help boost performance in Direct3D mode under Deus Ex. Here's what he had to say: I was messing with the DeusEx.ini file and made the following changes to improve performance:




Resolution: 640x480

World Textures = High

Model Textures = High

Detail Textures = off

Decals = on

Deus Ex Review over at Deus-Ex.org
10:45:40 PM EST - Slogun
The lads at Deus-Ex.org have slapped up their review of Deus Ex, giving it a hefty 4.9 out of 5. The review talks about some of the woes the reviewer experienced with the game's video support (or lack there of.) Here's a juicy little nugget for you from an otherwise glowing review:

In the end, I would like to say that playing Deus Ex has been the most fun since Counter-Strike. More skill is required than the ability to hit the fire key, and I have to give this game my all around applause of approval.

All in all the review is a great read. Head over to read it now, unless of course, you don't need anymore reason to buy the game and your on your way to the store now. 8)

Deus Ex Tweak
10:45:07 PM EST - Slogun
Thomas McGuire over at 3D Spotlight has posted a great little tweak for Deus Ex that is helpful in getting that Advanced Options Menu up an running. It's pretty small so I'll just post the full tweak here:

Open the User.ini in the DeusEx\System folder. Add/Edit the following 2 lines.



when in the game press the T key to bring up "Say", delete the "say" & any other text that appears & type in preferences & hit Enter.

Deus Ex Review at CGO
10:44:23 PM EST - Slogun
CGO has posted their review of Deus Ex in their Patented Squish-O-Vision. Overall they give Deus Ex a respectable 4.5 out of 5 stars. Here's a quote:

Other games have striven to offer multiple solutions to every situation, often with limited success. This time it’s been done right: what you do and how you do it are almost always entirely up to you, and the game responds accordingly.

The review continues on to talk about the game's skill system and futuristic setting. Definitely worth the read.

Warren Spector Interview at Deus-Ex.org
10:37:49 PM EST - Slogun
Deus-Ex.org has posted one massive (29 questions) interview with Warren Spector over at Deus-Ex.org. Here's a little snippet on OpenGL possibilities:

Deus-Ex.org: Is there any chance of (working) OpenGL being added in a patch? The OpenGL rendering in the demo doesn't seem to work.

WS: I'm afraid we just don't support OpenGL and don't really anticipate supporting it in the future. If enough people tell us they want or need it, we'll see. Right now, we think Glide and D3D are enough.

The interview covers a range of questions, from multiplayer plans to level creating tools, so be sure to check it out.

Deus Ex Chronicles, Part Deux
10:11:21 PM EST - Slogun
There is an interview up with Harvey "Witchboy" Smith over at GamePen. The interview is pretty in-depth, talking mostly about the specific portions of the game that Witchboy designed.

Also, be sure to to check out Part 1 of the interview with Sheldon Pacotti if you haven't already.

Deus Ex Tweak Guide
10:01:50 PM EST - Slogun
There is a great tweak guide up over at Tweak 3D for Deus Ex. I've used a few of these tweaks myself to great effect so be sure to swing over there and start cranking out the performance.

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