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Sunday, September 30, 2001

Happy Birthday, Brem!
9:23:12 PM EST - Eberon
Brem_X_Jones of our very own Cassandra Project has a birthday today, and the staff of De-M would like to congratulate him on another year of successful... living?

Too bad there aren't any neat wallpapers or goodies to commemorate the event *hint hint*

Saturday, September 29, 2001

New Deus Ex PS2 Screens
10:47:57 AM EST - Elenkis
PDX have reported that Eidos Interactive's DeepPurple has posted another Deus Ex PS2 screenshot over on the Eidos forums!

Update: Browsing the Eidos forums I discovered that DeepPurple posted three more screenshots here, here and here.

Preachers Concept Art
10:38:59 AM EST - Elenkis
The guys behind the recently announced Preachers mod have released a very nice concept drawing of a SWAT XE:0451 Mobile Support Mech.

Unfortunately the mod is still in desperate need of a coder and will face the prospect of being forced back into development for Max Payne if they don't get one soon. So if there are any coders out there looking to work on a cool looking mod, go and check it out!

Klystron Concept Models
10:28:52 AM EST - Elenkis
The Klystron Project site has been updated with two new models in the concepts section. Head over there to take a look at the Box of Matches and Gasoline Can.

Super Rocket Launcher tutorial at UC
10:22:43 AM EST - Elenkis
Another new tutorial has been released at the Universal Constructor, this one being called the Super Rocket Launcher!

In addition DeX has updated the chm file on the site.

Friday, September 28, 2001

2:10:01 AM EST - Elenkis
The DXMP_Insurgent map is now known as DXMP_Frequency. Along with the name change Illuminati-IIS has also set up a new website to host the map. According to his newspost the map is now 95% complete and should be released within a week or so. Looking forward to it!

Screenshots will be added to the IISNet site in a day or so and various mapping tutorials will follow.

Thursday, September 27, 2001

More Klystron Project
4:37:18 AM EST - Elenkis
The Klystron Project site has been updated once again with new goodies. The Desert Eagle .5 has gone through an update and has a nice animation added along with an updated SERP animation in the previews section. The project is finally starting to get some good questions submitted and as such the information section has been updated with some new Q&As about the mod!

New mod: Preachers
12:00:40 AM EST - Elenkis
The Schizoslayer has announced his new mod for Deus Ex. Preachers started out life as a mod for Max Payne, but due to a need for greater flexibility has switched to our beloved Deus Ex.

The project will be a single player mod in the style of The Cassandra Project and while the website is still being developed, a message board is already up to provide news, discussion and contains some background story.

The team is in great need of a pair of coders who are very experienced in unreal script and who can both create new augs, edit the HUD, possibly tweak the AI and work well in a team. If you fit the bill, go check them out!

Good luck guys and welcome to the community!

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Matt Rennie joins Klystron
6:56:23 AM EST - Elenkis
Big news over at the Klystron Project site with the announcement that professional modeler Matt Rennie (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) has joined the team and will be doing modeling, animating, and texturing for the mod! To coincide with this the contact section has been updated with new info on each of the members.

Congrats to Matt and the team!

Monday, September 24, 2001

Disclosure news.
7:41:30 PM EST - Eberon
Back from his vacation to the United States, mapper and now adventurous modder Face is back at work on Disclosure, his own mod project.

The Disclosure site has a little news this evening of some excellent assistance from Symbiant, of SymbiantMusic who will be putting his composing skills to work. Additionally, work on the first mission/intro is nearly completed (which I must say from personal experience is utterly breathtaking), with the second and third well on their way. Intentional or not, Face has given away the information that the project is planned to have 15 missions total. It should be a blast! Stay tuned to the Disclosure site and De-M for continuing info.

What he said.
7:36:42 PM EST - Eberon
Big thanks goes out to Frankie Clams of the EdgeRunner Chronicles for something new on our sidebar this evening. This is one of two shots we received a little while back. Next week the second will arrive!

I don't have much to say, really. We're chugging along as always with plenty of news and whatnot. Heck, there's even an interview sitting around somewhere that I conducted a while ago. That might appear later this week.

UTX-Viewer 3.0 released!
8:34:57 AM EST - Eberon
UTX-Viewer, a program designed to allow developers and curious parties to browse textures within any .utx package, has been released! Here's a breakdown of what's new:

New features in 3.0:
- new gui design -> display more textures
- mass export options (export single packages or even complete directories with a single click)
- tiled preview of textures (help you finding a seamless texture)
- support for AnimatedTextures using OpenGL(tm)

This comes straight from TRM at by way of PlanetUnreal! Thanks for the news, guys!

Download (~754KB)

Sunday, September 23, 2001

Super Pistol tutorial at the UC
7:36:33 PM EST - Eberon
The Universal Constructor, home for tutorial goodness has a new tutorial tonight from DeX called, you guessed it, the Super Pistol tutorial.

Also note that October 1st is DeX's birthday. Don't forget to send him a nice letter, eh?

Weekend files.
7:31:40 PM EST - Eberon
There're only two files of importance this weekend: DXMP_Bucktown by GEIST001er and some weapons for DXMP collectively called "Bob's Weapon mod" that can be found here.

Deus Ex : The Prequel gets some professional advice.
7:29:26 PM EST - Eberon
Great news for and from the DX Prequel mod: Sheldon Pacotti is on the case and will be releasing a document in some form, according to the newsposts, that will clear up any confusion on the history of the Denton brothers. In other news, we're very happy to see that DocSkrilla and his family are safe and sound. Stay tuned to the Prequel site for more information on the fascinating Denton history.

Saturday, September 22, 2001

More Deus Ex PS2 Screens
1:36:50 PM EST - Elenkis
PDX have reported that DeepPurple of Eidos Interactive has posted on their forums to inform us of more new DX for PS2 screenies, this time at Along with the shots comes a reasonably lengthy preview of the port.

Redsun 2020 Snapshots
1:08:24 PM EST - Elenkis
The Redsun 2020 page has been updated with eight new screenshots taken from the HideOut level of the mod. Go check them out!

Klystron Project updates
12:47:51 PM EST - Elenkis
When I said the Klystron Project guys were busy, I meant it. First up they have added a spiffy new car model, this along with an updated and improved SERP (Sonic Echoic Rail Projector) can be found in the features section.

In addition to this they have added a complete concept history for the SERP.

Thursday, September 20, 2001

Well, my job is getting easier.
7:58:00 PM EST - Eberon
With the return to school, many modders and moddites haven't had much time to do anything but homework and maintain their meager social lives.

This, of course, translates to slow news. Perhaps the biggest thing that has happened in the Deus Ex community in the past few months is the release of the Counterfeit demo. Yes, I know, I keep harping on it, but it shows a significant milestone in the lifespan of the Deus Ex community. Yes, I'll admit that ANT-Agenda was pretty good as well, but it seemed to lack a certain finesse that the Counterfeit demo pulled off very nicely. Maybe we'll see it polished up and released as a version 2, eh?

The lack of much news to worry about (for now at least) leaves us open to handle more serious content issues. Interviews that I've conducted in the past are slowly being formed into webpages, and a frontend redesign is in progress. Hopefully my new partner Elenkis will be able to find a little time to do something he is good at, too.

All in all, these are happy times. The staff is happy, the game Anachronox rules, and the Democratus theme from said game is a fantastic and wonderfully majestic tune to listen to (Bill Brown is one of my favorite composers of all time. He's amazing.)

Ok, enough from me. Got ideas? Got thoughts? Heck, want to see something new here? Our ears are open.

Klystron Project updates.
9:02:35 AM EST - Elenkis
The guys behind the Klystron Project have been busy as ever and added a very nice looking Everret Industries Double-edged European Sword to their features page.

They're also asking for you to submit some good questions about the mod for both a new poll and to add some Q&As to their information section. Have any questions about the mod? Well now's the perfect time to get over there and submit them!

DX Insurgent no more.
8:49:35 AM EST - Elenkis
Unforuntately the DX Insurgent mod has shut down due to lack of interest and school issues. However Illuminati-IIS assures us that he is still working on the multiplayer map DXMP_Insurgent and hopefully we will see it released soon.

Good luck to Illuminati-IIS and the rest of guys on any future projects they may undertake!

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

New Deus Ex clan -- TMFDX
11:52:28 PM EST - Eberon
I received this just a little while ago from [TMF]Death, who wished us to announce the following for him:
A new clan, TMFDX, has started up. With 5 members so far, TMFDX will be competing in the Deus Ex League which [TMFDX]Death, TMFDX clanleader, co-founded with JoJo[kiss]. TMFDX has a clanserver on the way, with regular training sessions. Upcoming clan wars are planned, so this means plenty of matches for all members. For more information, or to join TMFDX, please goto

Deus Ex PS2 Screens
12:39:36 PM EST - Dan
What the headline says. :)

I am not expert, but I think that these screens show off some new motions (kinda hard with still images, but we're talking positions here) and the snazzy console friendly interface (give me the PC version interface any day. Best game interface since Shock 1. Is that a compliment? From me, yes. totally. From most other people ... erm... :)

Deus Ex 2, and the Real World
1:44:07 AM EST - Dan
I wanted to post something about the new poll.

Maybe it is in bad taste, maybe it's not, I do not know. I do know that people should not be afraid to talk about these things. The world is now a much different place. Many people are gone forever ... people we loved. I hope you will forgive me if say something that may be a little shocking.

The events in the USA on Sept 11th have been nothing, nothing compared to the terrorist horrors which have been going on in the rest of the world for the past decades. 50,000 People die every year at the hands of extremist groups in Pakistan alone. I do not intend to make little the events we have faced, but I do want people to be aware of the big picture, and gain a level of perspective. In the end, I hope you will see that these events more significant in light of the fact that this is happening all over the world, frequently.

But it is not my business to persuade, only inform, and ask. In this corner of TTLG, I feel it is more appropriate for me to talk about this kind of thing in general. Please try to understand this: Dues Ex is a game - but much of the content and subject matter has just become very real. I, personally, feel that it would be an injustice to the people who are involved in these world-wide tragedies, both living and deceased, if the developers simply glaze their eyes to what is going on all around us, and pretend that it does not have an extremely large impact on our world. Yes, Deus Ex is science fiction, and an adventure game, but any good science fiction or adventure game always have a very strong foundation in the real world - disturbing or not.

So I simply want to know everyone's opinions. If there is a strong public reaction indicating that it is wrong of me to suggest this, then I humbly ask to be forgiven if I offended. But if many of you agree with me, then I hope our friends in Austin are reading and listening.

Do you disagree? Do you feel that no mention or reference to the World Trade Center, the people who died, or terrorism in the early 21st century, should be present in the entire game? Do you feel that Deus Ex 2 should be a way to escape the thought of these horrible things, rather then directly deal witht hem?

Do you agree? Should these world-changing events have a strong impact on the planned story-line of Deus Ex 2, to honor, and in reverence of those who have fallen all over the world, and those who are to come? Do you want to have a chance to do something about it, even if it's just in an imaginary game world?

Are you unsure, or suggest a middle of the road situation? Maybe let the player choose if or if not they want plot elements related to these events present in-game? I'm not accpeting any 'I don't care' answers from anyone. (I hate that option in polls anway. If you don't care, then don't bloody vote.)

I want to know what everyone else thinks.

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Random news.
10:55:34 PM EST - Eberon
Since this is the first evening of this site's "revival", so to speak, I'm just going to lump all or most of the news into one post for now.

It seems that Mac Deus Ex is closed down, seemingly permanently. A short message has been left on the front page. The hard work of Robert Baird and associates will never be forgotten. He and his staff always have a place in the conspiracy.

Macintosh gamers rejoice: A mac version of the Counterfeit demo is now available from the Counterfeit website. The PC version, released a few days ago, can still be found there. Be sure to grab it!

The Universal Constructor posted some tutorials earlier in the month that we missed: Importing and Exporting textures and Advanced Textures. From his news post that mentions "going silent", it's pretty obvious that's what happened to DeX. Our wishes for a terrific school year for those returning to school are extended to all of our younger fans. Good luck and we hope to see you on the other side!

Elenkis is here, to save the day!
9:42:02 PM EST - Eberon
Multitalented man Elenkis has joined the crew of to bring you the best of the best in news and what-have-you. Any news, content submittals, or questions can go to both our mailboxes now, effectively reducing the chance that you will be put off because I've got my hands full from 100% to 50% ;)

Seriously though, Elenkis is aboard now and we're (read: I am) extremely happy about that. Stay tuned for great things. There's so much up our sleeve you wouldn't believe it.

So on that note, I would like to offer my sincere apologies to anyone who may have sent me something over the past couple of months that didn't make it onto the site. Now that we've got some serious dedicated hands working on the site, I'll definitely have a little more time freed up to handle some of your requests and generous contributions. If you've sent something in the past, please contact me and we'll get set up this time, I promise. News updates and future submittals can be sent here.

Once again, I'd like to welcome Elenkis to the site. Some of you who spread yourselves out across the wonderful TTLG network will recognize Elenkis from The Circle and StygianAbyss. He will most definitely be sure to dedicate much to this site's mission: serving YOU!

Saturday, September 15, 2001

The meaning of style.
2:01:07 PM EST - Eberon
style (stl)

A quality of imagination and individuality expressed in one's actions and tastes: does things with style.

Counterfeit Demo = lots of style + Deus Ex.

You = visiting Counterfeit site and downloading 6.5MB zipped demo.

New Deus Ex League.
8:24:38 AM EST - Eberon
Got sent this just a minute ago (notice how the news gets posted much faster when you take the time to save me a little trouble and tell me about it?)

The first ever Deus Ex League has opened its doors at

Offering TeamDeathMatch, CaptureTheFlag, CaptureAndHold, and any other teamplay MOD's that are released, and a unique 1v1 system, the DXL should kick ass. The DXL has a server deal with, and 2-4 servers should be online soon. Please can all Deus Ex players and clans who want to be part of this great league please sign up on the site. After a clanleader has signed up, they can then "Add Their Clan". Instructions are given for other members to join your clan listing.

There as a new phpBB forum on the site, as well as FREE clan hosting(, or if you own the domain name There is a downloads section on the way, which will be stocked with the latest Deus Ex MODS and releases. What are you waiting for then!!

Thanks a lot!

Co-Founder and Webmaster of the Deus Ex League
Leader of TMFDX Clan
Webmaster of the EliteForceLeague
Founder of EF World
Founder of Golden Darkness MOD

Thursday, September 13, 2001

Klystron Project updates!
8:59:56 PM EST - Eberon
The Klystron Project has yet another few things for us: A shiny brand new Beretta 9mm pistol that can be found here and some various updates to the site's info pages, including word that the Klystron Project will be available for Mac users! Rejoice!

Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Deus Ex appears in PCGamer -- yet again.
12:11:00 AM EST - Eberon
This counts MANY months in a row now that Deus Ex has been consecutively mentioned in issues. I received the November 2001 issue of PCGamer today, and in the letters section is a pretty hilarious table discussing some Rocky Horror Picture Show (another movie you should definitely see) references accompanied by a quote from Warren Spector himself. It's all pretty inconsequential, but if you do subscribe or buy from the newsstands, don't overlook the letters section this month!

Monday, September 10, 2001

If Bob Page were Montgomery Burns ....
9:44:19 PM EST - Eberon
Eggcellent. I was going through BH Legend today looking for some nice adventure game fun when I noticed their poll. It asks who the coolest computer game character is. Choices are Duke Nukem, Max Payne, Guybrush Threepwood, and JC Denton. It's actually a tough call for me -- I quite like the Monkey Island series of games. Oh well -- maybe YOU can decide a little easier than me. Go over there and stuff the ballot box!

Excellent news -- Klystron is BACK!
7:07:29 PM EST - Eberon
The Klystron Project (go there now. I mean it) is back in swing with some goodies including an updated Desert Eagle, a wallpaper, and a Japanese katana that can be found at the aforementioned Desert Eagle link.

Promised is daily or near-daily updates from the project. Be sure to visit there regularly. The staff of DeusEx-Machina happily welcome the project back into the community and we hope that they will have good fortune in their development!

Cassandra Project update.
7:03:56 PM EST - Eberon
Sorry about the lack of news lately; it truly is not my fault this time! I've been having a little trouble reaching the site lately. Hopefully when we make the server move (coming up next weekend, I believe) we'll have a hiccup-less transition. Hopefully.

Anyway, I'm here to tell you now that the Cassandra Project updated a few days ago with an excellent piece of fiction written, of course, in the universe of the game. It can be found directly here. Kudos as always to the excellent team behind the project for their brilliant and shiny literary skills :)

Saturday, September 08, 2001

DXMP Brothers no more.
10:32:16 PM EST - Eberon
DXMP Brothers, one of the long-standing sites in the community, reports that the group will shut down. That's a damned shame, but at least a few maps were seen from the group.

As always, you can get your mapping desires fulfilled at DXEditing and all the rest of the editing sites around the internet.

Boring boring boring.
8:56:28 AM EST - Eberon
Well, I'm back, and this time I mean it, but I think I have to get something off of my chest right now.

I can't say it any other way. The community is boring. At least, to me. Being a newsguy, going month after month posting whatever news may show up on mod sites, you see a lot of things happen. The bad thing about this is that over the past nine months I've seen the same things happen. Does anyone out there get as tired of reading that "X team needs coders and mappers" as I get tired of reading it every month and reguritating it on this site? Sheesh. Maybe this will be the subject of my first editorial column.

We're back. If only I can stand the tedium again. Thoughts? Email me and we'll talk.

Friday, September 07, 2001

Donation System Up!
8:01:33 PM EST - Saam
Hi folks, I have some good news -- rather, it's not really "good" news, since we are pretty much forced to do this, but at any rate -- the TTLG Donation page is now available for your viewing and donating) pleasure. The page gives an overall summary of the situation, and the basic directions of how to exactly donate to TTLG.

If you feel like making a contribution to help keep the safety of TTLG intact, then go ahead and visit the page. As always, we appreciate everything you readers have done for us, and every penny is very much obliged. Thanks!

Update: I have updated the Donations page with information on how to send payments via mail, if can't pay with credit card (or if you want to pay by check/money order).

Also, you can post your comments and thoughts on this thread on the forums. Thanks!

Thursday, September 06, 2001

DX-M Downtime
9:19:41 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
If you're not a part of the TTLG Family, then you probably haven't heard about the downtime we'll be experiencing this weekend. I guess you have now though. Below is what the Ol'GBM (GingerBreadMan) had to say in his post in the Community Chat Forums.

There is an 80% chance that we will be moving the server to a Better Location on Saturday. This requires physical relocation, DNS restructuring, and all that good stuff, so ...


Yes, I know. Whatever will we do with ourselves if this calamitous event comes to pass?

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'll probably be playing some more Operation Flashpoint...this game has me in its grips right now due to its realism and war.

Edit [Saam]: The server move has been pushed back yet again, to next Saturday, the 15th of September. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Thanks for understand.

Uhhhh, I Mean Tomorrow.....
4:02:46 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
Well Ebie, I couldn't help it. I'm sure you understand don't you?

Just as a refresher for all the fans out there, here's the things we've got going right now.

1. Still working on the quiz (it's a hefty one at that), and waiting on the prizes from Peter, the PR guru over at ISA. That's right Pete, I'm putting your a** on the line now buddy ;) Speaking of prizes, we're going to be giving out DX GOTY editions, a signed poster, and a t-shirt or two to the top 3 winners of the quiz. That is, if Ol'Pete ever sends the goods my way :)
2. I've got some 8mm video interviews with 5 ISA employees (Bill Money, Alex Brandon, Paul Tozour, Randy Smith, and Warren Spector) that Peter (Yes, the same guy as in #1) is supposed to be reviewing, then giving me the heads up to post them for your viewing pleasure. I know two of them are a definite 'No Go' at this time because they have too much information in them about current projects.
3. I've got 3 'BackDoor's Ramblings' almost completely done up, which I'll be posting in two week intervals after I make my move to Texas on September 17th. For more information on this, click on this damn highlighted text you freak.
4. Ol'Ebie will be returning shortly to do all the news on all the Mods out there. He's been taking a much needed break, but he'll be returning shortly.

Tuesday, September 04, 2001

We are BACK!... tomorrow.
8:45:09 PM EST - Eberon
Tomorrow we're back with great stuff. And as always, vote in our poll that will be appearing tomorrow (or in a few hours, for you late birds). Questions, comments, rants, hate mail? Send it to us.

Sunday, September 02, 2001

Enjoying The Weekend
12:12:04 PM EST - BackDoorBandit
Just a friendly note from Ol'BackDoor here. I'm thoroughly enjoying the weekend, and I hope the rest of the fans out there are as well. We will continue the normal updates, as well as update the poll come Tuesday.

On a personal note, my fiance flew up from Texas on Friday afternoon, so I've had no time to really even skim the internet for much news.

On a website note, if that makes sense (who really cares if it does or not anyway, right?), I'm sure Ol'Ebie isn't going to touch the site this weekend either. It is Labor Day Weekend afterall, and Ol'Ebie needs a break from all the work he's been doing anyways.

On a TTLG Network note (there I go again), I just wanted to make sure that fans of Deus Ex that might be interested in such games that follow in the vein of Underworld, be sure and check out our recently opened (not too recent though, it's been open for a month or two) Arx Fatalis site. If you don't know what Arx Fatalis is, or haven't even heard of it, well, do yourself a favor and hit up our Arx Fatalis site, which is appropriately called Make sure and mark the website by putting it in your favorites.

I wish you all well, and I hope you all are having an excellent weekend and extra day off of work.

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