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Tuesday, July 31, 2001

DXMP_Plus released!
2:24:53 PM EST - Eberon
TheRenegadeMaster (of fame, among other things) and ColdPenguin of #DXEditing fame have released the first version of what they call MP_Plus. This addon that clocks in at about 350KB will allow DXMP players to choose from over 30 different characters to represent them in the game. Sounds like fun!

Don't know if this is for you? Check out the readme that we've uploaded here. Mirrors are:
Deus Ex Center (seems to be broken)
Edgenetwork FTP
I just might go in playing as Alex Jacobson. Or maybe Gunther [cackles].

Tomorrow is the big day.
11:36:07 AM EST - Eberon
Tomorrow, DXNation, one of the most excellently-green fansites around (seriously I love their green scheme) will be returning. Or so we can hope. I can't wait to see it. Be sure to pay them a visit and vote in their polls, etc. if it's all functional!

Monday, July 30, 2001

Rock the Vote.
11:30:33 PM EST - Eberon
I just noticed that VoodooExtreme has a poll asking about your favorite video game hero. J.C. is on the list! Be sure to vote vote vote! The poll closes tomorrow evening.

For those of you who are somewhat impaired, the poll is on the left side of the main page.

Deus Ex Ed stuff
6:21:12 PM EST - Eberon
Deus Ex Ed has another update to their site that includes a little note about map pirating (yikes!) as well as news that each tutorial author featured at their site has their own page. I for one am extremely glad to see the added functionality to the site!

The latest map submission is by Ghost and it's called Abandoned Cargo Hold. It's Ghost's first DXMP map!

Sunday, July 29, 2001

Got Ghand 10.
7:48:36 PM EST - Eberon
What can I say? The latest Got Ghand is available at PDX and can be found here.

While we're on the topic of interesting PDX stuffs, Ghandaiah is also working on a new feature called Twist, which will attempt to tell the story of Deus Ex from another perspective. Give it a whirl -- it might be for you.

Dinnertime news.
7:42:16 PM EST - Eberon
Well, let's dive right into this weekend's project news.

Thanks goes to for pointing out that Deus Fortress has a brief update full of some random-but-interesting statistics on its visitors. I personally want to know where my Opera buddies rank in :)

DX Tempus has word of a new addition to the team, David McGee, who will be working triple jobs as a sound technician, concept artist and texturist. Other new content on the site includes some new weapons, added augmentations information on said weapons page, and an expanded about page.

Kamikaze of DXMP Brothers has signed on with the Counterfeit team as a.. you guessed it.. mapper.

A trailer is already in the works from Deus Ex : The Prequel and will be coming soon. On the site lately is a screenshot of the second level that can be found on the bottom of the media page.

Weekend files.
7:19:36 PM EST - Eberon
Welp, here's this weekend's smattering of Deus Ex files...

Our good friends at Mac Deus Ex have converted the recently released Fluchtweg map (PC version) to a Mac-friendly version. Be sure to check out MDX for the file.

DerianX, extremely busy map and mod creator has been working extremely hard lately and now has another map available, DXMP_Orius. Additionally, the front page of his site indicates that the MeetingPlace page has been updated. While you're there, why not vote in the poll?

Even though we mentioned it before, we'll mention it again: The Mystery of Zilliphore 2 demo has been released over at Deus Ex Ed. Grab the file here.

Saturday, July 28, 2001

Convergence desparately seeking help
11:23:14 PM EST - Eberon
Convergence is in DIRE need of a texturist as soon as possible. Anyone available is asked to contact Straius with samples.

Texturists are DESPARATELY needed! Somebody help them out!

Deus Ex Ed stuff
12:27:09 PM EST - Eberon
Deus Ex Ed has gotten a few submissions lately. There's a demo for Mystery of Zilliphore 2 as well as an updated buttons tutorial and the first single player map released by OpferSport, Fluchtweg.

Friday, July 27, 2001

Another DX2 preview.
9:19:51 PM EST - Eberon
Thanks goes to Deus Ex Center for pointing out an item called "First Deus Ex 2 screens". Well, they're at least 50% right. These are the first Deus Ex 2 screens, but this site isn't the first to show them off. At any rate, there is very little information given along with the screenshots. If you missed them the first time, be sure to go over and view 'em because they are pretty interesting..

Evening mod news.
9:17:20 PM EST - Eberon
Hmmm. Not much in the way of big advances lately. Let's see some updates, webmasters!

The Deus Ex Prequel announced yesterday has a new counter on their website with some clarification on what they need in terms of help. Map editors, Mission designers, and mission editors are needed. Visit the prequel website for more information.

Two new mappers, Jeff Hellesen and Nicholas Cowen, have joined the ranks of Illuminati 2072, but modelers and coders are still needed. is the contact for applications.

There is a wonderful new wallpaper at the Deus Ex Insurgent site that was authored by Trystero. Visit their site for the relevant link.

Read this -- again.
1:39:45 AM EST - Eberon
News is floating around community sites about Disclosure and I'm even somewhat afraid that it will be overlooked. This is a great project, people. Read our newspost from Tuesday here.

Evening news.
12:48:32 AM EST - Eberon
Lots of double-up posts lately. Hmm. Welp, two mod updates:

Plague of Betrayal needs your help to finish their project! Send serious offers here. There are also some screenshots available for viewing. (Thanks

AYDX has a new skinner, but still needs a coder and a texture artist. Help 'em out!

Thursday, July 26, 2001

Two new mods: DXMP_PartyZone and DX Prequel. One mod death.
11:37:10 PM EST - Eberon
There's a new hosted site at PDX< tonight called Deus Ex : The Prequel that follows the events taking place before the Liberty Island fiasco. Mappers and mission designers are needed -- applications can be sent here.

The second mod is called DXMP_PartyZone. It seems to be a non-combat mod that should offer some excellent new gameplay and a change of pace for Deus Ex fans. A temporary home set up for the mod can be found here, where you can enjoy some recently released screenshots.

I had been wondering why Scarab King, team leader of the Scorpion mod had been joining other mod teams lately and now I know; the Scorpion mod has officially been closed. Bummer, but at least the team leader, Scarab King, is doing something with his talents! Yay for him.

Decide updates.
8:50:01 PM EST - Eberon
Decide has a pretty long-winded update that tells fans a few things: The Co-Op project is being worked on by a few of the team members; there's a concept sketch of one of the nasties in the project here; and some screens of their pretty good looking psychic powers here. Enjoy!

8:08:55 PM EST - Eberon
There's a new mod floating around called the ANT-Agenda. It has new voices, new conversations, and new gameplay! Give it a whirl by visiting either the download at ANT-Agenda's site or the "wait"load at Fileplanet. The download clocks in at just over 11MB, so it won't take too long. Thanks to DXEditing and a few other sites for mention of this.

New staffers at staff-filled sites.
7:50:17 PM EST - Eberon would like to welcome two community members to their positions at Deus Ex Center and PDX.

First off, the fourth new guy this week at Deus Ex Center is Danger Mouse. He'll be posting news along with all of the rest and he's asking for anyone with noteworthy news to contact him with it!

Secondly is Evil Invasion at PDX. Evil Invasion used to be the administrator of, but apparently he abandoned ship and magically ended up at PDX. Let's hope that he has more commitment with him this time!

The Taffer's Post - Satirical Cybernetics
7:39:56 PM EST - Dan
The next Taffer's Post is here! (I decided that posting them on the weekends was a bad idea, since hits on weekends are low. So here it is, early. Most future Taffer's Posts will be put up late in the week, before the weekend. Well, that's that.)

The Taffer's Post this week is a break from the norm. I had tons of fun putting it together, and I hope everyone has tons of fun reading it, looking at the pictures, downloading the audio, and so on. This Taffer's Post is not for everyone though ... it has spoilers for nearly every LGS game, especially System Shock 1 and Deus Ex.

Ain't skeert? Good! Here is the column version of The Taffer's Post - Satirical Cybernetics, and here is the forum version. Please comment!

More from the.. er.. center.
12:06:29 AM EST - Eberon
Our friends at Deus Ex Center, namely Buzz_Kirkwood, have news of a new intro at AYDX as well as their own interview with the team leader, Chez:

DXC: What made you decide to make a mod based on the "All Your Base..." craze?

Well, we (me and my friend) we're sitting in pascal class messing around on our piece of shit Macs and we discovered simpletext which has the same voice as CATS from All Your Base. We had also been talking about modding and what not, then it just came to me after screwing around with simpletext a little and making CATS say stuff like "All Your Deus Ex Are Belong To Us." I was like wow... I can use this voice in a mod... It just grew from there.
Nice! Get on over there and read the full thing here.

Wednesday, July 25, 2001

Evening news wrapup.
11:54:44 PM EST - Eberon
Well, I'm tearing myself away from the greatness that is Majestic to bring you this news.. you'd better appreciate it!

Thanks to Deus Ex Center for news that the project leader of Sleepwalking needs your help. Applications for mappers, coders, and texture artists should be sent here.

Also thanks to DXC (through for news of a mini-mod at the DX Vampire site that allows the Deus Ex conversation system to handle custom-made items! Excellent news for you conversationalists.

Illuminati 2072 has said goodbye to Evil Robot and hello to Emperor Dofuss, the new project leader. Mappers, modelers, and coders are needed for the project, so apply at the aforementioned address! News of a new site design is also coming.

Keeping in theme with Deus Ex, the latest bunch of weapon images from Target Sighted are now available.

Straius has updated the Convergence site with news of their latest webmaster, WizZard, a coming server move, and a hopeful alpha completion date of September. Big updates are promised to be coming.

Yay for DX Tempus who now have a brand new shiny animated logo on their site!

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Calling all DX fans: Need more conspiracy?
7:44:18 PM EST - Eberon
Sign up for the Majestic pilot episode. I'm testing it out now with 30 other people that are in on it currently.

I won't even tell you what it does. I won't tell you anything. Sign up. Play it. You owe it to yourself. This is stunning.

Oh, and don't forget: I'm your "ally". "Eberon22" -- you'll know what to do with it ;)

Disclosure details.
3:40:29 PM EST - Eberon
Face, esteemed Deus Ex mapper and now story creator has a large update to his site that includes some information about his latest project, Disclosure:
Deus Ex: Disclosure will take you on a dark journey of discovery, spanning vast and varied locations, ranging from deserts to the darkest depths of the Puerto Rican rainforests, and cities to canyons. Who can you trust?
That's only a fraction of the amount of information there -- be sure to check out the site for the rest. Also on the sidebar is word that the project has no scheduled release date (when it's done) and a little explanation about the distribution of the thing. Be sure to check out all the details and be in the know!

Monday, July 23, 2001

DX-M welcomes three new community members!
10:04:46 PM EST - Eberon
I wonder if you can welcome people that aren't part of your site? Where are the written newspost rules anyway?

Our friends at Deus Ex Center have just had their numbers increased with the addition of three new staffers: Pirkonator; XeCuTiOnEr; and XQ! The staff of DeusEx-Machina welcome these contributors and are damned happy to have more partners in the conspiracy.

DXN relaunch scheduled!
1:41:42 AM EST - Eberon
Wow! Those of you who have been following for a long time will remember when I began as a staff member here. An even smaller fraction of those will remember that I came out of a fansite that had been reduced to rubble and was entirely deleted -- DXNation.

The good news this evening courtesy of PDX is that DXN will be relaunching in August! Their source of this information is unknown, but I'd be willing to bet that Omega and Kaigen, former staffers of DXN know something about it.

More news on this as we get it.. the launch is only nine days away!

Sunday, July 22, 2001

Ion Storm BB to close.
10:13:57 PM EST - Eberon
In this post made on the Ion Storm Bulletin Boards, TheZealot explains that the Ion Storm BB will only be online for another month max. The reason for the closure? The ISBB is hosted at what is considered to be the "Ion Storm Dallas" account, and now that Ion Storm Dallas has now been officially shut down, the server that the BB runs on is destined to be taken offline.

Alternate locations are discussed in that thread as well, but nothing solid has been decided upon yet. In the DXMP forums at the ISBB, Slicer announces that he has put up a new board that will hopefully or possibly serve as a replacement for the ISBB DXMP board. The post can be found here and Slicer's board here.

A bummer for that community, but there's always our own forums that follow closely the Legacy of Looking Glass! :)

Modus Moriendi design update.
7:13:45 PM EST - Eberon
DJPaul from Modus Moriendi has completed a very big update to the site that includes the new NewsPro news system. One of the setbacks of this system is that 100% of the old news will no longer be available. More frequent updates are promised though, so be sure to visit often!

Tragedy strikes: DX Soccer no more.
7:10:00 PM EST - Eberon
The latest post at DX Soccer also includes "thank-you's" to many people as well as a list of the people that helped to work on DX Soccer. DX Soccer, one of the most unique projects in the community, will be sorely missed.

Witchboy's Cauldron
12:04:18 PM EST - Eberon
Well it seems that the closure of has given Witchboy's Cauldron no home. Luckily, it has taken up residence at Planet Deus Ex. Be sure to update your bookmarks!

Saturday, July 21, 2001

The Taffer's Post - Business Not as Usual
6:41:04 PM EST - Dan
Taffer's Post Alert! Taffer's Post Alert! Clicketh here or here (for the forum version). Please enjoy ... :)

1:10:56 PM EST - Eberon
The All Your Deus Ex Are Belong To Us project has three new members; Phantom (modeler & animator), Keevola Virus (mapper), and BigClobbersaurus (voice actor). Technohazard, a fairly popular audio director, has been convinced to join the team as well.

On the note of voice acting, the project is accepting any and all applications for those who want to voice one of the characters. Everyone will receive a part!

12:00:42 PM EST - Eberon
I forgot to post about this: Robert Baird (aka Langly) from Mac Deus Ex just recently got a fried computer.

Also at the site is a column entitled "Weird forum hilights" that covers some of the strange posts and sayings in the MDX forums. Speaking of, if you're a fan, get over there! The forums and members are top notch.

Fan art!
2:18:53 AM EST - Eberon
Hello there! I'll just keep this short and simple: Calling all artists and tinkerers -- if you have fan art of any kind, send it in to us and we'll get it put up in its own section! Flood our mailboxes! Send us GIFs of Manderley in a dress! Something, anything, send it our way!

Thursday, July 19, 2001

Evening news wrapup.
10:51:07 PM EST - Eberon
Well, let me first off apologize (wow, this is happening a lot lately) for letting a few things slip, including an preview write-up at PC Zone UK that can be found here (courtesy of VoodooExtreme). Additionally, even though I don't go for them, there's a new mailing list out that follows the TTLG-ish FPS games (Deus Ex, Thief, and System Shock) and is primarily tailored towards fans that enjoy these games and games like them. Read about it at, posted on Saturday.

In other news, Target Sighted has a complete website rework that also includes a treat for fans: the features section.

More screenshots from the Mystery of Ziliphore can be found here tonight. They are from The Mystery of Ziliphore 2, which I can only assume means the second map...

Deus Ex Ed has a new tutorial written by Geordie, everyone's favorite engineer. The tutorial is entitled "How to Begin Coding in Deus Ex" and can be found here.

Lastly, Insurgent's news page has a sample letter that just may be appearing within the game in some form. It's very interesting -- give it a read!

No Manifesto & Hall/Romero departure.
7:29:49 PM EST - Eberon
VoodooExtreme, the best site for all gaming news posted today that John Romero and Tom Hall have decided to leave Ion Storm to pursue other things. If I could think of some witty editorial commentary to put along with this, you can bet it would be right here.

Additionally, word from Bryan Davies, PR Master of Eidos, indicates that Manifesto, one of the reported possible names for the new Ion Storm office has been ruled out.

To those at the Ion Dallas office that were (supposedly) given the boot, the staff of De-M would like to offer their condolences.

In Other Deus Ex news... the original images in the PCGamer Deus Ex 2 previews have appeared on the Adrenaline Vault. These can all be found here, and permission permitting will also be found in our up-and-coming huge Deus Ex 2 information area! Feast your eyes on the screenies if you haven't seen them already, thanks to the Adrenaline Vault.

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Convergence needs your help!
8:29:03 PM EST - Eberon
The Convergence mod is in dire need of two talents; a webmaster and a texturist. The Webmaster position will require a little maintaining work on a constant basis as well as some design work (a new design is hoped for some time). The texturist is in GREAT demand. A texturist that can do natural landscapes in particular is very much wanted.

Applications can be sent here. All applications will be reviewed in one week. If you have applied in the past, DO NOT apply again. Your application will be reviewed with all of the others.

New eye candy.
12:41:43 AM EST - Eberon
This week's new eye candy to your left is a picture of a chaingun created by Noel Cower, ex-Dune modification modeller. Thanks go to Noel for sending us this work!

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Evening mod news.
9:43:45 PM EST - Eberon
Here goes...

DX Soccer has a fixed screenshtos section. Nothing else is new, really!

I don't remember if I reported on this or not, but Counterfeit has a revamped screenshots section that can be found here.

Lots of things have been happening at All Your Deus Ex Are Belong To Us, including some excitement about a new hacking system that will mimic System Shock's. I can't wait to see it! Check out their page for many many updates.

More later tonight..

New mod: Exodus.
9:35:21 PM EST - Eberon
There's a new mod that just opened up at PDX a few days ago called Exodus. It's a horror mod, like the Midnight mod. Story details follow:
Set in 1917, you are a playing a human that got murdered and turned into a ghost. The ghost you are playing, don't want to die and try to find a way to return to life. When you turn into a ghost, you suddenly see that the world is full of ghosts and other dead creatures. When you talk to a ghost, he tell you that there is a power, that can turn a ghost(or other dead creature) back to life, and that no one knows where the power is. The power is the wish of every dead creature. You start to investigate the mysterious power, to learn it, and to know where it is hidden. When you start to investigate, you are going deeper and deeper to the world of the dead, traveling to weird places in the world.
Sounds fascinating. Check their site out here.

Deus Ex French Site Added to our Community Link
8:52:13 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
Skaarj, from Deus Ex-FR, which is a French DX site, contacted me the other day and asked me to re-add his site to our list. I have done so. For all you French fans out there, you can check our Community Link in the future, but for now, simply click on the the link below.

I'd like to thank Skaarj for being extra patient with me lately. Thank you very much Skaarj...glad to see you're keeping the French site still going.

8:26:05 PM EST - Dan copied our design concept! Ho-ho-ho! We 0wn Them!

Monday, July 16, 2001

Redsun2020 update
9:13:33 PM EST - Eberon
Redsun2020 has a small update telling us that they are switching hosting over to PDX in a few months. Not much will change, likely, though now they'll have to put up with an ugly banner :( Best wishes to the Redsun team while the transfer goes through!

Vote for Deus Ex!
5:22:49 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
As posted on the TTLG Deus Ex Forums by MDA, everyone needs to head over to Gamespot and vote in their current poll for 'What Game Should Be Made Into a Movie?' You can go vote at this link in the highlighted text.

Thanks, MDA, for pointing this out to all of us.

JC Denton Scores!
5:06:51 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
3DActionPlanet has done up an article entitled 'The Top 10 Game Characters of All Time'. Here's what the article is all about.

"Every game has a main character, and every one has to have something about them that appeals to the players. Some are badass, others are always calm, while some are just plain old hilarious. If you don't have a game with a good storyline, and a main character (usually played by the gamers) to fit the storyline, you don't have a game at all."

JC Denton comes in at #4 out of 10. Not bad for a game that won over 30 awards this past year. Below is what they had to say about our bro JC.

4. JC Denton

The best human-type machine I've every seen. He would be #1 for the 'Top 10 Coolest Cyborgs', but unfortunately, that isn't the category, but #4 of all time is still good!

Pros: He's just totally cool, mainly because of the way he looks, the whole trenchcoat look is what does it. To be the main character of such a great game helps his coolness a bit too. No other cyborg can beat this guy.

Cons: He isn't human, imagine what a pain it is going through metal detectors? It would get annoying after a while I would think. I guess you could get used to it though.

You can get the whole top 10 list right here.

DX GOTY on GameZone
4:57:47 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
GameZone Online reviewed DX GOTY edition on July 10th, but it slipped past us. Sorry. Below is an excerpt from the review.

As I said before a good game draws the player completely into the gaming world. Deus Ex accomplishes this by providing oodles of atmosphere. Overall the game is a dark gritty affair with moody appropriate music. Great level design with multiple solutions allows total immersion into the game.

Enough said. Get the whole review right here.

DXMP Brothers updates
12:16:38 PM EST - Eberon
DXMP Brothers, a great site for collective mappers to get together, has a totally new site design. The introduction flash has been removed, but the flash site looks better than ever before and even includes some pretty good quality UNATCO music that plays in the background. In addition to the new design, Kamikaze is working on a new map called DXMP_Timeline, where each team still start in a different zone; a castle or a space station, and will move between the areas using portals. Sounds like fun! Stay tuned to DXMP Brothers for more.

Sunday, July 15, 2001

Cassandra Project updates.
9:08:35 PM EST - Eberon
An excellent wallpaper was released at the Cassandra Project's Website a few days ago. Be sure to head over to the comms section and read the latest post for the goods.

Modus Moriendi updates.
9:07:37 PM EST - Eberon
Modus Moriendi has a very long-winded update that tell us that a very skilled skinner is needed. Coders and modellers could also be used. Applications can be sent here. The team also has a new member, GrayFox, who will be coding for the project.

2071: The Edge Chronicles update.
9:04:04 PM EST - Eberon
2071: The Edge Chronicles has updated with lots of news regarding their project's status. They are working overtime to produce the first episode that will be released to the public. Right now all issues are being ironed out and the rough spots are being polished. Some really nice looking screenshots of the project have been posted here. Two new members have joined as well; they are Fnerk (voice actor) and Striker, who will be doing various jobs. The staff of DeusEx-Machina would like to serve up a hearty happy birthday to Chrys as well!

Weekend files.
9:00:08 PM EST - Eberon
Load up your download manager; here comes the barrage of this weekend's releases!

Deus Ex Ed has three new tutorials and two new file submissions. There are tutorials on ladders (JC Denton), a walk through a person's "first mod", designed to be a learning experience (Dark[NSF]), and a second tutorial on doors (daedalus2050). The two new files include the semi-popular Shade VS. Human mod and a texture pack that PeteyG was nice enough to share.

Xlax from the Universal Constructor is back from his vacation and needs ideas for tutorials! Get the chance to have a tutorial written about the subject you're confused about while you still can. Send ideas here.

DerianX and Carone's MeetingPlace mod (website) has been converted to the mac platform. Get your fix here. changes hands again.
8:50:06 PM EST - Eberon
And a second staff-shifting announcement comes with word that has changed hands again. Evil_Invasion has retired from his position as Webmaster (all explained here) and handed the site over to a fellow named bort. Welcome, bort, and good luck!

Despot rises to power.
8:46:16 PM EST - Eberon
An announcement posted on Planet Deus Ex yesterday tells us that Gwog is hanging up his boots and handing the reigns of Planet Deus Ex over to Despot. What does this mean? It means that Despot now has a lot more responsibilities! Having spoken to Gwog on many occasions I can attest to his optimistic, pleasant attitude and peaceful demeanor. We'll miss you, Gwog!

Congratulations to Despot on his promotion!

Saturday, July 14, 2001

Imagine Monopolizes Deus Ex 2!
11:49:50 AM EST - Dan
Taking note that Imagine Games Network and PC Gamer both have the same parent (Imagine Publishing Company) it's only natural that IGN would post up a Deus Ex 2 preview shortly after the print version - which actually tells us nothing at all. ;)

If you thrive on hype, or missed the dead tree edition, click here for IGN's Deus Ex 2 rhetoric hyperbole.

(Yes, I am excited about DX2 just like the rest of you, but I am too cynical to let it show. ;)

Friday, July 13, 2001

The Deus
1:03:25 PM EST - Dan
This is just too much fun... I happened to notice that on the Deux Ex GoTY soundtrack disk they have some desktop themes... one of the themes... oh, well, just look at the image and you'll see. ;)

Click here.

Yes, it's cropped. If you want the full image, go buy the GoTY Ed! Muaha!! Er, or ask someone to send it to you. Don't ask me. :)

Thursday, July 12, 2001

Egg Boy on Thief 3 (and Deus Ex 2) AI
9:52:42 PM EST - Dan
Evening fair citizens. Eggboy, one of our resident ISAers, paid us a visit (he's been paying us lots of visits!) and uttered the following about AIs in Thief 3 and Deus Ex 2!
>Originally posted by Digital Nightfall:
> I snicker when I hear that they are redoing the AI from the ground up.

> It uses the Unreal engine. Of COURSE they are redoing the AI from the
> ground up! That's like saying "we are making all new missions from the
> ground up!" Golly Mosses.

Yes, a very astute observation. The Unreal Warfare AI is designed for a very different type of game -- one that involves a lot very fast-moving AIs brandishing futuristic, high-powered weapons. It's totally combat-centric, with no stealth, no bows or swords, minimal use of audio, and environments which, while exceedingly gorgeous, have very few objects you can interact with.

I've always been an adherent of the theory that an AI has to evolve within the environment of the specific game you're creating, and quite often, even seemingly minor changes to the gameplay can have a dramatic effect on the way you architect and develop the AI.

Which is not to say you can't share AI between different games. We're trying as much as possible to share AI code between Thief 3 and Deus Ex 2, for example. We're building a (currently unnamed) shared AI engine that currently supports the AI needs of both games.

But of course, that's only possible because the games themselves have so much in common -- I'd have a hard time imagining that you could ever share code between, say, an action game and an RTS. What the term "AI" means is totally different from one genre to another.

Also, we expect to build a lot of game-specific AI stuff on top of the engine as the games themselves grow and evolve and we come up with Thief-related AI features that DX2 doesn't need or want, and vice versa.

Keep on taffin',

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Damn! Missed It! -- Part Deux
7:56:35 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
Eberon reported on this earlier, but I'm just going to expand on this a little, and provide an extra post so that you all don't miss it. XGR (X-Treme Gaming Radio) has done up an interview with Warren Spector. Listed below are the different segments and what information they contain. Click on the links below to download the segment/s of your choice. They're in MP3 format, of course.

Part I
--Deus Ex
--Mods for Deus Ex

Part II
--First game that hooked Warren
--Warren's gaming background
--Gaming schools
--Advancements in gaming

Part III
--Unreal Technology
--Deus Ex 2 and Thief 3
--Harvey and Randy Smith

Part IV
--Getting to know Warren

Cassandra Project updates.
12:05:21 PM EST - Eberon
Our good friends working on the Cassandra Project have updated their portal with information on what they've been doing lately.

As always, the master of fiction and atmosphere has written the newspost from the vantage point of the Narcissus entity. Firstly and most important, everyone is encouraged to take part in discussion about the project in the TTLG Forums, where the team frequently visits to chat with the fans. An opening for a mapper and a skin artist is also being considered. Applications can be sent here.

Damn! Missed it!
10:04:47 AM EST - Eberon
There was an interview last night with Warren at XGR, a site I had never heard of before. Interestingly enough it appeals to me and probably most of you; it's a 24/7 radio station for GAMERS!

Details on the interview as well as downloadable segments can be found here. Our good friends at Blue's are responsible for this notification.

Up and coming: Insurgent.
1:18:16 AM EST - Eberon
Thanks to for pointing out that a new mod is opening up at PDX Wednesday, dubbed insurgent (<- may not work). Also on the site is word that a launch party will kick off on Thursday at 9PM EST. The place? #dxinsurgent.

Bedtime reading!
1:15:21 AM EST - Eberon
Got a printer? Print THIS out and snuggle up with a pillow for some interesting reading. Yes, that's right, the long-awaited Sheldon Pacotti interview has finally reached our hands. Hot from my Outlook Inbox right into your IE/Netscape/Opera hands. Enjoy and as always if you have comments or questions feel free to direct them to me via e-mail or a forum post. In case you don't understand what I'm saying, click on the link below.

DX-M Interview with Sheldon Pacotti

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Scorpion mod update!
11:22:59 PM EST - Eberon
ScarabKing, team leader of the ScorpionMod sends word that three new members have joined the team! TopMan40 will be mapping, VanHell will be coding, and everyone's favorite anarchist, Gabriel Syme, is going to be advising the team. See earlier news posts for information about joining the team.

Today's news wrapup.
11:18:34 PM EST - Eberon
Hello there! We haven't had much reporting going on lately, but then again there hasn't been a terrible lot going on.

First and foremost, from the pages of DXEditing comes word that DerianX's mod, MeetingPlace, has reached a final release state. You can find all information regarding it here.

Our friends at RedSun2020 have had some team shuffling and as a result (or maybe not) the final release date for the project has been moved. No longer will it be released this fall, but instead on some undetermined date. Bummer. There is a little good news in the works, though. Rob Hale, a mapper from Redsun, is in the process of starting up his own modification project. Check here soon for more news on that. Lots of team shuffling went around and it's too much for even me to comprehend. Check out the Redsun2020 site for information.

Some new things to do with Convergence have popped up. Our friends at Planet Deus Ex have a nice spotlight on their project that can be found here and there is a new download section at the convergence site here that provides two maps.

Here's some more sad news for the community: Slicer, leader of clan DEA, has decided to leave the DXMP scene. The reasons are numerous and can be found here in an Ion Storm BB post.

The Dune mod has some information on the story background here. Also, their forums have just opened. Get over there and chat it up!

Counterfeit has a small progress update telling us that a playable demo should be out soon. Let's hope so!

Lastly, Deus Ex Ed has two new tutorials. One of them on skills and another on doors.

Sunday, July 08, 2001

New Mod...Tempus... Needs Your Help
8:01:52 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
Tempus, a new mod, needs your help. Jonas Waever, mapper, project coordinator, and webmaster of the mod, emailed me and asked if I'd spread the word. No problem Jonas, we're here to help the community grow and flourish. Here's what Jonas had to say in his email regarding help for the project.

The bottom line is: I need someone to help me making it. I've already gotten another mapper, but I need one (maybe two) more, and a coder, a modeller or two and a sound guy!

You know what to do fellas. If you've got the skills that pay the bills, then give the Tempus website a look over, and send Jonas Waever an email to get this project up and started.

I must apologize to Jonas, because I didn't get this posted until now. I was busy last week, and visited my sister in Virginia this weekend. Please accept my apology Jonas.

Saturday, July 07, 2001

Roll'em Roll'em Roll'em..
12:43:54 AM EST - Eberon
Ok, HERE is the news!

Deus Ex Ed has a ton of new things including a simple skills tutorial, three new weapon meshes, the ending cinematic from the Ziliphore mod, and Death Awaits Thou, a minimod coded by BrotherDeath.

The Universal Constructor is at it again with another tutorial from Dex about adding music to your level. See the tutorial here. Got a request for a tutorial? Send it to DeX and he'll see what he can do!

The X Strain is in need of two more team members. A mapper and a modeller. Submissions (with examples of previous work) can be sent here.

The Aquinas Hub has a review of DXMP_Spar, done by Cyan. It was given a 3/5 rating.

Convergence has some character descriptions on their Gameplay page.

Along with the recently announced PCGamer UK article are a bunch of mentions of mods! Redsun2020, Midnight, Cold Hearted, and Eve of Destruction. Congratulations to those projects for being mentioned!

*crosses his fingers and hopes the script won't eat his news*

Friday, July 06, 2001

More Thief 3 and Deux Ex 2 Press
4:39:38 PM EST - Dan
-= Update =-

Sorry Lassies and Gents. Posting material from magazines which are still on sale is a break of copyright (we are such crooks! ;). The scans from PCGUK will be taken down until August, when the mag will no longer be up for sale. Thanks for understanding.

Witchboy Gets Witchy
3:03:34 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
Well, not exactly, but the title caught your eye and made you read this, didn't it?

Harvey Smith, aka Witchboy, has offered up some of his views on level designing on GameSurge. Nothing spectacular or groundbreaking in the interview, but we've got to plug our boy whenever we can. Well, o.k., maybe Harvey isn't 'our boy', but hey, it gives me some pleasure pretending he's, like, our homeboy and sh**. I guess I can call him 'our boy' in the sense that he's the Project Director on Deus Ex 2 and get by with it in the vain of the community.

Well, anyways, enough of my self-debating. GO GET WITCHYYYYY! And yes, I know I'm being a drama queen.

Thursday, July 05, 2001

The script ate my news.
11:09:59 PM EST - Eberon
I just spent the past half an hour composing a long news post only to have our news script eat it up and not give it back. I'm going to bed.

Convergence has stuff, Deus Ex Ed has three new things; a mini-mod, three weapon meshes, and a map from Ziliphore. DX Soccer has moved to PDX, two team members needed at the X Strain ( with samples of your work. a mapper and a modeller are needed). Tons of other stuff, too. I'll make up a more formal post tomorrow.

Spreading the word.
1:01:12 PM EST - Eberon
So I was at my (semi) local Wal-Mart today when I was searching for Black Isle's Throne of Bhaal. I was racing through the shelves looking for it and I didn't find a copy anywhere. There was Diablo II and its expansion pack but no Black Isle games to speak of except for Baldur's Gate I.

So then I walked over to the overstock shelf to the side. There I saw four copies of the Game of the Year Edition of Deus Ex laying in the very back. I felt compelled to pick them up and put them on the shelf where the empty spot for Deus Ex was. And I did. Hah, ain't I great?

BackDoor runs up to Ol'Ebie and gives him a great big hug and smoocharoo for doing such a good deed for the DX community. Well...o.k....maybe not a smoocharoo.

Wednesday, July 04, 2001

A one-man army.
12:34:52 AM EST - Eberon
Hi there! I know that we haven't been on the upside of news lately, but first thing in the morning I'll be on top of that! Tonight consisted of a lot of webwork and a lot of thinking. A new layout (but not design) will be coming soon to accomodate the addition of some sections to the site. Enjoy your day off (most of you) Americans! I know I will be!

Tuesday, July 03, 2001

Scorpion mod is progressing.
11:32:39 AM EST - Eberon
The Scorpion mod will be getting a new site design, and therefore will have no updates until that is complete. ScarabKing sends word that two modelers have joined the team; Phantom and God's Mercenary. Mappers and coders are still needed! Send your offers here.

Monday, July 02, 2001

Deus Fortress Update
9:23:43 AM EST - BackDoorBandit
Hell yeah baby! This is what I've been waiting for. Unfortunately it's still not out yet. Darn! EternalSpark (Don't ask me if his flint will last forever. I just post the damn news.) sent word that his team has a treat for the DX community. Checkout what he has to say.

We've got 8 new map shots of a map called Inversion, as well as a special treat - a DXF Black and White tattoo for people to put on their creatures. We've also updated the team page.

Short and sweet, and so are the screenshots. Get the screenshots by clicking on this here highlighted sentence...the one you're currently reading, you dummy

BackDoor's Ramblings Coming....I Promise
8:24:13 AM EST - BackDoorBandit
O.k., hit me. Hit me again. One more time. O.k., that's enough. I said that's enough. Hit me again and I swear, I'll shove my hand down your throat son.

Not that you really want it, but BackDoor's Ramblings #4 is on its way. I've ran into some very serious delays. It's hard for me to write lately because of some things going on in my personal life. What's going on with you BackDoor, you ask? Is it family? Is it love life? Oh boy, is it Deus Ex again? No. The answer is somewhat trivial and hard to explain, but let me try.

Anachronox. There, I got it off my chest. I've been wrapped up in this game ever since I got it on Thursday. Anyhow, I highly recommend it to all Deus Ex fans that loved the story element in Deus Ex. There's even some Deus Ex pun in the game that makes for a good laugh. Check it out, and if it's your type of RPG, then grab it, because you won't be disappointed.

For more info on how this game plays, see my post right here.

Sunday, July 01, 2001

Evening news.
10:35:51 PM EST - Eberon
There's a buncha new things tonight, but nothing terribly important. Nonetheless, the news must flow!

Modus Moriendi has finally updated with a small note that The Oracle, a new team member that will be doing web work has joined the team. Incidentally, this Oracle happens to also be the team leader of the recently announced Scorpion mod. Competent, confident coders are also wanted. Send your application here.

Something that I just thought about earlier today was the Skirmish mod. They sounded confident that they were back on track after their announcement of emminent closure, but upon remembering about them and looking for the web site, I see that it's been removed. A shame. I don't know if we reported news on this or not, but here it is! Skirmish is gone.

Some nice looking screenies from the introduction to the Counterfeit mod can be found here. [Y]Yourself, famed keeper of intellectual works has also joined the team as a coder.

Providence needs your help. Anyone's help, even. They need people that will record the operation, firing, reloading, and other miscellaneous sounds associated with each of the planned weapons on their site. Can you help them out? Head into the forums there!

Mac Deus Ex has an excellent item for Mac players: EdGann and company's UC Mod 2.0! Lots of interesting features abide in this organized "bugfix". The original homepage of the UC mod can be found here.

New project: Scorpion Mod.
9:01:31 AM EST - Eberon
ScarabKing sends us word of the opening of his modification project's site, The Scorpion Mod. Things are being thrown up all over their website (which looks very nice) and the first iteration of the background story has been written. It follows:
Setting:Los Angeles,California 2087

J.C's era is now considered "The Golden Age"by many.There is no Democracy.The world is ruled by terrorists.They rule by fear.Fear of Nuclear Bombs.Any group brave enogh to figh the terrorists has joined the Society Of United Lands(SOUL) SOUL is the piece of decency in the world.They no that they need to secure all the nukes they can.As James Neurecto,your job is to secure a nuclear silo owned by Scorpion, one of the largest terrorist organizations.It is a risky op.The last group to go to war w/ Scorpion was completely eradicated.You'll need to get all the info you can.Good Luck!
Sounds very interesting! Paradigm Investigator has already joined up as a designer and co-writer, and you can, too! Head on over there and give them a couple of reads.

A little surprise.
12:09:49 AM EST - Eberon
Hello there! We've got something really nice for you to feast your eyes upon tonight. I've just put an interview with Face, renowned DXMP_Towers author. There are quite a few questions spanning various topics, so getcher self on over there and read!


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