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Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Awaiting New Staff Members...
12:11:51 AM EST - Saam
Yes, we are eagerly awaiting some new staff members for a nice resurrection of this great site. Stay tuned, and I apologize for the lack of updates in the recent weeks.

Friday, August 18, 2000

Deus Ex 2 Announced?
1:17:34 AM EST - Saam
According to this article on Gamespy, it appears that Warren Spector has talked with them about Deus Ex 2, and who the development team will consist of (as of now). Here is a piece of the article:

The game is in an extremely early state and Eidos and ION Storm aren't giving much away in terms of game play specifics and screens shots, but Spector went into detail about the team behind the sequel, their previous roles and their experience.

Be sure to read the rest, it includes information on ex-LG'ers. Thanks to Glock over on the forums.

Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Deus Ex @ #12
11:30:41 AM EST - Slogun
Deus Ex is still selling strong in the charts. This week it shows itself at #12, down two from last week. Diablo II is still #1 (go figure.) Head here to check it out.

Monday, August 14, 2000

Deus Ex: Covert Operations Interview
11:11:18 PM EST - Slogun
Jon Panozzo, of Deus-Ex.org and the recently announced mod for Deus Ex, Deus Ex: Covert Operations, had been interviewed over at ModHQ Here's a tender morsel:

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with this "Classified" mod that you're working on? How will it differ from simply being DX online?

A: We are looking to invoke new methods of team play, and hoping to see less people rushing the opposing force all on their own with no assistance from their team mates. Our ultimate goal is to make a fun, team based mod that requires team play in order to win.

Head here to snag the rest.

Saturday, August 12, 2000

Exclusive Deus Ex Fan Art
4:16:40 PM EST - Slogun
Karras has sent us in an excellent piece of Deus Ex fan art. We have two different flavors for the artwork:



Both look great so head on over. Thanks again to Karras for this excellent artwork.

The Spector of Ion Storm
4:05:58 PM EST - Slogun
There is a new interview up at MSNBC with Warren Spector called "The Spector at Ion Storm." The interviewer and The Spector really seem to hit it off, talking about some great old games, and even Thief III. Here's a snip:

"The key thing to remember about the Underworld project and System Shock is that I often get sole credit for making those games. This is insane because those were team efforts at Looking Glass Technology, and I was the external producer for Origin. I left Origin and went to work for Looking Glass and, you know, I think my contributions to the project were substantial; but I hate it when people say Warren Spector’s Underworld or Warren Spector’s System Shock. That just drives me up the wall because if you want to say they are anybody’s, say they are Doug Church’s. Even that I think does an injustice to the teams who have made the game."

There you have it. Head to the interview right here.

Updated Walkthrough @ Deus-Ex.org
3:59:43 PM EST - Slogun
Deus-Ex.org has updated its Deus Ex walkthrough with missions 4 & 5 from our favorite little gem. Head on over to Deus-Ex.org to check it out.

Deus Ex Special Report
3:48:44 PM EST - Slogun
The lads over at RPGVault have posted parts 1 & 2 of their excellent look at Deus Ex. The article goes over the entire design of Deus Ex, with many quotes from the team members. All in all it is an excellent read, and well worth the time. Grab part 1 or part 2 now!

Deus Ex Strategy Guide @ PC.IGN
3:48:26 PM EST - Slogun
There is a new Deus Ex guide up over at PC.IGN Viewing the guide requires becoming a registered member of the IGN Network (free-registration.) If you still getting your tail waxed by UNATCO in the game be sure to head on over there.

Witchboy Interview @ ModHQ
3:44:26 PM EST - Slogun
There is an interview up with Harvey "witchboy" Smith over at ModHQ.com. The interview talks mostly about the upcoming Deus Ex SDK. Here's a snip:

Tabris: Which development tools are being released as part of the Deus Ex SDK? Will you guys be providing any technical support other than the included documentation? witchboy: I think we're releasing ConEdit and our UnrealScript source. And, according to Scott Martin, "Possibly also a few support tools." Plus we're including documentation. No 'formal' technical support of which I know.

Head here to grab the rest.

Thursday, August 03, 2000

N.Y. Times Drools Over Deus Ex
8:07:12 PM EST - Slogun
You heard it right. The New York Times runs it's slathering tongue all over Deus Ex in their review (free-registration required.) Here's a little snip:

"The twist in Deus Ex is the psychological state of the player. In the Looking Glass games, your actions were always imbued with purpose, but in Deus Ex, they come to be imbued with doubt. After an initial aggressive foray up a headless and torchless Statue of Liberty, I found myself growing steadily more tentative, shocking enemies into unconsciousness instead of shooting them, asking questions first and paying more attention to who I wanted my character to be than to what he could do. Almost without knowing it, I had slipped into his skin."

The article mentions Looking Glass about every fifth word so head over to the review and check it.

Contra Deus Ex Concept Art
3:39:59 PM EST - Slogun
I saw over on DXModHQ that Tabris, the front man behind Contra Deus Ex (which will now be known as CDX,) has released two pieces of concept art for this highly anticipated MOD. Check it:

- Informant

- Female Player


Deus Ex Tweak Guide
3:22:01 PM EST - Slogun
There is a new tweak guide up at MadOnion.com. MadOnion, in case you didn't know it, makes a benchmarking program called 3D Mark 2000, which is an excellent tool for testing your system. The guide is pretty basic, and if I had to choose I would go with the 3D Spotlight guide instead.

Wednesday, August 02, 2000

Mac Deus Ex Demo Released!
3:14:02 PM EST - Slogun
The Mac Deus Ex Demo has been unleashed on the public and can be found here. Thanks to Clockwork for sending in that news.

New @ DeusEx-Machina
4:01:41 AM EST - Slogun
We have two new (well sort of) articles in the recent articles section. Article One is a our compilied quotes from Harvey "witchboy" Smith, one of which is new. Article Two is our interview with Tabris of the Deus Ex mod in progress, Contra Deus Ex.

Tuesday, August 01, 2000

PC Gamer Reviews Deus Ex
8:53:54 PM EST - Slogun
The print rag, PC Gamer, has reviewed Deus Ex in it's latest issue. The boys at PC Gamer must have put down the crack pipe when they went to review this time because what they give us is a 94% for Deus Ex (which is an unusually high score from PC Gamer. The original Command & Conquer got a 91%) Here's a quote from the review:

"Highs: Huge; replayable, intricately assembled plot, a whole bunch of fun.

Lows: 3D card incompatibilities; slowdowns; clunky dialogue and voice acting.

Bottom Line: A must-own...a rare and rewarding game for fans of any genre."

Thanks to Pyro for spotting that one.

New Deus Ex Mod Site
8:32:06 PM EST - Slogun
Tabris, the genius behind the upcoming Deus Ex mod, Contra Deus Ex, has sent word that his site, Deus Ex Mod Headquaters, has officially launched. Deus Ex Mod Headquarters is a site dedicated to the mod community for Deus Ex (duh!)

FiringSquad Reviews Deus Ex
8:11:33 PM EST - Slogun
The lads over at FiringSquad have reviewed Deus Ex, giving our beloved game a 94% and the coveted Editor's Choice Award. Here's a snip from the review:

"Deus Ex has raised the standard for first person adventure games with its open ended design, and seamless integration of the story into the game play. Deus Ex is for any gamer who has ever gotten frustrated trying to find the "one true way" to solve a puzzle or get past a locked door. While we're still a ways off from a starship holodeck, Deus Ex comes closer than any game has to giving a player unlimited choices, in a limitless world to explore."

There you have it. Head here to check it out.

Deus Ex Guide
8:06:30 PM EST - Slogun
Absynthe has informed me that his walkthrough for Deus Ex, Denton's Databank, has been updated and now covers up to mission #4. More than just a walkthough, Denton's Databank covers skill progression through the game and has a nifty weapon and equipment outline. Really a well-made guide.

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